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Serene Spaces
Walking in the front door can feel like sanctuary. Alternatively, it can be a stressful environment of its own, filled with reminders of domestic jobs and repairs needing to be done, mess, clutter, noise, arguments with household members and other pr
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Salute The Sun
For aeons, humans have revered the sun, yet over recent years, many have come to fear its power. It has long been known that sun exposure fortifies bone structure, elevates mood and governs your body clock; however, too much will put you at risk of d
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Continuing our discussion of aligning your personal ethics with your financial choices, let’s turn our attention to insurance. You probably have several insurance policies, whether it’s health, life insurance, car, business, etc., so if you’re lookin
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WellBeing Gives Space To The Creative Souls In Our Community
Violet Lim Zi Yan T: +61 415 326 100E: linzy0210@gmail.comW: instagram.com/violetdream0210 Some days, I’m the ocean. Some days, I’m the ship. Tonight, I’m the lighthouse, alone and burning. Like a guardian angel, I stand, sending out hope in the nigh
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Have you ever heard the phrase, “integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching”? Let that thought echo in your mind for a moment; let it really sink in. These words were uttered by the great writer and theologian, CS Lewis, a man wh
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The Biology Of Ageing
At the fourth International Australian Biology of Ageing Conference 2019, world-renowned luminaries reinforced the premise that eating less is the primary way to slow down ageing. We’ve actually known this for quite a while. The buzz phrase is “calor
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Natural Solutions For Hair Health
Split ends, frizzy fly-aways, dull and dehydrated hair? If you’ve complained about these hair woes, there are ways to overcome them — but don’t expect the answers to await inside the latest haircare packaging. Traditional advice of “It’s the products
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Attachment Styles
Given the inherent need humans have to feel connected and bonded to other people, your attachment experiences and style significantly influence how successful you are in forming strong and stable relationships with friends, family and lovers. Underst
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High Histamine
What does a person do when they seem to react to everything — and it doesn’t matter what they do, it doesn’t seem to help? Think high histamine levels. This was the story for a 35-year-old woman who didn’t know where to turn. She had seen many practi
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Super Seafood
It goes without saying that seafood has some unique nutritional properties, not to mention an incomparable richness in flavour. If you’ve been thinking fish is just another weekday meal on a plate, it’s time to think again. Seafood has an incredible
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Blissed Out At Bitter Springs
At first light I’m out the door, rugged up against the tropical winter chill with a towel flung over my shoulder and goggles dangling from my wrist. Within minutes I’m at the water’s edge, unpeeling layers beneath towering fan palms and sliding into
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March is very much your month, Taurus. Venus enters Taurus on March 5 and features at March 10’s Full Moon, which inspires appreciation with those you love as well as creativity. Unusual people reach through your deep reserves, prompting you to recon
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Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids
At primary school, Rick has lots of friends and is involved in lots of clubs. He listens, shows empathy for others and tries to help when he can so that others will trust him. His younger sister Emma, however, is quiet and creative and has only a few
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Lost And Found In Northern Bali
Of all the waiting rooms I’ve been in, Pura Lempuyang Temple is by far the most spectacular. Instead of white walls and fluorescent lights, I’m sitting beneath an open sky flecked with clouds tickled pink by the morning sun. I’m not here to see a doc
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Waking Up To The World
Flashes of movement from the busy street streamed through the cheap aluminium blinds, protecting me from the world outside. I watched in awe as the light danced on the roof, before I was ushered into a small room in the hospital. In there, I heard th
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Your Say
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ATMS Natural Medicine AWARDS 2019
The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2019 Natural Medicine Awards. In November 2019, ATMS hosted the Natural Medicine Awards Gala Dinner in Sydney, where the four finalists for Practitioner of
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Counter Culture
NAOMI ANNAND, BLOOMSBURY Naomi Annand’s first book, Yoga: A Manual for Life, is a compelling guide to modern yoga, its poses (asans) and how they can be worked into sequences to calm your busy mind. Beautiful images, neutral colours, nature photograp
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From The Editor
A few months ago, I realised that somewhere between childhood and adulthood I stopped playing. I’d forgotten what it felt like to just “play”, letting that childlike excitement, silliness and innocence run wild. One Saturday morning, I invited my fia
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How Do You Parent?
John Gottman in Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child outlines four parenting styles as follows. You might find you draw from one or more styles at different times. Here, the parent treats the child’s feelings as unimportant or trivial and either
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Earth To Table
“The foundation for good health begins with the food we eat,” proclaims Teresa Cutter in her latest cookbook, Earth to Table. Cutter, the founder of The Healthy Chef, is one of Australia’s most prominent experts on living a healthy and nourished life
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From The Editor-in-chief
What mistakes have you made today? Notice I deliberately didn’t ask “if” you had made any mistakes today. It’s not that I don’t have faith in you, it’s more that I do have faith in you to be human. To be human is to err — in fact you’d be defying som
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Yoga To Unlock Your True Nature
How often in your daily life do you stop and take stock of what’s going on in your mind and physical body? Do you get so caught on the treadmill of the everyday that you don’t realise when you’re feeling a little frazzled, until you’re a lot frazzled
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Health Source
Endeavour College of Natural Health is the leader in natural health education and research, producing the experts that keep the world well. Offering courses in naturopathy, nutrition, acupuncture, myotherapy, complementary medicine and remedial massa
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All The Latest In Environmental Issues
A new study in Germany has shown that insects are disappearing even more rapidly than was previously thought. For their study, researchers collected more than one million insects at 300 sites, in 2008 and then again in 2018. The resulting figures wer
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The Heart Of Yoga And Meditation
In the world view of India’s ancient sages, a central concept was the underlying unity that links all forms of life. Many of the sacred rituals and hymns of these early times expressed reverence for this eternal principle that allows the universe to
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Beauty Source
AMPERNA is a new range of revolutionary skincare products. With a combination of active ingredients, the range includes a powerful probiotic complex, glycolic acid and vitamins B and C. Simple, soothing and effective for even the most sensitive skin,
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Recent Medical Findings For A Healthier Body
Elderberries have a long reputation as being flu fighters, but researchers wanted to establish exactly how these berries might do their work. To do this the researchers turned commercially farmed elderberries into a juice that was applied to human ce
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Full Of Health
Jessica Sepel is the kind, compassionate and hard-working clinical nutritionist, bestselling author, international health blogger and beloved voice behind JSHealth and @jshealth. She spoke to WellBeing from her beachside home in Vaucluse, Sydney, whi
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Food Source
Manuka honey is a famed antibacterial and renowned as one of nature’s unique superfoods, promoting good health and immunity. HoneyLife uses only “raw” unrefined honey without applying any heat or chemical process. It is Australian sourced, made and o
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