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Notre Dame Is Setting Macron’s Agenda Ablaze
One day, while visiting the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, Victor Hugo discovered a Greek word, blackened with age, carved into the wall: ANÁΓKH, or fate. While Hugo was unable to find this grim graffiti again during his next visit, its import nev
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Catching China by the Belt (and Road)
Will the developing world fall under China’s sway? Many policymakers in Washington certainly fear so, which is one of the reasons they have created the new International Development Finance Corp. (IDFC), which is slated to begin operating at the end
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Dumping One Government Won’t Fix Mali
March’s deadly massacre exposed the lack of progress since the country’s peace accords—and the many political and security reforms that are needed.
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How Trump Practices ‘Escalation Dominance’
“You have restraint on your side. He has no restraint. So you lose,” says outgoing French Ambassador Gérard Araud.
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Mueller’s Bombshells Are About Putin, Not Trump
The special counsel’s report reveals a disorganized government with unclear lines of authority—and not just in Washington.
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The Butcher of Bosnia on Trial
The breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s led to some of the worst bouts of violence on the European continent since World War II. In areas where different ethnic groups had lived side by side for generations, Muslim men and boys were systematically mar
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The Billionaire and the Mayor Disrupting Taiwan’s Elections
Star politician Han Kuo-yu or Foxconn leader Terry Gou could lead the country — if they can convince people they don't work for China.
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The American Left Is Right About Scandinavian Socialism
Global inequality is surging at an unprecedented pace. According to Oxfam, the world’s 26 richest people currently have the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.8 billion—down from 61 people in 2016. As the rich get richer, sea levels rise, tribali
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Document of the Week: Jared Kushner’s Mideast Peace Email
“Our goal can’t be to keep things stable and as they are, our goal had to be to make things significantly BETTER!”
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With Trump’s Talks Faltering, Putin Wants In on the North Korea Game
It’s long been Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambition to turn his country back into a diplomatic powerhouse on the world stage—and especially to exploit U.S. weakness however he can. With U.S. President Donald Trump stumbling in his North Korea
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U.N. Bureaucrats Just Want the Rohingya Off Their Plate
The United Nations recently announced that it would help fund Bangladesh’s initiative to move at least some of its Rohingya refugees, who fled Myanmar, from Cox’s Bazar to the island of Bhashan Char in the Ganges delta. Given the population pressures
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Trump’s Yemen Veto Could Still Cost Saudis
Democratic lawmaker mulls sanctioning Saudis tied to the humanitarian blockade on the war-torn country.
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‘The Biggest Piece Mueller Left Out’
“The money trail is the most important part of the unanswered questions," says former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.
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Putin Should Fear Ukraine’s Russia-Friendly Front-Runner
The Kremlin will soon wish it were still dealing with a Ukrainian president who so much resembled its own.
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FP’s Guide to the Indian Elections
Between April 11 and May 19, some 900 million Indians will get the chance to elect a new parliament and, in turn, a new prime minister. The rolling contest, which is widely seen as a referendum on sitting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has faced some
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Your Cell Phone Is Spreading Ebola
A deadly outbreak in Congo has become a global emergency because of a raging conflict over valuable minerals.
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Islam Is the Winning Ticket in Indonesia
Politics has turned religious in the world's biggest Muslim nation — but that's part of democracy too.
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Immigration’s Cash Rewards
Immigration is a fraught issue around the globe, dominating headlines and many campaign platforms, and migrants are often the target of xenophobia and anger. But while this tense talk about migrant workers is often centered on the journey or the arri
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The Long Rise and Sudden Fall of American Diplomacy
One of Washington's most accomplished diplomats has traced how U.S. foreign policy went astray over decades—and how it can get back on track.
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How To Read Between The Lines Of The Mueller Report
Here’s what to expect from the long-awaited—and now heavily redacted—probe into Trump’s Russia ties.
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Fearing Populism, France and Germany Flee Into the Past
Europe’s top economies are trying to take on China and the United States by resurrecting industrial policy. Brussels is not happy.
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Cities Will Determine the Future of Diplomacy
By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities, the United Nations projects. Urban centers already have an outsize economic impact, generating over 70 percent of the world’s GDP. Statistics like these, and the hope in some quarters
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Indonesians Fight for Their Right to Not Vote
JAKARTA, Indonesia—After Indonesia’s Constitutional Court in late 2017 rejected a petition to criminalize sex outside of marriage, which would have effectively criminalized homosexuality, Amahl S. Azwar, a 31-year-old Indonesian gay man who currently
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The United States Will Be Shocked by Its Future
The only thing that’s clear about the changing world order is that Americans can shape their role in it—and that they’re likely to mess it up.
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The Maddening Limbo of Paul Whelan
Four months into the former U.S. Marine’s detention in Moscow, Washington is struggling to help free him—or even get him answers.
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‘This Restoration Will Take at Least a Decade’
Despite being spared the worst, Notre Dame is not out of danger, says the building expert Caroline Bruzelius.
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What’s at Stake in Indonesia’s Elections?
On Wednesday, some 193 million Indonesian voters are set to pick their next president in a general election that will also decide the fate of thousands of seats in local, regional, and national government. More than 245,000 candidates are competing f
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Donald Trump Can Still Forge a Viable Nuke Deal With Kim Jong Un
In the wake of the failed Hanoi summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in February, optimism that an acceptable deal between the two might still be possible is in short supply. In a post-summit meeting with Sou
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Whoever Wins Indonesia’s Presidential Election, Indigenous People Will Lose
Millions of Indonesians lack basic protections. The presidential contenders don’t seem to care.
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The United States Owes the World $1 Trillion
By failing to live up to its international climate change agreements, the United States has cost the world a bundle in damage.
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