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Hong Kong Court Hears Occupy Co-founders Engaged In 'Conspiracy To Inspire', But Not A Criminal Offence
The three founders of 2014's Occupy Central movement engaged in what was merely a "conspiracy to inspire", not one to create a public nuisance - the actual charge they were convicted of five years later - their lawyers have argued on appeal. Opening
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China's Top Court Awards Record US$24 Million Payout To Chemical Maker In Trade Secrets Case
China's top court has awarded a record 159 million yuan (US$24.6 million) compensation payout to a chemical producer in a trade secrets case, a ruling that comes after Beijing has repeatedly vowed to improve protection of intellectual property rights
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'Chinese Virus, Get Out!': Lecturer From China Beaten In Britain Amid Spike In Hate Crimes
A Chinese university lecturer in Britain was viciously attacked last week, renewing fears of violent anti-Asian racism in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic. Peng Wang, who teaches financial management at the University of Southampton, was att
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US Has No Need To Change Its 'Strategic Ambiguity' About Taiwan, Says Ex-national Security Adviser H.R. McMaster
One of America's most prominent national security advisers told lawmakers on Tuesday that Washington does not need to change its "strategic ambiguity" policy towards Taiwan to a more explicit defence guarantee, while also calling for a larger militar
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Number Of New Homes Expected Under Hong Kong Land-sale Programme Plunges To 11-year Low
The number of homes expected to be produced under Hong Kong's land-sale programme has plunged to an 11-year low, prompting the government to address the shortfall by advancing the tender of a newly reclaimed site even though the railway station servi
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Biden's Nominee For Trade Representative Embraces The 'Sound Formula' Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership
President Joe Biden's nominee to lead US trade policy told senators on Thursday that the principles behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - the multilateral Pacific trade deal pursued by the Obama administration then rejected by former president
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China's Rare Earth Dominance Casts Shadow Over Europe's Ambitious Climate Targets
As the European Union looks to hit ambitious climate targets, policymakers are getting more vocal about a potential fork in the road: China. In a speech touting the bloc's "industry strategy" this week, European Commission President Ursula von der Le
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Hong Kong's First Trial Over 2019 Yuen Long Mob Attack Opens After Anonymity Order For Eyewitnesses, Victims
Hong Kong's first trial over the Yuen Long mob attack that took place during 2019's anti-government protests opened on Tuesday after the judge imposed an anonymity order on 16 victims and eyewitnesses expected to testify. The District Court case cent
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Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt Stresses 'Urgency' In Countering China On Artificial Intelligence As US-China Tech War Continues
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt called on the US government to fast track development of emerging technology including artificial intelligence (AI) to catch up to China's lead. The United States is "one or two years ahead of China, not five or 10" and
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Chinese Divorce Court Orders Husband To Pay Wife For Years Of Housework In First Ruling Of Its Kind
A Chinese divorce court has ordered a husband to pay his wife for the housework she carried out during their five-year marriage in the first ruling of its kind following the introduction of a new marriage law in China. According to court records, the
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Top EU Diplomats Step Up Criticism Of China's Crackdown On Hong Kong
The European Union escalated its criticism of Beijing's political crackdown on Hong Kong on Monday, but stopped short of rolling out major sanctions on the city's officials for the continued squeeze on opposition figures. Hong Kong was high on the ag
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China's Food Security At Core Of Beijing's New Five-year Rural-revitalisation Plan
China is placing greater emphasis on food security and self-reliance to feed its 1.4 billion people, according to its annual blueprint for rural policies amid the pandemic, with an emphasis on utilising new agricultural technologies. The new plan put
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Australia And New Zealand's 'Mateship' Tested Over Terror Suspect, China Ties
It was the kind of broadside that might be expected between bitter adversaries, not close friends and allies. "New Zealand, frankly, is tired of having Australia exporting its problems," said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, as she took her country's c
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US, EU Must Prepare For 'Long-term Strategic Competition With China', Says President Joe Biden
The European Union and United States must prepare for "long-term strategic competition with China", US President Joe Biden said in a foreign policy address on Friday, one of the clearest signs yet of how the new US administration views and intends to
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Boss Resigns From Vancouver Care Home For Chinese Elders, Where 41 Residents Died In Coronavirus Tragedy
The executive director of Vancouver's Little Mountain Place care home has resigned from the facility where 41 elderly residents recently died after being infected with Covid-19, in British Columbia's deadliest outbreak of the pandemic, the South Chin
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Biometric Data Collection: China Is The Most Invasive User In The World, According To A 96-country Study
China has been ranked the world's worst offender for its invasive use of biometric data, according to a study of 96 countries by a UK-based technology firm. Costa Rica, Iran and the United States were the second, third and fourth worst offenders. Afr
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Chinese-Australian Billionaire's Defamation Victory Against ABC And Fairfax Inflames Debate Over Beijing's Influence
Nearly four years after an Australian current-affairs television programme aired a report alleging that Chinese-Australian billionaire Chau Chak Wing was a corrupt lobbyist acting for the Chinese government, his name was finally cleared. The Australi
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Bill To Ban Imports Of All Xinjiang Products Reintroduced In The US House Of Representatives
The US House of Representatives has reintroduced sweeping legislation that would ban the import of all goods sourced in China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, over concerns of widespread, state-backed forced labour there. Lawmakers filed the bill,
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European Union Unveils New Trade Policy, Warns Of Measures To Blunt 'Negative Spillovers' From China
The European Union unveiled on Thursday what it called a new, more assertive foreign trade policy that signals greater cooperation with Washington and warns of unspecified measures it reserves the right to take against China to blunt "negative spillo
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US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken Discusses China-related Issues With Fellow 'Quad' Diplomats
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a virtual meeting on Thursday with his counterparts from Australia, India and Japan, a group of Pacific allies known as "the Quad" that Washington sees as a vital countering force against an increasingly asse
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Chinese Couples Rush To File For Divorce As New Law That Requires 30-day 'Cooling Off' Period Kicks In
A new law in China that makes it harder for couples to divorce has sent husbands and wives rushing to file applications to dissolve their marriages. Divorce lawyers have been inundated with requests from couples to file for divorce once their 30 days
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Bar Association 'Causing Confusion' By Saying Proposed Law Change Lets Authorities Stop Residents From Leaving Hong Kong
Hong Kong's Security Bureau has accused the Bar Association of causing "unnecessary misunderstanding" after the barristers' group voiced concern over a proposed legislative amendment it said would empower immigration to ban anyone from leaving the ci
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White House Cites 'Deep Concerns' About WHO Report On Covid-19, Demands Early Data From China
The Biden administration raised new concerns on Saturday over the possibility of Chinese government interference in the World Health Organization's (WHO) recent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus in Wuhan. "We have deep concerns about
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How Iron Ore Is Powering China's Infrastructure Boom, And Why Securing New Sources Is So Vitally Important
Iron ore is mined raw material used to make crude iron, also known as pig iron, and nearly all of it is used to make steel. Roughly 1.5 tonnes of iron ore are required to produce one tonne of steel. The higher the iron content in the ore, the higher
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Asian Drug Lords Likely Producing Precursor Chemicals In Golden Triangle
Crime syndicates in Asia's drug-producing Golden Triangle region have likely begun producing ingredients to manufacture methamphetamine, enabling them to avoid restrictions on importing precursors such as pseudoephedrine and ephedrine. The developmen
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China Coal: Why Is It So Important To The Economy?
China is the world's largest producer and consumer of coal. Thermal coal is widely used for power generation, which accounted for 57.7 per cent of the country's total energy consumption in 2019, a decline of 10.8 percentage points from 2012. But that
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Joe Biden Says US Needs Major Infrastructure Plan To Keep Pace With China
China is threatening to outcompete the United States on infrastructure and public transport, US President Joe Biden said on Thursday, as he sought support from lawmakers for a spending bill for US upgrades. Addressing reporters in the Oval Office bef
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Canada's 'Huge' And 'Remarkable' Immigration Offer To Hongkongers Is Partly Political, Partly Pragmatic
When Canada unveiled new details of its open work permit scheme for Hongkongers this month, it framed the action as part of a defence of democratic values, against Beijing's "controversial national security law". Canada stood "shoulder to shoulder wi
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TikTok Continues Negotiations With Washngton On Sale Of US Assets
Despite the change in US administrations, TikTok is continuing negotiations with the federal government about a potential sale of its American operations and how to address national security concerns, according to a person familiar with the discussio
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US Sanctions Myanmar Military Leaders Who Overthrew Aung San Suu Kyi In Coup
The US has imposed sanctions on Myanmar's military leaders and frozen US$1 billion in funds held in the US by the country's government after a coup that toppled civilian officials including Aung San Suu Kyi, President Joe Biden said on Wednesday. Bid
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