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North Korea Sells Weapons Worldwide While Trump Pushes for Peace
The U.S. president trashed the Iran nuclear deal because of Tehran’s bad behavior. But Pyongyang is little better, says a confidential U.N. report.
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Who’s Afraid of Saudi Nukes?
Riyadh’s reckless behavior foments widespread mistrust of its plans to buy nuclear reactors.
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What Comes After ISIS?
The United States is good at using military might to defeat terrorists—but without a plan for clean, competent governance in areas once ruled by the Islamic State, the threat will remain.
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Trump and Kim Gotta Have Faith
There's no reason for the United States and North Korea to trust each other. But they have to try anyway.
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We Should Have Seen This India-Pakistan Crisis Coming
It has been more than a week since a young militant in the district of Pulwama in the India-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir drove a car packed with 750 pounds of explosives into a convoy of Indian paramilitary forces, killing at least 49 of t
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How John Bolton Won the Beltway Battle Over Syria
Instead of the full withdrawal the president promised, the United States will leave several hundred troops in Syria.
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Build the Wall—To Keep Out the BMWs and Benzes
Beware enemies hiding in plain sight. The Audi in the driveway and that BMW creeping around the corner are threats to national security. These days, it’s not the reds under the bed Americans need to worry about—it’s the Mercs on the lurk. Or so the T
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Here’s How Trump Can Hasten Maduro’s Exit
The Trump administration has been lauded on both sides of the aisle for its approach to the crisis in Venezuela, leading a multilateral effort in backing the interim government of opposition legislator Juan Guaidó, offering substantial humanitarian a
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India Has a Lesson for Trump: National Emergencies Are a Disaster for Democracy
Indira Gandhi's Emergency damaged Indians' rights — and gave the opposition a cause to unify against.
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Hanoi Is Happy Cozying Up to Trump
As the world waits to see if U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un make any headway at next week’s summit in Hanoi, the hosts see a diplomatic coup of their own. Vietnam, among the world’s poorest pariah states only three de
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In Yemen, Targeting of Aid Workers Risks Unraveling Crisis
Representatives of international aid and humanitarian organizations operating in war-wracked Yemen say they are increasingly being targeted by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels on a scale that could jeopardize efforts to assist millions of civilians caug
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Trump Accidentally Just Triggered Global Nuclear Proliferation
Before the United States killed it, the INF Treaty didn’t just stem the arms race with Russia—it stopped the spread of nuclear weapons around the world.
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Stolen Trauma
Though the “yellow vest” protests across France are now in their 14th week, clarity has not followed longevity. French politics have entered a turbulent and confused new age. Last Saturday in Paris, the French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut was attac
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The Secret Lives of Arab Princesses
Most women in the Arab world are disadvantaged—and the most privileged women often have it worst of all.
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Lebanon Is Facing an Economic and Environmental Disaster
Rather than rushing to punish Hezbollah, the United States should be shoring up the country’s new government to avoid state collapse.
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Does Anyone Want to Be Secretary of Defense?
The search for a permanent replacement for former U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis—a candidate who will satisfy both the president and the Senate—is not going well. In recent months, at least four potential candidates approached about the job h
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Russian Military Says Nyet to the Internet
Putin wants soldiers to stop revealing secrets of his shadow wars on their social media pages.
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Britannia Helps Rule the Waves
The freedom of the seas is facing its greatest threat in decades from authoritarian rulers who flout maritime law and the liberal “rules-based order” of seagoing trade, commerce, and martial endeavors it underwrites. Xi Jinping’s China claims “indisp
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Start the North Korea Hearings. And the Saudi Arabia Hearings. And the China Hearings…
President Donald Trump is scheduled to participate in his second summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un next week. The first summit produced fine photographs but resulted in no progress on North Korean denuclearization, and it raised urg
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Growth Alone Won’t Help the Poor
Nigeria shows that economic growth combined with rising inequality won’t lift people out of poverty. The country’s next government should heed the lesson.
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Security Brief: Constitutional Crisis Over Trump’s Wall; India, Pakistan on Edge
States sue to block construction of border wall; India, Pakistan military tensions ramp up following Kashmir attack.
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Scotland’s Marriage of Inconvenience
When the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in 2016, two-thirds of voters in Scotland—across every single district—voted to remain. Now, as Brexit looms, many experts expect Scotland to forge a more distinct role on the global stage—one
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Narendra Modi Should Calm Tensions in Kashmir Rather Than Inflame Them
India and the United States must pressure Pakistan to stop sponsoring terrorism, but New Delhi could do much more to quell the anger fueling unrest in Kashmir.
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Trump’s U.N. Envoy Post Is Up for Grabs Again
Heather Nauert’s withdrawal has opened doors to a new cast of diplomatic aspirants seeking to fill Nikki Haley’s shoes.
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India’s Afghan Dilemma Is Tougher Than Ever
India has never been able to make up its mind about Afghanistan, and now the stakes are higher, and more pressing, than ever. Should it engage, officially or unofficially, with Pakistan-backed groups such as the Afghan Taliban—or not? An unfolding br
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How to Regulate the Internet Without Becoming a Dictator
The British model of filtering data rather than content can protect citizens while preserving an open internet.
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The FBI Is Dismantling Its War Crimes Unit
The closure has raised concerns that perpetrators of torture and genocide will be free to act with impunity.
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All This Should Remind You of the Run-Up to the Iraq War
The march to war against Iran is echoing the drumbeats of America's last major Middle Eastern invasion.
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FP’s Guide to Nigeria’s Election
As Nigeria’s approximately 84 million registered voters prepared to go to the polls on Saturday, election officials announced that the election would be delayed by one week, due to logistical concerns and in order to ensure that the vote is free and
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Meet ‘Charming Kitten,’ the Iranian Hackers Linked to Air Force Defector
Monica Witt fled to Iran and was indicted for espionage—alongside an Iranian hacking luminary.
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