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✷ Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Class Winner. ✷ First production sedan built and the third production Ruxton. ✷ Believed to be the only surviving sedan originally finished in the iconic Joseph Urban paint design. ✷ Originally used as an auto salon
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Classic American
Ben Klemenzson Nigel Boothman, Geoff Carverhill, Jon Cass, Richard Coney, Huw Evans, Jonathan Fleetwood, Richard Heseltine, Will Shiers, Zack Stiling, Max Du Sautoy Pauline Hawkins Tim Hartley Sue Keily Tania Shaw tshaw@mort
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Back Where It All Began…
When Chrysler’s 1955 C-300 swept the field at Daytona, many would argue that was the moment when the whole muscle car phenomenon began. It would set the mould for the big, powerful American two-door coupes that would follow, with its ‘million-dollar
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What The Critics Said
“The Lincoln Continental is primarily a car for luxurious cross-country travel. It floats along to 80mph smoothly, quietly and effortlessly… The Lincoln has the ‘looks’, the quality is second to none.” Car Life, March, 1961 “The 1961 Lincoln Contine
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Meet The Contributor
I started writing as a freelancer in late 2002, having left the regular motor trade after 25 years in car sales with various franchises, with my first feature in Classic American appearing way back in 2004. I’ve always considered myself as a writer t
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Continental Timeline
1961 New Continental introduced 1963 Four-barrel carb introduced, upping performance and horsepower to 320bhp/465ft-lb of torque. 1964 Wheelbase extended from 123 inches to 126, overall length increases also by three inches to 215 inches. Wheels en
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Your Best Way Of Selling…
Classic American’s classifieds are the best way to sell your American car, truck, parts or vehicle and best of all, they’re completely free! With restrictions on movements to be lifted in the near future hopefully, now’s the time to consider advertis
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GOT THERE In The End...
For some people it’s the American car scene which gradually grows on them. As we all know, attending a car cruise regularly can become irresistible. Karl Cordwell has been a regular visitor to the Leeds cruise at its various locations since the age o
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Carrrot Town Garage
Unit 4 Norwood Road industrial estate Norwood Road March PE15 8QD Tel: 01354 552427 email: Web: ■
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The Man With The Monstre
Marco has an interest in another car, and a very unusual one. He’s formed a friendship with Derek Drinkwater, a gifted engineer and car builder who’s known for creating mobile catering devices from memorable vehicles – the Fire Engine Bar was the fir
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THE 47 YEAR Love Affair
Most car owners use and abuse their cars, then pack them off to the scrapyard when they’re no longer fit for purpose. Then there’s a breed of enthusiasts who treat their cars with affection and respect, but distinct from them stands an extreme minori
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Author: Peter Grist Published by: Veloce Publishing Ltd ISBN: 978-1-845848-63-7 Price: RRP £25. Available new from Amazon from £8.99 plus postage. I first reviewed this excellent pictorial biography of Virgil Exner, the visionary stylist who desi
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Bonjour Paris!
In line with the US rejoining the Paris Climate Change Accord, President Joe Biden will ask US agencies to revise fuel economy standards and emissions restrictions for passenger vehicles, according to Reuters. It said that Biden’s presidential transi
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GM Gambles On An All-electric Future
At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which took place virtually from January 11-14 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic (it’s normally hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center), the opening keynote address came courtesy of an automaker, i
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STAR Letter
Dear Classic American, I read the article on the upcoming sale of the James Bond Cobra Jet Cougar with quite some interest as I also owned one of the three cars used in the film way back in the Seventies along with an old mate of mine, Carl Denhart (
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Kitt Is An Auction Hit
It looks like David Hasselhoff wants to make space in his loft and garage, judging by the auction held on his behalf on the LiveAuctioneers website. Items included everything from signed merchandise, scripts, clothing, photographs and life-size cut-o
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It’s been an interesting few months at Carrot Town Garage, but despite another lockdown they have stayed open. They understand everyone is trying to follow the rules, so have been collecting customers’ cars, carrying out all repair work and servicing
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Scale Autos
When I think of a Winnebago I visualise an enormous multi-berth self-propelled motorhome, most likely with slide-out rooms, canopies and all the modern luxuries. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I found Greenlight Collectibles’ Winnebago Tra
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Imitation Is…
China’s automotive sector has long had a reputation for… how shall we put this… a ‘relaxed’ attitude towards intellectual property, trademarks and copyright. A decade ago it was the head of GM going head-to-head with Chinese car company Cery, who wer
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The Procter Gamble
In 1964, British racing and rally driver Peter Procter joined newly formed Alan Mann Racing, and together with Scotsman Andrew Cowan won the gruelling 6000-kilometre, 10-day endurance rally, the Tour de France Automobile, in a Ford Mustang. It was th
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Bonne By Name, Bonne By Nature
The Bonneville name played a big part in Pontiac’s success over almost half a century, with this stylish third-generation B-body model being offered to the public from 1961 to 1964. At the time it was Pontiac’s costliest and most luxurious model with
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Doin’ the Continental
When Lincoln decided to ‘out-Cadillac’ with the ’58-’60 models, they succeeded in terms of producing bigger, heavier cars which were eye-catching to the motoring public, but not always for the right reasons. The cars were controversial in terms of th
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THE TRUCK That Thought It Was A CAR
The Fifties was famously the most creative period for American car design, and the pursuit of novelty was responsible for some highly unorthodox thinking. While this was mainly limited to show cars, every now and then a new concept was carried throug
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Mad Max Replica Makes A Mint!
The post-apocalyptic movie Mad Max has stood the test of time as a cult classic and, suffice to say, the vehicles used in the movie have spawned their own individual stardom as well. Among them, the 1973 Ford Falcon XB Interceptor, or Pursuit Special
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On This Day
One of the most important decisions by the Ford Motor Company took place 107 years ago on January 5, 1914. That was the day Henry Ford, along with his vice-president James Couzens, announced that the company would henceforth pay newly hired employees
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Chef''s Selection
If Marco Molino went to see a doctor specialising in classic car addiction, the man in the white coat would spot a lot of familiar symptoms. Does he look at old cars in Classic American when he can’t get to sleep? Check. Has he often owned more cars
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Rambler Palm Beach
The precise backstory behind the creation of the car pictured here is sketchy at best. It rather depends on whose version of history you believe. What is clear is that the origins of the Rambler Palm Beach can be traced back to a chance meeting on an
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American Car Shows 2021: Will They Be Going Ahead?
It’s the question on every American car enthusiast’s lips… there’s only one way to find the answer, so Classic American spoke to the organisers of some of the most important events of the year on the classic American calendar for their thoughts on th
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Gooding, Scottsdale Auction Going , going... gone!
It’s that time of year again – when stunning classic American cars gather in Scottsdale, Arizona for the biggest auction season of the year. This year, we decided to look at one particular auction house, Gooding, which had an eclectic collection of v
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Mixed Bag
Here we are in lockdown three and many of us will be wondering what the summer will hold for us, in particular whether there will be any car shows, events… even just cruises. It’s hard to say, particularly now everyone seems to be erring more and mor
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