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That ‘Old Single’ Again
Dear CR Good article on the ‘old singles’ – I’d like to throw in some ideas for consideration. Firstly an ‘old single’ is a Manx Norton, an AJS 7R, a BSA Gold Star or a G50 Matchless and must be exactly as they came from the factory. They can
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Whatever Happened To? DAVE CHADWICK
In his first Manx Grand Prix, the 1953 Junior, young Dave Chadwick’s Velocette was lapping within bronze replica time when he was forced to retire. His fast and smooth riding, particularly on road circuits, brought him to the attention of Reg Dearden
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Readers Write
Dear CR Just dropped by to say how much I enjoy Classic Racer and the icing on the cake for me is the crossword. Many hours spent (with the help of Google trying to decipher the clues), my only peeve is that the clues are in reverse (white on black).
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Uncini: Mr Serious Speaks
“The most important person in my box was the one I looked at every time I returned to the pits. A glance and he understood everything. If I was satisfied or not. If I had a good feeling or not. If the last changes were an improvement or not.” While h
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Stuart Graham, a winner on both two and four wheels, has enjoyed a successful and unusual racing career, and will share his stories in front of a live audience at the 40th Carole Nash International Classic MotorCycle Show on April 25/26 at Stafford C
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FIERCE 2019 A year of Irish Classic Road Racing
Irish Classic Racing enjoyed another superb season throughout 2019 with all four championships fought over 10 rounds. The action started in Cookstown up in Co. Tyrone at the end of April where 26 competitors, by far the largest grid of this year’s Co
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Vapour Honing UK
Classic racer and bike collector Dave Fitzpatrick has formed a new business providing a vapour honing (vapour blasting) service to other restorers, enthusiasts and engineers. Competing with BHR in the BEARS Class for some years, the former F3 champio
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Armoy, The Race of Legends
Six days later the action moved north to Armoy, where, thankfully, there was no sign of the torrential rain that forced the abandonment of last years races, in fact it was clear skies and sunshine all weekend long. The Armoy circuit is located at the
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Get Your Hands On Ultra-rare Marzocchi Racing Forks
Ducati enthusiasts have a chance to get their hands on a classic piece of engineering thanks to E–N Products – the ultra-rare 1976 Marzocchi racing fork. In 1976 Marzocchi built a new version of its popular 38mm fork that had been used by several man
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Summer In Belgium
Classic racing in Belgium keeps going from strength to strength and, with an interesting selection of racing events to choose from, continues to attract ever larger numbers of visitors travelling from the UK and Ireland. This of course is in addition
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It’s a weird sensation, writing a column for Classic Racer this issue, after the departure from our publishing company of Malc Wheeler. Malc has been such a cornerstone, not only of Classic Racer (and many publications across many years), but also
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Racing Shorts From
Legendary circuit Paul Ricard is up for sale – again. Currently owned by the ex-wife of Bernie Ecclestone, Slavica Ecclestone, the circuit is a going concern with an airport and two hotels included. When does a rider really retire? Not now for Jorge
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Msv Invests In Improvements
Jonathan Palmer’s MSV group has been busy over the winter months, spending considerable amounts of money on improvements to four of their already excellent facilities – Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park, Snetterton and Oulton Park all benefitting from exten
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“Prepare for World War Three!”
These were the words of Andy Molnar, who owns and runs Molnar Precision Limited. Andy and his company are known and respected around the world as manufacturers and builders of high performance classic motorcycles for the road and track. For the past
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Norton Motorcycles Goes Into Administration
BDO Accounting Group has been announced as administrator to Norton Motorcycle Holdings and Norton Motorcycles UK, as well as two other companies owned by Stuart Garner; Donington Hall Estates and the Priest House Hotel. Garner bought the company in 2
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Classic Racer Iconic Metal
It may only have competed for just one racing season, but those few short months in 1973 were enough to secure the John Player Norton monocoque a place in the history books. Four of these motorcycles were built in total.Three made it out in anger, on
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American Heart
“Nothing will ever stop me. I can do whatever I want to do – there’s no limit. If I decide to do something, I’m going to do it. No one is going to stop me. That’s just my desire to want to win and to be successful. That’s what motivates me.” This was
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Jocular and modest, but also focused and determined, Austrian Harald Bartol was one of the top two-stroke tuners in the GP paddock up until the demise of the 125GP class in 2011. But he was also one of the rare breed of rider engineers, equally skill
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Riding The Bike
Having written about the Bartol 250/350 project during my early days as a GP reporter, it was very satisfying to finally ride one, which, thanks to Manfred John and his Klassik Motorsport organisation team, I was able to do in practice for the Franci
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Harald Bartol: Rider engineer
Austrian engineer Harald Bartol started young, at the age of 19, building and tuning the 50cc Puch special he began racing with in 1966, finishing second in his first-ever race before carving a reputation for himself by using his inherent skills to t
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Goodbye, Percy
Probably best known in the racing world for his work with Triumph, Percy also had considerable riding experience with the Royal Corps of Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team whilst on National Service. Having been born to a farming family, g
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Goodbye, Percy
Motorcycle sport lost a true legend when Percy Tait passed away on November 17, aged 90. Percy will be best remembered for the part he played in the success of Triumph in racing and also the development work he did on the company’s road machines. Per
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I’ve no idea who first said ‘you should never meet your heroes’, but in my experience they  couldn’t have been more wrong. Perhaps I got off to a good start, or was just plain lucky, but growing up in Lincolnshire, just a few miles from Cadwell Park
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In Memory Of Chris... Thank You
I would like to thank the scores of people who sent cards to us following the death of Chris, my son, at Ballaugh Bridge in August. Many cards included heartfelt letters, not the easiest thing to do or say, and we are all overwhelmed by your thoughts
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Stafford Success
Despite the best the weather could throw at it, making parking a nightmare for the organisers, The Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics show was pronounced a success by visitors and traders alike. The Classic Racer Grand Prix Paddock proved as po
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Classic Racer Iconic Metal
Named after an article in The Motor Cycle which carried the headline ‘ThruxtonTriumph by Bonneville’, theT120Rs – widely known as the Thruxtons – quickly carved out a position in motorcycle racing history. Ge ettttiinngg tth ha att lleeggeenndd u und
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The Making Of silver Dream Racer
Forty years on from the hugely complex task of filming it, director David Wickes and star David Essex tell Classic Racer the inside story on the making of the film. With a budget equivalent to £20 million in today’s money, and one of the biggest pop
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Devil In Disguise Dr Joe’s 350 Emc
While struggling to establish the fledgling bike business he’d founded in 1946, Joe Ehrlich developed a water-cooled EMC split-single, two-stroke GP racer. That motorcycle was born with a ladepumpe supercharging piston. It was a design clearly based
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Joe Ehrlich – A true original
Love him or loathe him (and there were plenty in both camps), Dr Josef Ehrlich was a true original. Volatile but inventive, constantly coming up with new ideas and innovative designs right up until his death in September 2003 at the age of 88, the sp
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Gianni Rolando The Hunter
Arider takes up motorcycle racing knowing nothing about it – we’ve all heard that before – but in this case, it’s embarrassingly true. How about this for a moment of clarity that a professional racer would definitely rather forget? The man who transp
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