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Convierten Mercurys Y Shelby Cobras Del 49 En Autos Eléctricos, Una Carcasa De Tesla A La Vez
En un garaje cerca del sur de Los Ángeles, el fabricante de metal Greg Abbott coloca paquetes de baterías tomados prestados de un Fiat 500E decomisado bajo el capó de un Mustang de 1965. En Oceanside, California, el ex mecánico de AAMCO Matthew Haube
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Commentary: A Ballet For Us All: How 'Appalachian Spring' Carries Promise For A New Beginning
When Martha Graham's ballet "Appalachian Spring" had its premiere on Oct. 30, 1944, in Washington, D.C., Aaron Copland was the voice of America. He had the gift to be simple. He wrote music that served the essential need for wartime American unity. A
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'I've Now Dipped Into The Pie.' Will COVID-19 Change Americans' Views Of The Social Safety Net?
LOS ANGELES - If you had posed the scenario to him as a hypothetical a few months ago - "Your company will be hemorrhaging cash, and you'll turn to Uncle Sam for emergency funds" - Jim Brady would've confidently dismissed it. "Never," he said, "did I
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Han Supervisado El Bosque Desde Siempre, Es Por Eso Que Son Clave Para La Lucha Contra El Cambio Climático
La primera vez que Mandy Gull visitó el bosque de Broadback de Canadá, se sorprendió por las muestras de delicados líquenes. Por los densos y antiguos árboles. Por el piso cubierto de musgo, que se elevaba y caía como una manta verde arrugada. "Hay u
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Ella Alimenta Al Auge De Las Mega Mansiones De Bel-Air. Pero El Almuerzo Es Un Campo De Batalla
LOS ÁNGELES — Las palmeras datileras de veinte mil dólares revoloteaban con la brisa y las grúas brillaban contra el cielo color zafiro cuando Jennifer Ramírez detuvo su camioneta de almuerzos frente a la mansión a medio terminar en Bel Air Road. Era
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Review: In The Captivating, Sobering 'Boys State,' Teenage Politicians Take The Stage
In "Boys State," an electrifying documentary about the mock-government program for high schoolers, the act of governance itself sometimes devolves into outright mockery. What else would you expect when, to quote one amused participant, "you put a bun
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Anthony Rendon's Homer Sparks Angels To Win Over Athletics
For all of Anthony Rendon's struggles to make consistent contact in his first 12 games, Los Angeles Angels manager Joe Maddon saw one reason for encouragement that his new third baseman was on the verge of breaking out of an early season funk. While
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Like Its Vampires, 'Twilight' Lives Forever: Fans Gush Over New 'Midnight Sun' Book
Cue the "SpongeBob" time card: Twelve years later, author Stephenie Meyer has finally finished the retelling of the "Twilight" novel that she started in 2008. "Midnight Sun" flips the switch on the original bestseller from 2005, which spawned a hit f
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Media Mogul Sumner Redstone, Whose Empire Included Viacom And CBS, Dies At 97
LOS ANGELES - Sumner Redstone, the pugnacious Hollywood titan who controlled media giants Viacom and CBS Corp., died Tuesday after a lengthy illness, according to National Amusements, the Redstone family's private holding company that controls what i
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Mike Trout And Anthony Rendon Help Angels Win Slugfest Against Athletics
The Los Angeles Angels and Oakland Athletics combined for 16 runs, 18 hits, 10 walks and four home runs in 2 hours 17 minutes of baseball Monday night, with Oakland third baseman Matt Chapman tying his career high with six RBIs. And then the fifth in
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It's Time To Rethink Theme Parks. Creative Ways To Reopen While Social Distancing
LOS ANGELES - Knott's Berry Farm recently felt more like a national park than a theme park. Reopening for a Knott's-designed food event dubbed Taste of Calico, the Southern California park's famed ghost town was clear for roaming on an early Friday a
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How 'The Tax Collector' Topped The Box Office, When There's No Official Box Office
Even in the best of times, August has long had a reputation for being Hollywood's dumping ground for middling movies. The late-summer box office usually is dominated by a handful of big-budget franchise titles released earlier in the season. But sinc
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Pew Poll Finds Most Latinos Haven't Heard Of 'Latinx.' Only 3% Use The Term
The term "Latinx" has been embraced by 3% of Latinos in the United States, according to the first major poll on the topic by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center, which closely tracks "Hispanic/Latino" demographic and social trends. The study, release
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Kyle Kuzma's Last-second Three-pointer Lifts Lakers To Victory Over Nuggets
ORLANDO, Fla. - Kyle Kuzma had done this so many times before - enough so that his teammates identified him as their go-to if they needed a game-winner. They had 4.5 seconds to win this game. LeBron James inbounded the ball and with a play to get him
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Former WWE Star Kamala Dies At 70
An unforgettable sight to those who watched him wrestle, former wrestling star James "Kamala" Harris died at age 70, WWE announced on Sunday. Kamala was billed as being born and raised in Uganda, and in a portrayal that is cringeworthy today but was
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California's Public Health Director Resigns Amid Questions About Coronavirus Test Data
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Gov. Gavin Newsom's director of the California Department of Public Health resigned on Sunday, an abrupt departure of a key adviser in the state's coronavirus battle just days after the discovery of a computer system failure that
Los Angeles Times4 min gelesen
Mission: Film A Major Action Movie Amid COVID 19. For Christopher McQuarrie, It's Not Impossible
In each successive outing of the long-running "Mission: Impossible" franchise, star Tom Cruise and the rest of the creative team have looked for ever more daring ways to live up to the title, whether having Cruise's superspy Ethan Hunt scale the worl
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Following Order On Payroll Tax, Trump Threatens To Kill Social Security If Reelected
With his four executive orders purportedly aimed at relieving Americans of the burdens of the coronavirus, President Trump spun the theme of his administration - the Art of the Con - up to a higher level. The orders he signed Saturday include a suppo
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La Proposición 187 Obligó A Una Generación A Dejar A Un Lado El Miedo Y Luchar. Transformó A California, Y A Mí
LOS ÁNGELES — Algo estaba a punto de suceder y nadie quería dar el primer paso. Mi mejor amigo Art y yo, nos paramos en el patio en nuestro lugar habitual para almorzar: cerca de la fuente, debajo de los grandes árboles. Atletas y nerds, consumidores
Los Angeles Times4 min gelesenPolitics
Commentary: US Leaders Knew We Didn't Have To Drop Atomic Bombs On Japan To Win The War. We Did It Anyway
At a time when Americans are reassessing so many painful aspects of our nation's past, it is an opportune moment to have an honest national conversation about our use of nuclear weapons on Japanese cities in August 1945. The fateful decision to inaug
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Lakers And Frank Vogel Take The Experimental Route In Loss To Rockets
ORLANDO, Fla. - Just as halftime was about to expire, Dwight Howard took a three-pointer and sank it. Then he shuffled to his right and sank another from the top of the arc. During the regular season, the Lakers joked about Howard being a three-point
Los Angeles Times4 min gelesen
Nicholas Goldberg: The Nuclear Threat The US Unleashed On The World 75 Years Ago Is Still Terrifying
The bombs dropped by the United States on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 years ago, in the final days of World War II, incinerated some 200,000 people, most of them civilians. And they did much more than that. They also transformed the natur
Los Angeles Times7 min gelesen
'I Haven't Had A Job Since March 13': How Costume Designers Are Coping With COVID-19
LOS ANGELES - It's about five months into the pandemic, and no one is dressing for the screen. This goes for both the tiny, gridded screen of your WFH videoconference (admit it, you're still wearing sweatpants), as well as the TV and movie screens of
Los Angeles Times7 min gelesen
Luke Bryan: 'There'll Always Be People Who Say I Ruined Country Music'
This wasn't Luke Bryan's first rodeo. "Am I too backlit? Hold on," the country star said the other day as he picked up a video call at his home in Nashville. Dressed in a golf shirt and ball cap, sunglasses dangling from a cord around his neck, he st
Los Angeles Times3 min gelesenWellness
Editorial: Partying Our Way To More Coronavirus Death And Destruction?
After weeks of bad coronavirus news, Californians glimpsed a sliver of hope this week: The average number of people hospitalized or admitted to the ICU with COVID-19 infections has declined over the last two weeks. Infections might have ebbed signifi
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Review: Journalists with attitude star in 'Creem: America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine'
To anyone starting out in music journalism around 2000, "Almost Famous" - director Cameron Crowe's warm-and-fuzzy remembrance of his adventures as a teenage Rolling Stone writer - felt about as old-timey as that year's other big music-historical fant
Los Angeles Times5 min gelesen
A Roar, An Explosion, Then A Blank: A Reporter's Ordeal In The Beirut Blast
BEIRUT - I don't know how I'm still here. On Tuesday, 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate - a common fertilizer that's also highly explosive (it's Islamic State's chemical of choice) - blew up in Beirut's port. The blast, which ranks as one of the world's
Los Angeles Times6 min gelesen
With Ouster Of Priest Accused Of Pedophilia, Coptic Church Mobilizes Against Sexual Abuse
LOS ANGELES - The Coptic Orthodox Church in the U.S., shaken by recent accusations of sexual abuse, has vowed to eradicate inappropriate behavior in its cloistered communities following the defrocking of a priest accused of pedophilia for decades. Th
Los Angeles Times5 min gelesenSociety
Raucous Parties, Young Adults Fueling California's COVID-19 Crisis
LOS ANGELES - Younger adults are fueling California's coronavirus pandemic like never before, health officials are warning, and massive parties and other large social gatherings are threatening to unravel the progress the state is making. A second su
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