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Jason Miller
While he may not have quite figured out his philosophy on art and life in general just yet, Jason Miller certainly knows his design style — contemporary American. “I’m inspired by things that were made without the single goal of reducing the cost of
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Make A Splash
Abeautiful kitchen or bathroom isn’t complete without equally stunning fixtures. Tapware can be a choice between making a statement or complementing the style of a room. Setting the benchmark for contemporary and intelligent living, the Caspian is a
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Four Eyes Furniture
“I think my favourite part is the early stages of a piece. When you’re not quite sure where it’s going, and then you have a spark, and you’re excited. It almost feels like you can’t express the ideas as fast as they play out in your head. Those are f
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Ahead Of The Curve
Curving cabinets are certainly challenging from a construction point of view, but they can add a distinctive flow and energy to well-planned kitchens and bathrooms. In this feature, the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute (KBDi) shares four exampl
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A Splash Of Luxury
More and more Aussies are embracing health and wellness, and making lifestyle choices that reflect healthy living. Choices like getting a little moderate exercise, taking positive and proactive measures to reduce everyday stresses, and following a nu
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Cooking With Kids
Small yet meticulously assembled, this efficient and flexible kitchen weathers all the messy storms that inevitably accompany three lively, high-spirited and hungry young boys. Built by Topp Constructs and designed by Dan Gayfer Design, the kitchen i
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With so many people owning tablets as well as smartphones, is there really any need for a Google Nest Hub? Arguably no, but alongside its capability of improving the reach of your smart home, this cute little device can be handy in the kitchen, where
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Beat The Heat, Maintain The Chic
Starting at the very beginning, positioning a home to make the most of cooling breezes and choosing the right windows are probably the best ways to keep cool. Alex Porebski, director at Porebski Architects, believes louvred windows are a great option
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We stumbled across this beauty not far from central Wollongong, just south of Sydney. Intrigued by what looked like an art gallery at the back of a gorgeous little workshop, we were met with a range of rustic and contemporary bespoke furniture pieces
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Fan-tastic Design
If you’re looking for the best way to stay cool whenever the temperature rises, look no further than the bestselling Spyda fan by Ventair. The greatest fans are made to be seen and not heard, which is why this quiet fan emits only a low level of nois
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Hitting The Right Note
Bijl Architecture recently modified a Bendigo home to make it suitable for family life and the instruction and enjoyment of music. Dark, dim and decidedly decrepit, the original structure served as a coach house where horses and hay were kept for the
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Fun With Foliage
It’s official: green is the new orange. An adorable cactus at your favourite brunch spot, a string of pearls spilling over a shelf, flora crowding apartment balconies… Australia is obsessed with plants. Likely linked to our growing fascination with w
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Interwar Intervention
Edelstein House is the freshest heritage building in Victoria. The single-storey interwar villa is a prominent and much-loved feature of the Princess Hill area. The original 1930s home remained largely untouched since its construction. After extensiv
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Creative Selection
1/ Guy is a mixed media artist, equally at home with traditional and digital paint. His influences include sci-fi, fantasy, Picasso, van Gogh, Rembrandt and Japanese manga. Guy’s work often carries sociopolitical messages that can be quite subtle. Hi
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When Two Become One
Andrew Mikhael Architect is the brains behind the beauty of Trapeze Stair Apartment. The man behind the brand, Andrew Mikhael, kindly allowed us to gush over his latest project and ask all the questions we’ve been desperate to have answered. Like how
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Kirsty Anderson
When artist Kirsty Anderson’s phone rang after a rental inspection, her heart plummeted. She thought she was in trouble for doing her painting on the carpet. But no. The agent was so captivated by the piece Kirsty was working on that she was offering
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In Smooth Waters
Once a vacant waterfront lot, now a modern marvel, this place is everything the owners envisioned and more. An older couple with grown children, they were ready to invest in a home where the family could come together and enjoy each other’s company.
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Student Interior Design Awards 2019
Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) is an independent charity that helps families of seriously ill children. “We help keep families together and close to the care their child needs.” The cornerstone program of RMHC, the Ronald McDonald House®, p
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A Stroll Down Memory Lane
The hilly, city-fringe suburb of Paddington in Brisbane is where you’ll find the incredibly personal Paddington House, and reminiscing, daydreaming and silent (or vocal) reveries are all encouraged inside. Home of Brian and Julia McKenny, the project
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Heritage Harmony
Much has transpired in Australia since the early 1900s. The way we approach the design and construction of our homes and gardens remains one of the key milestones to show that the times have changed and that they are, today still, a-changin’. Through
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Rock Solid
Anew home with direct beach frontage in Portsea is rarer than a coconut in Antarctica. But that’s exactly what the retired owners of this home found when searching for a patch of land where they could anchor for the rest of their days. Ticked by tea
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Product Spotlight
Choosing an artwork is no easy feat. The piece needs to speak to a room, please the eye of an individual or group, and complement a space. Inspired by the enthralling landscapes of nature and city themes, Ani Ipradjian’s work can only be described as
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Welcome to the special Annual Collector’s Edition of Home Design magazine, bursting with even more design inspiration and containing a huge competition to win no less than $13,000-worth of goodies! Check it out on page 28 and make sure you enter onli
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Heart Of Stone
Inspired by French and Italian designs, the Toorak House by Lauren Tarrant of Lauren Tarrant Design is characterised by exquisite herringbone French oak timber flooring and Italian marble used throughout the home. Smooth lines and a muted palette cre
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$13,000 + Giveaway!
In this special annual collector’s edition of Home Design, we’ve got an amazing 13 prizes to give away to 13 lucky readers. From fabulous furniture to perfect planters, wonderful wall hangings and rugs, plus no less than 10 property discount cards, a
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A Thoughtful Restoration
The 1970s were a trip. A crazy time when love flowed, flower power reigned and crimes against architecture were as common as bellbottoms. The professionals at Mihaly Slocombe Architects were faced with one such misdemeanour when the firm was commissi
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In 1918, renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright invited father-and-son Hatsunojo and Chozaburo Ina to be technical advisors on the tiles for the new Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Original moulds and special firing techniques required a dedicated factory to
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“Affordability” and “innovative modern architecture” aren’t typical bedfellows. The Minka Twins, however, prove that artfully designed and affordable family homes can be a reality when the right architect and developer join forces. Found at the crest
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Book Club
JASON CHONGUE HARDIE GRANT PUBLISHING | $32.99 Plants, plants, plants… Where do we begin? Jason Chongue shows us that you can create a garden paradise in any size space. This “how to” guide delves into urban homes where rooms might be small, and balc
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The Aussie Dream
A place for family to gather, make memories and feel safe, this Sydney home’s design was dictated by the surrounding landscape. The owners wanted a house that would accommodate the changes that come with having two young children, so it was important
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