Marie Claire6 min read
This NSFW Artist Is Reimagining What It Means For Women to Feel Erotic
Joanne Leah slouches at her kitchen counter one crisp January day, her brown hair tucked behind her ears. Ray Henders, her handlebar-mustachioed husband, hunches over their four-month-old baby, Charlotte, across the room of their Williamsburg loft. “
Marie Claire13 min readWellness
How Heroin Came for Middle-Class Moms
Donna* is from the suburbs. She says so proudly. A really nice town not far from Philadelphia. Donna grew up in a nice middle-class family. She wrote poetry. She had shoulder-length blonde hair and a job at the board of social services. Today Donna i
Marie Claire9 min read
“I Was Taken to a Huge Cage”
Over the summer, as the U.S. separated nearly 3,000 children from their parents under President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, activists gained access to detention centers to make sure the kids were being cared for properly. One
Marie Claire7 min read
Gillian Flynn, Killer Queen
This is really a banner time for clueless men in positions of power, so it’s fitting that the police chief in Sharp Objects, tasked with solving back-to-back homicides, has no idea what he’s doing. Like most men who find themselves in a narrative of
Marie Claire10 min read
Aubrey Plaza Was Never April Ludgate
The boys are losing their shit. Screeching, wheeling and careening into the walls of their cage, making a rattling sound like tiny tornados whipping around a picket fence. Little Budgie Boy and Little Boy Blue, the two parakeets in the care of Paula
Marie Claire4 min readFashion & Beauty
15 Genius Sun-Safe Hacks You Need to Try This Summer
Women may slip each other the number for an amazing colorist or share their favorite lipstick shade, but sun-protection strategies never seem to make the rounds. And that’s a shame, because this intel is more than a shortcut to enviably smooth, unspo
Marie Claire2 min readFashion & Beauty
8 Women Try Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Nude Underwear
Last week, Rihanna released her first line of lingerie, Savage X Fenty, which included a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles (that will be getting even more inclusive!). The collection was-if the three-hour waits to purchase are any indication-a
Marie Claire9 min readSociety
Irish Women Want Their Bodies Back
In the early morning darkness in the fall of 2011, Siobhan Donohue kissed her two sleeping children goodbye and left for Dublin Airport. Her flight to Liverpool, England, took off just as the sun began to glimmer across the runway. Seated among brief
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Shannon Woodward Has Some Westworld Theories of Her Own
Spoilers for Westworld Season 2 Episode 4, "Riddle of the Sphinx," below. The latest episode of Westworld just ended. The closing credits crawl hasn't even gotten to the gaffers yet, and you're already on Reddit, lurking through the /r/westworld foru
Marie Claire10 min readTech
Meet The Kardashians Of The Middle East
BONJOURRRRR! HOW ARE YOU, SNABIES?” Zain Karazon trills to her Snapchat followers on a gray morning in Amman, Jordan. She’s just completed her lengthy beauty routine: her long, caramel hair expertly twisted into waves and fake eyelashes applied, givi
Marie Claire8 min read
Women Are Being Harassed at Music Festivals in Scary Numbers—WTF Is Going On?
During three hot, sticky days in August, a large chunk of Lake Shore Drive and Grant Park is off-limits to native Chicagoans. That space is reserved for one of the nation's largest music festivals: Lollapalooza, a three-day musical extravaganza that
Marie Claire3 min readFashion & Beauty
Why You Should Invest In These AG Jeans
Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a lifelong struggle. But when you do, it’s like magic. For AG, that magic is created at a can't-believe-it-all-happens-here warehouse in Los Angeles. Hundreds of people and dozens of weird-looking machines wor
Marie Claire2 min read
Madelaine Petsch Gets Shady With the Cast of 'Riverdale'
If you watch Riverdale, you know Madelaine Petsch is as badass IRL as her hate-to-love-her TV character, Cheryl Blossom. And now the 23-year-old actress is upping her cool-girl fashion cred, partnering with Privé Revaux-a super affordable, celeb-favo
Marie Claire2 min readFashion & Beauty
This is How A NYC Editor Nails Effortless Chic
Dressing for photo shoots and front rows is one thing, but it's the everyday moments in between big events when personal style really comes through. And that's where Chloe Metzger,'s beauty editor, is #closetgoals. Her self-described
Marie Claire6 min read
What It's Like to Lose a Child That Didn't Exist Yet
For most, the news came by way of letter: There was a temperature fluctuation at their fertility clinic’s storage facility and some of the eggs and embryos were compromised. Please call for more information. Over a thousand patients who used Universi
Marie Claire14 min read
Armed and Academic? What 30 Teachers Think About Guns
Since the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, students, celebrities, and concerned citizens have been voicing their opinions as to what needs to be done to end America’s mass shooting problem. On Thursday, President Trump off
Marie Claire7 min read
Black Panther's Costumes Represent the Heart of the Movie: Unapologetic Blackness
Black Panther is a beautiful film. There are far too many reasons to fully explain why. Friday is the movie's world premiere, and it's already boasted the highest grossing advanced ticket sales for any superhero film on record. Early reviews have bee
Marie Claire8 min read
This Extreme Sect of Vegans Thinks Your Baby Will Destroy the Planet
Imagine for a moment that you and your partner have recently discovered you’re going to be parents. You’ve held this secret between the two of you for a few months now, but your bump is showing, and you’re starting to buy onesies, and you’re just so
Marie Claire9 min read
How François Nars Built an Empire While Toppling the Beauty Industry
There are makeup artists, and then there is François Nars. Since he was a young boy growing up the South of France, Nars was enchanted by women and the art of transformation. First, as a 10-year-old boy religiously watching old Hollwood films and ske
Marie Claire3 min readPolitics
Every Change Trump Has Made to the White House
When Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, the world braced for what it knew would be major change. (Although exactly how major was a surprise to us all.) In a lesser sense, we knew the White House would change too
Marie Claire4 min read
How Meghan Markle Gets Her Legit Perfect Skin
Meghan Markle has the glowiest, smoothest, and happiest-looking skin I’ve ever seen. I know this because I am obsessed with the show Suits, and you don’t watch a billion hours of dimly lit, close-up shots of Meghan Markle’s face without becoming hype
Marie Claire2 min read
Hailee Steinfeld Is Owning the Spotlight
Hailee Steinfeld is perched on a sofa that commands one corner of the back patio of The Meritage, a “Tuscan-inspired” resort in Napa Valley. A cherubic, grape-picking maiden scrutinizes her from atop a faux-marble pedestal, next to some Mediterranean
Marie Claire5 min read
Why 2018 Is the Year of the Alpha Female
When LaToya Cantrell is sworn in as the mayor of New Orleans next May, she’ll be the first woman to lead the city since its founding by the French Mississippi Company in 1718. Yes, that’s three centuries. As Cantrell put it to “300 y
Marie Claire6 min read
Inside Marie Claire's Second-Annual Power Trip
This time last week, 100 New York-based female execs, founders, and influencers were flying high on a Jetblue chartered flight leaving San Francisco. They had just spent two action-packed days with 100 west coast boss ladies. And to think Marie Clair
Marie Claire6 min read
Jessica Capshaw Is Grey's Anatomy Sunshine
Before Grey's Anatomy premiered its 14th season last week, fans were promised a return to form. Krista Vernoff - a writer and producer on the show since its first season and showrunner of seasons four to seven, who left the team in 2011 - is back aga
Marie Claire4 min readFashion & Beauty
Fashion Face-Off: New York vs. Los Angeles
When Ally Walsh walks down the street, there's no doubt that she's a California girl. Her sun-kissed skin and beach-y waves are two giveaways, but her laid-back style and easy approach to life cinch it. As a model and co-founder of Los Angeles-based
Marie Claire10 min read
Paradox at Sea: My Week on a Weight-Loss Cruise
How does that make you feel?" is a very popular question aboard the Weight Watchers Rejuvenation Vacation at Sea. I hear it asked regarding late-night snacks, an ancient Chinese workout, and the concept of "goal" weight. Over the course of a week cru
Marie Claire9 min readRelationships & Parenting
The Rise of the Mean Moms
You can't identify a mean mom by her Birkin bag or her lycra Lululemons. She comes in all sizes and socio-economic classes and lives in no specific zip code, rearing her head in the heartland, crunchy California, the Deep South, New York City. But yo
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