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Holiday Dreaming
Both the ensuite and downstairs bathroom in this house capture that feeling of relaxation. The ensuite is stunning, with the freestanding bath positioned next to the window to capitalise on the gorgeous ocean views. You can also enjoy this vista from
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When Light Meets Dark
At a time when travel is such a luxury, let’s take a journey together. Imagine touching down in a northern Italian city only two-and-a-half hours from the town where the world’s most famous lovers — Romeo and Juliet — met their tragic end. We’re in U
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Such A Charmer
Nino Sanzari and Jon Vithoulka from Starr Constructions routinely turn out swoon-worthy, modern spaces. Their latest project, a four-bedroom family home, features a minimalist style that focuses on structural simplicity. Filled with everything from t
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Home Design
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Alice Bell
Alice says creative flair runs in her mother’s family, but it wasn’t until she became a mum herself, raising three small daughters, that she decided to tap into her artistic side. She enrolled in a beginner’s pottery course at a studio called The Tin
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Jumping For Joy
Remember the many happy hours you spent as a child, bouncing on the backyard trampoline? Why not let your children, and grandchildren, experience the same unbridled fun. “At MrTrampoline we supply fun, fun, fun — 365 days a year. We do this by manufa
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Double-sided Flaming Glory
Double your viewing pleasure with the Real Flame Element 1200 DS, which combines clean lines and cutting-edge design to present a truly stunning fireplace and an unforgettable fireside experience. Creating twice the ambience of a single-sided model,
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Soft Industrial Style
The floor plan of the existing kitchen was completely overhauled in this renovation to accommodate wider walkways throughout. Two oversized islands were created, with one featuring an integrated cooktop and rangehood, and the other allowing ample und
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Modern Media Rooms
Audiophiles rejoice! With black screen-printed tempered glass, the Stabbl hi-fi rack in bamboo offers two robust and highly functional television and hi-fi units. The wave absorption system supports different trays, while the storage modules are spac
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Bild It And They Will Come
Cinema enthusiasts, rejoice! Available in a whopping 77-inch format with a screen diagonal of 195 cm, Bild S is exclusive and exquisite, and it will make your next movie night an unmissable event. Manufactured at the Loewe headquarters in Kronach, Ge
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SPECIAL BOOKS to Inspire Your Next Home Design
Creating homes or apartments to take advantage of beach views requires expert design as no two coastal locations have the same topography or climate. That’s what this bookazine is all about. Explore how brave owners work with imaginative architects a
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Tame The Flame
Keeping snug at home means being prepared for winter. We have you covered with the very latest (some might say hottest) in how to feel comfortable this winter, with lots of heating options from wood to gas, electric, underfloor heating and more. Ther
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Pantone may have named Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow) its 2021 colours of the year, but Hostel Baraban in Moscow combined the two back in 2018. Charming old brickwork and simple, modern furnishings join the on-trend colour combination to cre
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Creative Selection
1/ Brian says he was always very hands on as a child, wanting to use every coloured crayon in the box! As a highly sensitive person, he feels things very deeply; painting and creating help him to become completely immersed in his expressions, providi
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There’s something so appealing about curves in the kitchen. It could be because they take the viewer on a journey, inviting the eye to travel around surfaces and into the heart of the room. Maybe it’s the way they create flow between the living space
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Modern Coastal
This home’s previous ensuite was far from ideal. Although it was quite large, it was very basic and not very functional. When they decided to renovate, the homeowners visited our showroom to find mint-toned tiles and gold tapware, but left with many
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Work Of Art
Of grand scale, this multi-levelled garden is an entertainer’s delight. The garden was designed in two stages: the first by The Garden Company, which created a large pond as well as greenery and gardens around the house. The second stage, which inclu
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Warehouse Wonderment
“Adaptive reuse projects are always special,” explains Josephine Hurley, the architect and mastermind behind Josephine Hurley Architecture and the mastermind behind this build. “It’s a privilege to work with layers of history and to give them new lif
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Hot Stuff
The weather is cooling down, so if you haven’t organised your indoor heating yet, Cannon Gas Log Fireplaces have several great options for you to choose from. Take a look at the latest in wood and gas. If you love that feeling of a wood-burning heate
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Loving The Luminosity
Natural light has the ability to transform a space, evoking feelings of warmth and contentment. Light can make a room appear more spacious and welcoming. As light levels alter during the day, the play of shadow and light in a room changes, infusing l
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French Connection
Aleisurely trip to France might be out of the question for the foreseeable future, but a Parisian-style residence with the charm of a French chateau in your own backyard is not as outrageous as it sounds. Feast your eyes on La Provence by Englehart H
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Take Stock
Stocks Designer Appliances & Bathrooms has been owned and operated by the Stock family since 1975. They were one of the first specialist premium appliance retailers in Brisbane and since 1975, their knowledge, experience and range have made them a fa
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Worlds Collide
In this pocket of Sydney, dwellers really do get the best of both worlds. Streams of the Paramatta River flow either side of the Hunters Hill peninsula, eventually reaching Sydney Harbour. Hunters Hill is one of those unique Sydney spots where a view
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Designed and manufactured by BRUNNER in Bavaria, the designer inbuilt refractory kit of the BRUNNER wood heater allows a simple, cost-effective and safe installation. The BRUNNER kit system “BSK” can be set up in just a few hours thanks to its precis
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I love grey. It’s the colour of my sofa, my rug, my pram and even my cat. So when Pantone released its colours of the year for 2021, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Sure, ‘Ultimate Gray’ has been interpreted by some as a representation of the depressing
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Softly Spoken
When a client comes to you regarding a well-known and well-respected midcentury design and asks you to create their new home with this as inspiration, you know you’re dealing with an informed couple. You also know this project is going to be one fill
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Theo Papathomas
Escaping the ravages of war-torn Cyprus as a teenager, artist Theo Papathomas and his family settled in Australia. At high school he was encouraged by his teachers to pursue his love of art. Three decades on, this talented artist continues to delight
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Industrial Revolution
When space is at a premium, special consideration is needed to design an outdoor area that not only looks good but maximises every last inch of land. When your backyard is in such close proximity to your indoor spaces, it’s also essential to create a
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There’s nothing like fresh table linen to make your home feel special. Lucky for us, Melbourne-based Bonnie and Neil have served up a vibrant collection by the name of Clover, which includes napkins, tablecloths, cushions and throws. The range incorp
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