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Amir Khan Has Forged His Own Path And Now He Faces Another Tough Test
If you ask Amir Khan what he considers the most important U.S. fights involving Englishmen, he is quick to put himself right in the middle of that conversation. Lennox Lewis' knockout of Mike Tyson, Ricky Hatton packing MGM Grand against Floyd Maywea
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Democrats Seek Full Report, Now Decried By Trump
WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump blasted special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's final report on Friday as "total bullshit," while the Democratic leader of the House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena for the unredacted report and its underlyin
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Angels' Shohei Ohtani Participates In Batting Practice
ANAHEIM, Calif. - On Friday afternoon, a few hours before the Angels faced the Seattle Mariners for the second game of a four-game series, Shohei Ohtani emerged from the tunnels beneath Angel Stadium into the home dugout, yanked on batting gloves and
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The Mysterious Life Of James McCord, Watergate Burglar Whose Death Went Unnoticed For 2 Years
In the mid-1990s, the Discovery Channel aired a five-part series on Watergate, calling it a "refresher course" on the audacious White House scandal that drove President Richard M. Nixon from office. It might be time for a sequel. There was a time whe
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Former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca Is Denied New Appeal And Is Likely Headed To Prison
LOS ANGELES - An appeals court will not reconsider its decision to uphold the conviction of former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, all but extinguishing the chances the once-towering law enforcement figure had to avoid prison. Baca, 76, who has
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UCLA Wins Gymnastics Semifinal, Will Compete For National Title Saturday
FORT WORTH, Texas - For UCLA gymnastics, the stakes at the NCAA semifinals were higher than ever. Only four teams advance to the championship, not six as in previous years. And the Bruins aim to defend last year's national title while also keeping th
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OK, Clippers: Once More, With Feeling
LOS ANGELES_One of the sweetest parts of the Los Angeles Clippers' upstart season has been measuring the gap between outside expectations and their own. Oddsmakers picked the Clippers to win 35 games in the preseason. They won 48. In a league where t
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LA Tops Brewers To Extend Win Streak To Six
MILWAUKEE - The Los Angeles Dodgers were denting Josh Hader's usually unblemished armor in the eighth inning of their 5-3 win Friday night, steadily pecking at baseball's best left-handed reliever, but time was running out. Hader had faced four batte
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M's top Angels, 5-3
ANAHEIM, Calif. - The pitch floated right into Mike Trout's wheelhouse, an 80-mph changeup that barely grazed the bottom of the zone. Trout unleashed a mighty swing on the ball and sent it soaring 428 feet to center field. The two-run homer off Seatt
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Review: Elisabeth Moss Galvanizes In The Brilliant Punk Psychodrama 'Her Smell'
You may not see a better movie with a worse title this year than "Her Smell." Scratch that, actually; the title's perfect. It's the name of the rock club where we meet the pop supernova that is Becky Something (a mesmerizing Elisabeth Moss), who fron
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California's Broken Charter School Law Has Defied Reform. Can Newsom Break The Gridlock?
LOS ANGELES - California is home to about one out of every five charter schools in the United States, but state oversight of them is far from a national model. Since the Charter Schools Act of 1992 was passed more than a quarter-century ago, a politi
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Review: 'Red Joan' Presents Judi Dench In A Morally Complex Role
"Red Joan" is a traditional production, polished as brass and as old-school diverting as a film starring Judi Dench and directed by Trevor Nunn would have to be. But there is also a kind of hollowness at its center, a tone that is more conventional t
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Hot Property: Bruce Willis Puts Caribbean Property Up For Sale
LOS ANGELES - Actor Bruce Willis kept his Caribbean getaway in the Turks and Caicos Islands long enough to renew his wedding vows with model-actress Emma Heming Willis last month, but now the Parrot Cay estate is for sale at $33 million. Set within C
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Why Mueller Didn't Make A Recommendation On Whether Trump Obstructed Justice
WASHINGTON - The crime of "obstruction of justice" is familiar to many because it drove the impeachment proceedings of two presidents. President Richard Nixon resigned when he faced impeachment for obstructing justice by covering up the White House r
Los Angeles Times16 min readPolitics
How A Couple Worked California Charter School Regulations To Make Millions
LOS ANGELES - The warning signs appeared soon after Denise Kawamoto accepted a job at Today's Fresh Start Charter School in South Los Angeles. Though she was fresh out of college, she was pretty sure it wasn't normal for the school to churn so quickl
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Did Beyoncé Just Surprise-drop The Best Live Album Of All Time?
If you were there - or if you just watched it on YouTube - then you know that Beyonce's performance at the 2018 Coachella festival may have been the greatest concert of our time. A loving and deeply thought-through re-creation of a halftime show at a
Los Angeles Times10 min readPolitics
Across California, Small School Districts That Had Felt The Pain Of The Great Recession Are Reaping Big Profits By Approving Charters With Little Oversight
LOS ANGELES - The superintendent's plan was born of necessity. In the aftermath of the Great Recession, as tax revenue plummeted, small school districts across California quickly felt the pain. Many were already lean, where administrators did the wor
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Why Chrissy Metz Prayed So Hard In New Miracle Movie 'Breakthrough'
When Chrissy Metz was filming her first scenes for "Breakthrough," she prayed like she had never prayed before. She cried, she wailed, she pleaded with God. She wept over her onscreen son's unresponsive body 10 times in a row, and brought tears to th
Los Angeles Times5 min readPolitics
Mueller Report Exposes All The President's Liars
WASHINGTON - Addressing reporters from the White House lectern, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a startling claim shortly after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James B. Comey two years ago. "I've heard from countless members of
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Review: 'Fast Color' Is A Nifty Little Superhero Movie Done A Little Differently
"Fast Color" is a nifty little film, a smart, adventurous and surprising production made with visible care and considerable love. It's also a superhero movie with strong science fiction elements, but nothing like the way we're used to seeing them. Wh
Los Angeles Times5 min readPolitics
Analysis: Mueller Report Poses An Unexpected Problem For Democrats
WASHINGTON - The release of the special counsel report on Russian interference in the 2016 election marks the end of political shadow-boxing over a secret investigation of President Donald Trump and the beginning of open warfare over whether he shoul
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Editorial: Decision To Detain More Cynical And Cruel
A new ruling by the Department of Justice ordering thousands more asylum seekers to be detained for the duration of their application process - which can take years - is another reminder of two deplorable aspects of the Trump administration's immigra
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What You Need To Know About The Fight Between Hollywood Writers And Their Agents
You're fired! That's what Hollywood scribes recently told the people who are supposed to find them work. Tensions between writers and their agents have been building for years and have finally boiled over. The conflict has pitted the Writers Guild of
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Editorial: 20 Years After Columbine, We Live Under The Gun
At about 20 minutes after 11 on the morning of April 20, 1999, students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold pulled semiautomatic firearms and sawed-off shotguns from beneath their black trench coats and, standing on an elevated part of their Columbine High
Los Angeles Times3 min read
At Chella Fest, Indio Locals Enjoy Coachella's Latin Lineup Closer To Home
INDIO, Calif. - Julie Herrera has been to the vast Coachella festival a few times before. But on Wednesday night, on a bench outside Indio's Riverside County Fairgrounds, the 29-year-old from Coachella felt a little more at home. "My mom used to play
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The Spirit Houses Of Bangkok Keep Watch Over A Frenetic Modern City
BANGKOK, Thailand - In the shadows of Bangkok's glinting high-rises, the plazas of sprawling shopping malls and the cozy courtyards of simpler neighborhoods sit countless tiny monuments to Thais' enduring belief in the supernatural. These miniature s
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In A Bind, Musk Hopes Autonomous Tesla Taxis Will Drive A New, Positive Narrative
Elon Musk is in a bind - perhaps the tightest bind of his business career. Demand for Tesla cars appears to have stalled. Stores are being closed. Inventory is piling up. Prices are being cut. Panasonic, the company's closest business partner, abando
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MLS Will Seek Compensation For Affiliated Academy Players Who Sign Outside The League
Major League Soccer announced Thursday that its clubs will now assert training compensation claims for any player developed in a league-affiliated academy who signs his first professional contract with a non-MLS team outside the U.S. and Canada. MLS
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The Once Fast-rising Studio Behind 'Hunger Games' Is Looking To Rebound After A String Of Box Office Flops
Joe Drake, the chairman of Lionsgate's motion picture group, stepped onto the Colosseum stage at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to pitch theater owners on what he called "our reimagined studio." Displayed on the screen behind Drake was the company's log
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A 'Sweeping And Systemic' Russian Effort Backed Trump's 2016 Campaign
WASHINGTON - Shortly before he released the special counsel's redacted report on Thursday, Attorney General William Barr announced the document said President Donald Trump's campaign had not "conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in it
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