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A Works Ht3 In Your Shed
Ariel’s HT3 is probably one of the rarest production trials bikes ever produced. In his book Classic British Trials Bikes Don Morley suggests there were no more than 40 HT3s produced and, during my research for this piece, I have found nothing to dis
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British 250 Gp 1964
Lincolnshire’s Cadwell Park is more generally associated with road racing, but the circuit has hosted many a scramble too, and in 1964 the British 250 MX GP was held there. Our photo shows Bryan ‘Badger’ Goss leading fellow Greeves team-mate Malcolm
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Bernie On The Bult
“To be honest, I don’t remember much being done to the Bulto. It is 40 years ago. There were little things, which are pretty visible in the photos, though these were done to personalise the bike for me. This amounted to the footrests moving back a li
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What Did Badger Do Next?
As newly crowned British champion, and with a successful business to look after plus a dicky shoulder to heal, it could be assumed Bryan Goss ditched the scrambles jeans and put on his business suit, or possibly chilled out… errr… no. First of all he
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1970 That Was The Year…
The dawn of a new decade is always full of promise and 1970 was little different in that respect. There were those riding high, the UK still had a motorcycle industry… of sorts… our competitors were still the top of the competition tree. Things were
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Space Saver
Arriving early at Northampton Classic Motorcycle Club Ltd’s scramble meeting at Woodford the other April, I was greeted by a scene of calm activity, only the dedicated club workers were on hand knocking stakes in and mapping out the circuit with rope
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Project Swm Jumbo Jerry’s Jumbo
Much of the delay in finishing the SWM came from the need to sort out the rear swing arm which was, not to put too fine a point on it… knackered. These alloy units are nigh on unobtainable, so finding a better replacement was not an option. The only,
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Slight Advance
Thanks to a reader with surplus mudguard stays from his own Triumph-based project, the CDB Triumph is now fully covered at the front. There is a slight issue with using a 21in front wheel with an enduro tyre on which brings everything a little too cl
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A Bit On The Side
Hopefully plenty of readers will recall the Can-Am we did up a few years back and gave away as a prize? (back issues are available!)... well, I was so impressed with this bike that I got my own. At the time of the original project Lee Granby told me
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An Annoying Little Drip
Of the many things this column could be about in this issue, the drip we’re dealing with here is an oil drip. Yes, we’ve all experienced the sinking feeling when we look under our motorcycle and see a patch of oil on the garage floor. It is a feeling
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Dirt Products
Italian boot makers Gaerne have an excellent reputation in the trials footwear world, with their boots gracing the feet of any number of top riders. These are their latest Balance Classic boots and are imported into the UK by MRS – Malcolm Rathmell S
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Great Selection Of Goodies Lined Up For Telford
Depending on when you’re reading this spring issue of your favourite magazine, the Hagon Shocks sponsored Classic Dirt Bike Show is either upon us or already over for 2020. Make sure you check out the next issue for the show report if you missed the
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There Was A Van…
This piece is being scribed on wooden blocks (old time printers would understand!) before the eagerly anticipated Telford Show, so a show-related beginning would seem appropriate regardless of when it is read. When I tell my brother (who keeps his mo
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British Classic Motocross Championship
This year sees the 25th anniversary of this series. Although changes have been made over the years it is still basically a championship series which allows the best riders to race against each other. There are separate results on the day and awards d
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The wilderness YEAR
AMC, the parent company of Matchless and AJS, were not the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and didn’t have the resources of, say BSA, but with a team of riders who felt the marque suited them, they punched well above their weight in the
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Middle England’s Trials Review
Looking back on a good first year of their championship, in spite of cancelling an event, the Middle England Classic Vehicle Club is keener than ever. Congratulations to the class winners: Class A (Rigids) SteveKingston 8pts Class B (Twinshocks) An
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Two From The Top Drawer
In April 1998, I had the pleasure of interviewing Vic Eastwood at the Portuguese GP, where his son Mark was racing. At the time I was starting out on my writing career and Vic was one of the riders I was keen to talk to. Over the course of the aftern
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Nowt Like A Winner
Montesa, despite being the second of the Spanish manufacturers to enter the trials fray in the Sixties, soon had a worthy product, thanks to the help of riders such as Charlie Harris who suggested the initial mods needed to their trail type bike and
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Classic Championship Grows
With a new Pre-68 class added to reflect the changes in the scene, there was even more action in the British Classic Motocross Championship, along with the regular Pre-74 and Pre-65 classes. After a second dominant season in 2018, Kris Winder returne
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The Winner
As fellow North East centre trials riders, 60-year-old Stephen ‘Butch’ Robson and I have known each other for a long time and we’ve been in the same motor club since the early Seventies. These days we ride under the Castleside Trials Club banner and
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SWM – Schreiber’s Works Machine
As reigning world champion Bernie Schreiber should have been focused on retaining his world championship in 1980. Had the Bultaco factory been able to capitalise on his success, that is precisely the way things would have worked out. Unfortunately, t
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Sometimes sportspeople are classed as burnt-out as their careers come to an end, but we feel few are ever as burnt-out as this Montesa was before its career even got started. Sadly, there are such lowlife out there who feel they can help themselves t
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Dirt Talk
Write to us at: ClassicDIRTbike, PO Box 99, Horncastle, Lincolnshire LN9 6LZ. I have finally got round to getting myself a trials iron to hit the twinshock scene again after a 38-year hiatus from my last ride on my 1975 325 B
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Nothing Fancy
The actual 1979 world championship winning Bultaco is pretty much standard, and yes, well put together. Mind you, those of us who were riding trials at the time knew the works bikes had something special about them. If we’d thought about it the speci
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Tiny Class Act
A few years ago a colleague who is not really au fait with the ins and outs of the dirt bike world, was incredulous at the thought that someone would build a great-looking motorcycle and then pit it against the filthiest conditions possible. I was eq
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The famous James
In one respect it is a shame Bill Lomas’ win in the 1951 Travers Trophy Trial continues to be trotted out by the likes of us journalists, as it suggests James did nothing else after it. This, of course, is far from the truth as the Greet-based maker
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Fabulous Farleigh
This year’s Vets Motocross des Nations (MXDN), held at Farleigh Castle in September, commemorated the 40th anniversary of Graham Noyce’s 500cc world championship victory, when the then 22-year-old Hampshireman took the world by storm on his factory H
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A Desert Racer In Your Shed
Shiny bikes are all well and good but often the soul is torn from such machines as each dent, ding, scrape or mark gained through a lifetime of use is removed during the restoration process. Not that we’re against shiny bikes here at CDB, far from it
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Export Driven
Scrambling in the golden era was dominated by big bikes with big riders on them. Closely following the look of their roadster stablemates the dual purpose of these 500cc motorcycles was to attract attention and give the advertising and marketing depa
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...unit Beezer
BSA’s unit MXers were developed when the comp department at the factory realised the Gold Star was on its limit as a serious racer. Yes, Jeff Smith was still winning on his but that says more about him than the bike. The world was changing, lighter b
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