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A Lover of Landscapes
Murray Charteris is quickly gaining a reputation for his dynamic energy-filled fine art. His bold colours and powerful compositions come together to produce artwork that is increasingly sought after. His original paintings are seemingly being snapped
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Flinders Creekbed
My reference photograph for this demonstration was a picture of a dry creekbed in the Flinders Ranges. The picture was taken on a painting trip to Angaritchna Station. Although the photograph was vertical, I chose a horizontal format for my painting
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Australian Red Gold
I started with a rough sketch of the composition. My initial sketch is usually quite rough, but expressive. I use it to work out the lines of action and flow of the eye. I used photographic references for this picture, but it was important to use the
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Moments in Time
Cryla was the first ever Artists Acrylic produced commercially, introduced into Europe in 1963 by the Rowney Company. Cryla Artists’ Acrylic colour is a very heavy-bodied colour with a high loading of the very purest, permanent and lightfast pigments
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Getting Outdoors
I have always enjoyed being “creative” and when I was young I was forever making some type of craft or sewing. I loved art at school and couldn’t wait for class, but I didn’t believe I could paint, my love being drawing and sculpture. It wasn’t until
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Slim Pickings
I roughly painted my canvas by using up remaining paints from a previous painting in earthy tones. I rubbed out some areas and added more paint into sections and left any marks that will represent the dry earth and twigs etc. As I do not intend to pa
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I was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania (USA) in 1974. These days I live in the Brisbane suburb of Yeronga. I moved to Brisbane in December 2007 with my husband Eric, who is a marine biologist at the University of Queensland. I have a small studio belo
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Who Needs Trees?
Claybord is made up of a hard panel that has been coated with a fine layer of smooth clay. When I work on white Claybord, I like to combine painting, drawing and scratching to create a piece with a unique style and texture. I created this piece ‘Who
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Fine Artist, Tutor and Art Judge
I remember always being passionate about drawing, from childhood right through to now. I always knew, deep down, that being a pencil artist was my career path. Even as a youngster, I was never prolific ever, but would spend many hours absorbed totall
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After the Storm
Fairy wrens are very social birds and spend a lot of time on the ground, so the theme of this image is the welcoming of one bird to a new group against the complex backdrop of the floor debris. All my works are carefully designed, including all the b
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Back of Bourke
Jenny Greentree resides on an ancient red ridge overlooking Gidgee Lake – quite literally out the ‘Back of Bourke’ in western New South Wales. Her home has been a source of inspiration which has helped to unlock her exciting God-given talents. Jenny
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Freedom of Brushwork
Brenda Holden spent her formative years in the foothills of Adelaide. Hiking around waterfalls in the area, she grew to love the abundant birdlife. While young, she spent many years in Broken Hill and outback Western Australia – all the while develop
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Dante’s Falls
Bushwalking near Lawson in the upper Blue Mountains can be a sheer pleasure. As you descend down the mountainside through Dante’s Glen, you can follow a mountain stream with huge beautiful cliffs and high waterfalls. The terrain is breathtaking and f
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Morning After Rain – Brisbane Bush
After deciding on size and format, I drew the foreground objects to size with as much detail as possible before transferring them onto my prepared board. When I airbrush a background (as in this painting), I mask the bird and the branch with masking
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Cliffs at Wentworth Falls
In my hasty sketch (although it was done very quickly), I attempted to capture as much visual information as possible with a few strokes of the pencil. My intention was to use the study at a later date for a painting. Instead, I have used the sketch
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Paper and Canvas Contributed
Glenn Demnar, my art mentor for many years, used the term ‘loose’. Looseness has become a predominant feature of my style. With oils, being ‘loose’ engenders minimal risk … it’s only paint. So-called mistakes can be corrected through overpainting; sc
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Passion for Detail
Jenny Hartley is a Queenslander who has been an active painter since 1990 – creating works of art in graphite, watercolours and acrylics. Her childhood, spent on the family farm near Casino in New South Wales, installed within her a deep love of the
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Stretching Boundaries
Richard Rogers lives and works in Strathalbyn, South Australia – far away from his birthplace at Kyogle in northern New South Wales. He discovered that he had some talent for art during his high school years, and has dabbled with painting and drawing
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Country Cousins
I had been out to Colby dam, near Toowoomba. I had seen this old gate beside the road and stopped to photograph it. What I saw inspired me and the idea for this painting of ‘Country Cousins’ was born. From when the initial idea was formed, the proces
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Autumn Tints – Yarra Valley
We go out painting once a week and have been doing so for the last 20 years – come rain, snow or blazing sunshine. This particular spot is out in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, with a hint of autumn left in the air. When looking for subject matter to
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Come with Me
Because this is a place that I love and know well, I did not use a photograph to provide inspiration … only my memory. I chose not to paint in the open air, when midsummer temperatures were in the late 30s and the plant life was seemingly dead. In So
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Master Hints And Tips
• Before working with pastels, always tear the label off and break a piece about 20mm long to work with. Write the manufacturer’s name and colour details on a chart before you do this. • Always use the best quality pastels you can afford. Save money
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Back to School and University Contributed
Artograph’s NEW LightPad Series has a sleek and contemporary design making them more user-friendly than ever. Advanced Super Bright LED technology allows the LightPad Series Light Boxes to shine brighter, run cooler and use less energy—providing up t
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A Colourful Life
My life has been anything but average; in fact it has been very special in so many ways. At the age of four my family left England and moved to a small mining town in East Africa where we lived for a year, then spent nine years travelling around Sout
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Art Amongst the Ruins
For the demonstration I have decided to do a painting with paint, knife and brush and the added challenge of just two colours, Titanium White and Paynes Grey. There are a number of combinations that you can use, choosing the right ones can give you r
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Keeping on Dreaming
“I can’t imagine my life without painting, and my goal now is to keep on improving, and challenging myself in all facets of my life and most of all, to keep on dreaming.” I began painting when my eldest daughter was 18 months old. I felt I needed to
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