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IN THE Swing
Back in the 1970s my old mate Tuck had an old grain barn in the village of Holt in Wiltshire that attracted motorcyclists from far and wide. Tuck's barn was a cornucopia of British motorcycles and parts, with a number of interesting machines and roll
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Pub Talk
The'long mingling spark'has been a laughing stock for almost 120 years, ever since his peers ridiculed Pennington's use of the term in conjunction with his 1890s creations. What those pioneers kept to themselves, and is now almost forgotten is that m
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The History Bit
The original Square Four engine was designed by Edward Turner in 1928. He was trying to get work as an engine designer with a number of motorcycle manufacturers, using his unique engine design as a calling card to demonstrate his skills. The engine w
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‘It all happened because I took the magneto off a Panther engine and saw ' the "shelf" below it and thought it could be just the place for a second cylinder. I discussed it with members of the Panther Owners' Club. It turned out a few people had thou
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Following on from RC198 and Mick Dobson's superb treatise in 'Torque Sensein RC199Hugo Rose presented an erudite and succinct argument that power and torque are not'things'as such, but concepts derived from Brake Mean Effective PressurePlus . , he ex
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Tales From The Shed
Filing, the ignoble art of converting a nice neat round hole into something else, is a restful pursuit. This is particularly true when the round file you're operating - with full protective gear of course; hard hat, steel toecap boots, visor and a fa
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Top 200
Well done on reaching your 200'h edition of RealClassic. An excellent achievement which I know you have put your hearts and souls into. I especially love the fact that the standards, which started off high, have if anything improved as the magazine h
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Paraller Lines
Were I an advert copywriter, which happily I am not, I might describe Kawasaki's W650 as sweet, neat and fleet of foot. You can see why I'm not an ad copywriter! But in fact that silly set of words sums up the bike pretty well, because it is all of t
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An Owner Speaks
'I've owned two of these Kawasakis. The first one I bought in 2009. I set out to buy a secondhand Hinckley Bonneville and tried two of them, a 790cc one and a later 865cc version. Both of these were nice bikes, but the engines were so smooth and quie
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Another Owner Speaks
'I bought my W650 with a couple of thousand miles on it, and proceeded to ride it for 30,000 miles over three or four years. The W650 seemed to me to be a very well put together twin and (unsurprisingly) it reminded me of Yamaha's XS650 from some yea
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Engine Air-cooled8-valve bevel-drive sohctwin Bore I stroke 72x83mm Capacity 675cc Power 49bhp @5000rpm Torque 4llb/ft@5500rpm Gearbox 5-speed Primary drive Gear Final drive Chain Frame Tubular steel double cradle Steering Rake I trail: 24° I 108mm F
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The Gift Horse
It's not every day that the phone rings and a voice says; 'We're moving house and there's an old motorcycle under a tarpaulin in our garden. Would you like it?' The mind immediately jumps to the mental picture of a Gold Star or some 1930s V-twin, or
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the specification may have been more about moving great loads large distances reliably rather than outright speed or handling. The engine and box are of unit construction and a single oil change lubricates both with filtration via a large gauze inser
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My first motorbike ride was on a FS1 E in 1976 when I was 16. A couple of years later I bought a Suzuki 250 Hustler, passed my test, went straight out and bought a Triumph Trident Tl 50. I rode this for about two years while most of my mates moved on
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My first cafe racer was a 1948 350 AJ5 which I bought with help from the bank of mum for £30 sometime in 1957, when I was earning about £9.1 passed my test on it but had trouble keeping up with my two mates on Triumph Tiger 1 OOsIt smoked and burned
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Brush painting a motorcycle frame is a whole lot more satisfying than painting a window frame or any other household woodwork. Applying careful, deliberate brush strokes to the sound of classical music - I particularly like piano concertos - is highl
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Not all flywheel magnetos overwind their Low Tension ignition coils with the High Tension winding. Another option eventually appeared, using the'ignition'winding to power an external HT coil. The most obvious way was to connect as if it was a battery
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The finish on the engine cases shows a life of mild abuse from previous owners. I'm a big fan of satin finishes and the work done by Russel Mitchell of Exile Cycles. My chosen finish for the engine cases and any shiny bits  is to give them a good ru
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From The Front
Every year at this time - the first issue of the new year - I generally write something about new resolutions, plans for great rides to see great things and to visit great friends. And indeed, my thoughts - as the rains lash down against the windows
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Thank To
> JAYE STRAIT AT BRITTECH for engine work and roller bearing conversion, numerous parts, exhaust system, ignition coil, recommended upgrades, advice and a few history lessons. I'm pleased to say that I spent about three solid days in Jaye's workshop
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Euro Twins
Moto Guzzi and BMW have a long history as European rivals. The 1970s Italian and German twins use a similar engineering layout, yet were developed very differently. An upscale road bike from inception, the BMW steadfastly advanced and evolved around
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What Might Have Been
With Norton's future now in the hands of Indian manufacturer TVS, the historic British marque seems set for a new and much more financially secure lease of life. In the short term the Atlas 650 twins, the Nomad and Ranger developed under previous own
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Veteran Innovation
Before this magazine even existed, I wrote my first article about Douglas motorcycles. It was 2002 and RealClassihad just launched on line. The initial issue was a glimmer in our shared imagination, and the presses wouldn't roll for another 18 months
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Clubman's Corner
In this article, we mention the service provided to Douglas owners by the marque club, the London Douglas MCC. With marques like Douglas, where there's no dedicated commercial specialist, an enthusiast organisation provides essential back-up to help
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MOTO Retro
A little more than 21 year ago in May 1999, a glossy magazine called MotoRetro launched featuring retro and classic styled machines and a bit of exotica. The magazine featured some fine journalism from the likes of Alan Cathcart, Julian Ryder and Dav
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From The Saddle
In the wet summer of 1999, Dave Minton ran-in the Ducati Monster on a 700 mile ride. It only rained for 550 of those miles, he reckoned. Here's what he thought of the Dark ... 'Frankly, these models have never been favourites of mine. When they first
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Cacciatore Rosso
While the repairs for the fuel tank were curing, I sent the magneto off to Tony Cooper - the first one I sent to him. It had been working , sometimes intermittently, and I had got it to be reliable by just cleaning the pickups but, like a lot of thes
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Star Turn
I got my first bike when I was sixteen and used it to go to school every day, a 14 mile round trip. Quite a few lads had bikes and scooters - one memorable bike was a Vincent Black Shadow that had to be bump-started every day. When I joined the Merch
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I'd had various encounters with Triumph triples over the years but had never actually owned one. My experience involved two engine rebuilds for friends and several hours setting carburettors. It's one thing to balance two carbs but triples come with
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Christmas CRACKERS!
It looks like 2021 could be a busy year,what with all the catching up we'll have to do after this year's missed shows, jumbles, rides and rallies. So you'll be needing AndyTiernan's simply splendid classic motorcycle calendar to keep track of all the
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