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Functional Charm
When Angela Fahl first fell in love with the Minnesota home that she and her family have lived in for 10 years, it was not for sale. “I weaseled my way into a pool party invitation here,” she says of the home she had driven by for years. After she st
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For blending multiple colors in a design, Melissa recommends taking a step back and getting a big picture view of the whole space. “Think about the overall experience that you wish to create in a space, and have a goal in mind,” she says. Once you de
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Upscale Downsizing
When the kids have gone off to college and your large home is more “house” than you need, you may decide to downsize to a more practical living situation. But does leaving your larger home mean leaving great style and comfort behind? That is the ques
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Maine Attraction
Our fondest memories are often attached to specialplaces. For Maura McEvoy, Basha Burwell and Kathleen Hackett, their childhood connection to Maine rests in the enduring style and love epitomized by the state’s seaside cottages. So the trio produced
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It’s generational living. About Time PHOTOGRAPHY BY DANA HOFF
Bethany Beach, Delaware, is a beautiful coastal town that offers pristine expanses of sand and beaches lined with boardwalks. It’s the sort of place that encourages connection with nature and each other. However, those seeking their own little corner
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Family Style
Designing and decorating your home to suit every member of a large family can be a daunting task. Homeowner Chandra Krohl, who lives with her husband and three children in Arlington, Virginia, reached out to her friend and neighbor Kate Hougen, lead
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Color Me Happy
Stockholm, Sweden, resident Sebastian Bergström loves color; the more intense the hue, the better. This makes perfect sense with only five and a half hours of daylight in the depths of Swedish winters, and vibrant, bright colors are said to promote a
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Marnie’s Top Five Tips for Incorporating Coastal Design into Any Home
Marnie Oursler, president of Marnie Custom Homes, and host of DIY Network’s Big Beach Builds and HGTV’s 2018 Dream Home, says that beach homes are appealing for their light, airy, casual and welcoming vibe, which is what attracted her to beach living
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Raising the Bar
“It was a real diamond in the rough, but it looked like the earth was about to swallow the property,” says Jeff Mathis of the original state of this circa 1830s cottage on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. “Trees were growing in the house, rodents l
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Coastal Dream Kitchen
As a fifth-generation home builder, Marnie Oursler of Marnie Custom Homes loves to make her clients’ coastal dream homes a reality. Located in Bethany Beach, Delaware, this kitchen is part of a spacious, custom-built home by Marnie and took about six
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You’re So Vain
We stand at them, sit at them, primp and refresh at them. A functional and attractive vanity can provide years of storage while making a stylish statement in your home. Treat yourself to one of our favorites. ■
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Do You Find Yourself
spending more time online for work meetings, healthcare appointments and chatting with family and friends? No one wants to display a cluttered or distracting background, but most of us need a few pointers on how to achieve a pleasing look. We asked d
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• “Pick appliances that you’re going to use, not just the trendy ones,” he says. “They will take up valuable real estate in your kitchen.” • When choosing cabinets, look for ways to maximize storage that also make your life easier. “Make sure that yo
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Smile with Tile
Looking for beautiful, unique handcraftedtile for your kitchen backsplash, bathroom, mudroom, entryway, fireplace, laundry room—really any area of your home where you might want tile? Check out Lea Nigel Studios; they just might fit the bill. The two
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Zooming In
1. Use Large-Scale Pieces: Items such as draperies and oversized art fit nicely in the lens and feel less cluttered than smaller items. Your camera will “see” more than you think it will, so find an angle where two or more larger scale items are toge
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Bold and Beautiful
Renovations take time, so it’s important to enjoy what you’ve accomplished at every step. We’re still working on construction for the main house renovation and guest house new build, but we want to share the progress we’ve made with our first Project
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Historic Home Rescue & Redesign
When home restorer Jim Ogletree saw the 1920-built bungalow in Griffin, Georgia, he knew it would be his next restore-to-resell project. And when Bill and Jan Cooper saw it, they knew it would be their next home. They brought in local designer Jennif
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Like It, Love It
Take a tour of five distinctive and charming kitchens. From a crisp Scandinavian minimalist style to a quaint and colorful Spanish one, there’s inspiration for everyone. Christine Bridger, a cottage renovator in western Michigan, shares five tips sh
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Little details go a long way to create character and charm in your kitchen. The backsplash is a great example. Marnie recommends taking the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling, as she did in this kitchen design. “It really adds dimension and war
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Creative Cabinetry
1 Docking Drawer, founded in 2014, offers a full array of solutions to safely add electrical outlets inside drawers, keeping spaces organized and clutter free; many options and varieties available. Visit 2 Custom Kitchen Cabinetry
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Sweet Summer Yumminess
Homemade ice cream, gelato, semifreddo and sorbet are surprisingly simple to make. Gather the best ingredients you can find, and try your hand at these mouth-watering creations. And remember, presentation is more than half the fun! Tiramisu Ice Crea
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Classic Simplicity
Making your dream kitchen a reality can be a daunting task, especially if your current kitchen needs a major overhaul to accomplish your goals. For Stephen Gordon, President of Insite Builders and Remodeling, turning clients’ wishes into reality is a
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In this bright and colorful cottage kitchen, designer Annie Elliott of Annie Elliott Design brought together old and new through her use of bold colors and patterns and a simple, classic design. Built in the 1990s, the kitchen was dated and in need o
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The Tulip Cottage
Creating beautiful homes is part of Lisa Michael’s DNA. Her father was a residential builder, and her mother was a hobbyist interior designer. “It’s innately in my blood,” she says. Lisa’s aesthetic sensibilities first found expression as a fashion
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A Home that Grows
SOME OF MY FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT OLD COTTAGES are when you discover unexpected elements that tell the stories of the people who lived in them before. Of the 100 or so homes I’ve been so lucky to style and photograph for Cottages & Bungalows over the
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Quick Ways to Make a Lasting Impact
• DISPLAY PRINTED FABRICS. Printed textiles are an easy way to bring pattern, color and warmth to a room. If you can’t find the right fabric, you can make it! The Roman shade in the kids’ bathroom was a DIY project, a hand-painted watercolor painting
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Brass AND Blue
Sara Malek Barney, the founder and principal designer of Bandd Design in Austin, Texas, spent the first phase of her professional career working in the fast-paced entertainment and sports industries. With degrees in Corporate Communications and Inter
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Trim Transformation
I am having so much fun sharing our home projects with you over the last few months. I love adding character to each space and turning this little cottage we are currently residing in into our home sweet home. Since this is the kitchen/bath issue, we
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A Pinch And A Dash Of Color
A bright yellow and a pale gray can mix well together, especially in smaller measure in the kitchen. Here are a few of our favorite finds. ■
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• Paneling appliances is a good option, especially if the appliances need to be placed together due to a smaller footprint. “It might cost more, but it makes a space more cohesive,” Elena says. • Making the most of your cabinets is crucial to maximiz
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