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It’s that time of year when vegetable diseases tend to be more prevalent. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes the plants are running out of steam and become more susceptible to disease. The warmer, humid conditions in summer benefit certain di
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ORANGES AND LEMONS In The Heart Of Oxfordshire
Step into the glorious gardens of Buscot Park in Oxfordshire, and you’ll find strange and unusual vegetables growing among the flowers in the walled gardens. There’s an incredible arrangement of ornamental gourds and squashes, including star, diamond
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Simple Seed Saving
There are plenty of good reasons to give seed saving a try. For many, taking control of the seed production process is a satisfying step further towards self-sufficiency, reducing the amount of items you need to buy or bring into your garden. It is a
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Extending The Season With Onions
Bulb onions are just one member of the large allium family and they have been grown in gardens as a food source for centuries. They form part of our staple diet and can be used in so many ways in the kitchen all year round. It’s thought onions derive
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Our Plotter Of The Month
This month we meet Robin and Chris Hill who are kept busy with two allotments, plus more vegetables grown at home. Do you have an allotment or veg patch in your garden? I have two allotments. Originally, I took on one allotment but found the allotmen
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Worth Over £339!
This useful rack, designed and manufactured by Two Wests & Elliott in their Derbyshire workshop, is the perfect way to make the most of any compact space – whether it’s in a greenhouse, shed, spare room or outdoors! The Economy rack comes with nine f
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Make Your Cake And Eat It Too!
A lovely and easy fruit sponge, packed with the best seasonal produce right now, with a touch of almond to make it extra special. SERVES 8 Preparation time: 25 minutes Cooking time: 50 minutes ■ 125g (5oz) butter■ 125g (5oz) caster sugar■ 3 eggs, bea
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Over the past four months, I’ve ditched the peat and put several peat-free composts to the test by growing tomatoes. Obviously, the best option is to try and make your own compost, but this isn’t always possible and often gardeners can’t make it on t
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Top Jobs For September
Set into firm ground in rows 30cm (1ft) apart. Space transplants 15cm (6in) within the row. In spring you can thin every other plant to enjoy as greens, leaving the rest to heart up. Lift up old crops and pick off dead leaves to keep things clean and
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The Questionnaire 2023
Please submit the following questionnaire when sending your pictures. You can either fill it in online at or copy the questions on to a document and email or post your answers (details below): 1. Do you have an allotment or a
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From Pots To Plots!
How long have you had your allotment and what got you interested in growing? I took over my first allotment plot in March 2019 and my second (next to my first plot) at the beginning of 2020. My allotment neighbour, who had the plot for 40 years, gave
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Reaping The Rewards
Walking through beds filled with abundance, it amazes me to think that just six months ago this was all weedy grass when we moved to West Wales. We have harvested so much food already, and I am busy now sowing and pricking out so that cropping will c
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Seed Company Contacts
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EDITOR: Steve Ott, DEPUTY EDITOR: Emma Rawlings, STAFF WRITER: Tony Flanagan, PRODUCTION EDITOR: Pauline Hawkins PUBLISHER: Tim Hartley DESIGNER: Charlotte Turnbull GROUP ADVERTISING
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This is a time of plenty on the veg patch as we get to harvest crops we have been carefully nurturing all year. It can also be a time of over-abundance as those tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers just keep on giving. But you can never have too much of a
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What’s New?
Coventry-based horticultural charity Garden Organic won a gold medal for its Small Spaces, Big Ideas Garden at the Gardeners’ World Live show at the NEC. This petite garden demonstrated how a productive and beautiful organic and biodiverse garden can
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Garden Store Plus Subscriber Savers*
Available in two colours and three sizes, Niwaki’s new Metal Tool Boxes are stylish enough to keep in the house – though more than tough enough for life in the shed! With its smooth ergonomics, lockable clasp-catch and domed roof for extra capacity,
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Did you know that you can get your fix of Kitchen Garden and the team 24/7– even when you are in the great outdoors? Simply find us on the following platforms and join in the fun: KitchenGardenMag @GrowWithKG @GrowWi
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Store Cupboard Inspiration
No matter how well we plan, having more produce than we can use at any one time is a common problem. But with prices rising ever higher, wasting food simply isn’t an option and we need to look at ways to convert gluts into storable ingredients or int
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Grow With Belle
GROW VEG IN A CONTAINER OUR SERIES FOR YOUNG GROWERS Would you like to have space to grow your own food? A large container is a great option to start! Whether you have a small balcony or large garden space, a pot or window box is perfect for learning
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Hot Crops FOR Cool Weather
The little red rooted radishes that give a hot flavour to our salads are well known, but there are also some pungent winter radishes which are a great crop for later in the season and into the winter. They can be sown now for producing roots that are
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Product Reviews Edging Shears
These Kew Gardens Collection edging shears come with carbon steel blades, 19cm (7½in) in length, light aluminium handles and non-slip grips. Its overall length is 94cm (37in). TEL: Go online for store locator PRODUCT CODE: 4
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Have Your Say
I was just wondering if you could mention my little boy in your magazine. His name is Oscar and he’s three. Last week he was diagnosed with leukaemia and it has turned our world upside down. He has such a love for the outdoors and he absolutely loves
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Born To Be Wild
Encouraging young children to love wildlife is not difficult. When my son was about three years old, I found a box of snails stashed underneath his bed. The slimy creatures had already started their daring escape across the wooden floorboards when th
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Question Time
I was wondering if you had any advice about my ‘Red Haven’ peach tree. It‘s very badly affected by peach leaf curl. Lindy Robertson, Banffshire EMMA SAYS: Yes, your tree is badly affected. Luckily, it is rarely fatal, although it does weaken the tree
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Organic September
Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming. Many readers of Kitchen Garden magazine already recognise the great benefits that growing organically and adopting a greener lifestyle can
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Help Your Crops To Help Themselves
Some diseases are simple to deal with but others, such as blight, can destroy an entire crop if you don’t act quickly. Fortunately, the four you are most likely to encounter in the garden are easy to spot and there are prevention and mitigation strat
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Under Cover
After the warmer months you may find water butts running low or empty. How often did they dry up and could you do with installing more? Rainwater is naturally best for your plants and a greenhouse roof is the obvious place to install the means to col
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Giveaways Worth Over £856
Three lucky readers are set to win a bundle of cutting-edge weeding tools from Burgon & Ball. The ultra-tough Razor Hoe (RRP £22.99) is drawn towards the gardener, chopping through weeds and cultivating the soil as it goes. It is forged from high-car
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Make A Simple Compost Bin
A compost bin is an essential part of any garden and there’s a real delight in turning organic waste into a perfect food for your plants. You can buy a pre-made bin, but it really is quite simple to make one yourself and you can add in extra features
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