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Biden Says Putin Meeting Was 'Frank,' But Russian Leader Deflects Criticism
GENEVA — President Joe Biden traded the warm welcome of European allies Wednesday for his first sit-down as head of state with Russian President Vladimir Putin, holding nearly four hours of talks at a time when relations between Washington and Moscow
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Gov. Newsom Sees Political Fortunes Rise As California Reopens
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As Californians streamed into Universal Studios behind him, an unmasked and unusually jovial Gov. Gavin Newsom declared Tuesday that the state was reopened and finally ready to “turn the page” after a tough year. And as he ends C
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With Voting Rights Bills Fizzling In Congress, Can Harris Convince Voters To Care?
WASHINGTON — Vice President Kamala Harris held her highest profile event since grabbing the helm of the White House’s voting rights efforts earlier this month, meeting with a group of rogue Democratic state lawmakers from Texas Wednesday to highlight
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As Biden Narrows Focus, 'Dreamers' Try To Stay Optimistic
LOS ANGELES — Maria Lopez was skeptical when President-elect Joe Biden announced early in the year that he would send a groundbreaking legislative package to Congress that would overhaul U.S. immigration policy and offer a pathway to citizenship for
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Wildfire Forces Evacuations In The Mountains South Of Palm Desert
LOS ANGELES — A wildfire was raging out of control Sunday in the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, forcing a mandatory evacuation in the mountain community of Pinyon Crest, south of Palm Desert. San Bernardino National Forest of
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Clippers Change Tactics But Lose Again At Utah; Trail Series 2-0
SALT LAKE CITY — They were down double digits and appeared done, a familiar script playing out for a second consecutive postseason round, when the Los Angeles Clippers finally found their zone. Not in a metaphorical sense. Two defenders stationed ato
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Clippers Change Tactics But Lose Again At Utah; Trail Series 2-0
SALT LAKE CITY — The Los Angeles Clippers had enough to withstand one run Thursday. It was the second that ended their night. Now, a team that has fallen behind two games to none already once in this postseason and lived to tell about it, returns to
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Harris Meets With Mexico's Lopez Obrador To Discuss Border Issues
MEXICO CITY — Vice President Kamala Harris met with Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in his capital on Tuesday, capping off a two-day trip to Latin America, her first official journey out of the country and one aimed at curbing the infl
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Rick Warren To Retire As Lead Pastor Of Saddleback Church
LOS ANGELES – Rick Warren, the founder of a sprawling megachurch, a bestselling author and one of the most influential figures in American evangelicalism, is retiring as lead pastor of Saddleback Church in Orange County, California. In a video servic
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Virginia Dems To Choose Nominee For Governor, Setting Stage For Bellwether Election
WASHINGTON – Virginia Democrats go to the polls Tuesday to pick their nominee for governor, setting the stage for one the biggest electoral tests of strength between the parties since President Joe Biden ousted Donald Trump from the White House. Terr
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Will This Be The Last Time Americans Dominate The Olympics?
The story goes back a ways, back to the mid-1980s, when Michael Johnson was still in high school. The famous sprinter was years away from winning gold medals at three consecutive Summer Olympics. He wasn’t yet known for those glittering golden spikes
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A Generation Of Seabirds Was Wiped Out By A Drone At A Reserve. Now, Scientists Fear For Their Future
LOS ANGELES – Eggs littered the sand, but there was no sign of life around or in them. The seabirds that should have been keeping watch had taken off, terrified by a drone that crash-landed into their nesting grounds on an island at the Bolsa Chica E
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Democrats Brace For 2022 Elections With 'Little Margin For Error'
WASHINGTON – Democrats are at high risk of losing control of Congress next year, and the perilous outlook is shaping party strategy on every level, a modern illustration of the old saw: Nothing focuses the mind like the sight of the gallows. Defendin
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Conservative Talk Radio Now Warning Arizona GOP Against Recount
PHOENIX — Mike Broomhead talks for a living, but for a moment last week, all he could do was sigh. With that flash of wordless exasperation behind him, he continued with his work: delivering the latest update on the Maricopa County election recount t
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Vegas Betting On Tourists Returning, But Will Jobs Come Back?
LAS VEGAS — He wore a silk shirt and kept a slight scent of cologne about him. He liked to talk. There was always someone to talk to, like the production assistant from Los Angeles who blew $1,200 on video poker. They all brought their stories to the
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Democrats Brace For 2022 Elections With 'Little Margin For Error'
WASHINGTON – Democrats are at high risk of losing control of Congress next year, and the perilous outlook is shaping party strategy on every level, a modern illustration of the old saw: Nothing focuses the mind like the sight of the gallows. Defendin
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Clippers Force Game 7 On Kawhi Leonard’s Clutch Play, 45 Points
DALLAS — For 39 minutes, everything teetered. This first-round playoff series. The Los Angeles Clippers’ window of championship opportunity. When the 18,324 inside American Airlines Center were at their loudest Friday night, whacking together team-pr
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From LA Library To Late Night: Linda Lindas Take Viral 'Racist, Sexist Boy' To TV
Los Angeles punk sensations the Linda Lindas have no idea if the "poser" and "jerkface" who inspired their viral hit "Racist, Sexist Boy" is aware of their overnight fame. But more importantly: "Doesn't matter," they told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel
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Are Rewards For Getting COVID Vaccine Really Such A Great Idea?
At first, getting vaccinated against COVID-19 seemed like enough of a reward. You got the satisfaction of protecting your health and that of the people around you, and the knowledge that soon you would be able to socialize with other vaccinated peopl
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Facebook Says Trump Ban May Expire In 2023 ‘If Conditions Permit’
Facebook has set a potential time limit on its previously indefinite ban of Donald Trump: two years. Responding to a mandate from a semi-independent oversight committee that reviews its content moderation and policy enforcement decisions, the company
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Analysis: How Supreme Court Has Tilted Election Law To Favor GOP
WASHINGTON — This year’s wave of new voting restrictions across the South may seem a response to the 2020 election, but its origins stem in no small part from the Supreme Court, which over the last decade has reshaped election law to elevate the powe
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India's Second COVID-19 Wave Ravages Nation's Countryside
MUMBAI, India – One by one, the villagers fell sick. It started with a fever, then breathlessness. By then, it was too late. There was no medicine, oxygen or hospital nearby to save them. Their bodies had to be carried by family to the river and crem
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Q&A: Filmmaker Theo Anthony Discusses The Intersection Between Surveillance And Policing
On April 20, Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd. Cities across the nation breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing the verdict, a culmination of the yearlong racial reckoning that sparked conversations of systemic racism and injus
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As COVID Collides With HIV, Pandemic May Be Taking Ominous Turn
As the world's less affluent countries scramble for COVID-19 vaccine and contend with deadly surges of the disease, researchers in South Africa have just documented an ominous development: the collision of the pandemic with HIV/AIDS. Geneticists and
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Biden Is 'Proudly Pro-union,' But Can He Reverse Labor's Decline?
WASHINGTON — As Joe Biden launched his presidential run, he made an early stop at the Washington headquarters of the AFL-CIO to meet with its president, Richard Trumka. The former vice president talked about economic inequality and sluggish wages, an
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Busted: 3 Dangerous Social-media Myths About COVID Vaccines
LOS ANGELES – Some COVID-19 vaccine myths are outrageously false. Yet they spread like wildfire on social media and can play a role in persuading some people to hold off on getting a shot. Some of the people writing or spreading the myths are trying
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Lakers In Trouble When LeBron James Can't Carry The Load
LOS ANGELES — He stumbled. He fumbled. He threw a pass into the seats. He clanked shots off the iron. He failed to attack. He could not inspire. This is the night that a rejuvenated LeBron James was supposed to ignite greatness. It was, instead, a ni
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First Priority For Israeli Coalition: Stay United Long Enough To Get Sworn In
TEL AVIV, Israel — In grave danger of losing his job, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out Thursday at the “dangerous” coalition that aims to unseat him, calling it a left-wing cabal when it in fact includes leading figures from Israel’s poli
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He Watched 2 Missiles Destroy His Gaza Bookshop: 'Like I Had My Child In There'
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — The call sealing Samir Mansour's bookstore for destruction came in the early morning. For days, Gaza had been subject to Israeli bombardment, a relentless aerial assault that turned towers, boulevards and commercial districts
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‘Did Lori Do It?’ Julianne Nicholson Thought She Might Be ‘Easttown’s’ Killer Too
This story contains major spoilers from the series finale of “Mare of Easttown.” ____ “Mare of Easttown” is Kate Winslet’s show. She plays the title character, she’s in a majority of the scenes and, running alongside the hairpin turns of the central
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