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Enter the 2020 Trail Film Awards #trailmagpix Anele Bans is silhouetted against the haze during a 21km-long 13 Peaks Challenge training run as he takes a leap of fai
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Surviving Surgery
I’VE HAD A GAMMY ANKLE as long as I can recall. It’s almost been my thing. I’ve run with braces, strapping, and special orthotic inserts. I can remember the worst of the twists, with the intense pain, the golf ball-swelling, and that awful black-and-
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Fire Escape
I have been trail running for 10 years and have had some amazing adventures all around our country. I always try to be run prepared for anything, so we carry extra food, warm gear, and of course cellphones. But when facing a runaway fire in the Drake
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Snake expert and author JOHAN MARAIS explains what to do if bitten by a snake while trail running. With around 175 different snake species in southern Africa, there is a real chance that trail runners may encounter them. While very few fatal snakebit
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MY WORDS My Viewpoint I am a trail runner, a mom, and currently an ASICS Frontrunner for South Africa. I discovered the Otter African Trail Run about four years ago. Since then it has been a dream of mine to take part in the race. It’s what got me i
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Young & Fun
Ivan is the endurance runner. He can get into a lovely pace and just keep it steady at the front, leading the pack. When he runs, he pushes himself not to walk, and never gives up. The siblings particularly enjoy a 10km run with some decent vertical
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Tees or Trees
Our Tuesday Trail Polls have yielded many insights from you. We decided to focus on the comments rather than the numbers, for a sense of nuance. Facebook and Twitter followers were asked: 1. Would you support something like Trees Not Tees? 2. How man
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Training, No Racing
In his How Or Why series, SEAN TAIT, founder and Running technique coach at Off the Mark, provides some perspective on some of the issues challenging readers. The scenario that we runners are dealing with is one beyond our wildest dreams… a world wit
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“I love climbing big hills and live for technical downhill running. So, when Runtheberg announced their virtual race with an elevation category, I knew I’d enjoy it.” Tarrin van Niekerk did most of the event on the Wonderboom stairs, accumulating 51k
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It's dark. I feel deceptively good after that monstrous climb: but it's only number two of thirteen! The city lights below compete with the moon, illuminating my surroundings, but only just. The icy morning air, with the piercing smell of Cape botani
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Strava: Premium Or Free?
I've used Strava for free for a few years, and decided to pay for Premium for two reasons. First, after being a free user on the platform for so long, the least I can do is at least pay. And second, they also have bills to pay. It's a good service. I
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Choose a Line
Running is simple. But running isn’t always easy. Well, maybe running on tar is. One foot in front of the other and repeat. We’re all pretty good at that already. You could say we are able to do so without having to thinking about it. Unconsciously c
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During July 2020, over 2,000 runners had made the 21km pilgrimage across the mountain between two GONE Outdoor stores, Longmarket Street to High Constantia. Let’s break that down: • 2,261 official entries• Of the 2,261 entries, 2,007 were unique.• 72
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The Diagonal of Friends
Fabrice Cifré, Guillaume Albin, Cyril Vincent This charming 68-page comic book follows the adventures of four friends who decide to take on the gruelling Grand Raid Réunion during a bout of liquid celebrations. The race is colloquially calle
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Mill Park Conservancy
Fee Free | Trails 3 | Best route 2km | Ascent 60m Time 15min | Difficulty Easy | Dogs Yes | Open All day This conservancy is a fantastic little gem of 100% singletrack: Short, fun, well-built trail. Yellow signboards point you down into the valley ov
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Core Strength Is More Than Abs…
You need a strong core to be a better runner, but doing 100 situps a day isn't the answer! Physiotherapist and trail runner KARINE BEZUIDENHOUT tells all. Functionally human bodies work in slings, the core connects the upper body and lower body and f
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Tuesday Trails’ 4 (segments) in 8 (weeks) came about after hard lockdown. With no races or opportunity to run together as a community the idea was born to string a short sharp but quite challenging set of segments to be done in two weeks each. “The w
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Basic, But Best
Have you ever found yourself running or hiking on new trails and felt a little lost, not knowing how the trail disappeared, or which way to go at a fork? Could there really be an app that has tracks for this area?! I have found the answer is usually
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Kings Kloof
Fee R40 | Trails 4 | Best route 25km | Ascent 1,670m | Time 3h Difficulty Technical | Dogs No | Open 6:30am-3pm My favourite of the four routes on offer at Kings Kloof is the 25km Red Route, with its mountain scenery. The Black and Red Routes are tec
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Recover Well. Try Something New?
You can make the most of your recovery between workouts to start your next run feeling fresh. But exactly how do you hasten the recovery process – from tight muscles to inflammation? Access to new technology might hold the answer. But physiotherapist
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Pacer Vk
Pacer Running’s Virtual Vertical Kilometre Series premise is simple: summit three major peaks, each over a four-week window, record your fastest time, and take a selfie at the start and finish of each route. Stellenbosch Mountain was first (starting
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Chimp Brain Vs Professor
BOOK | DIGITAL I don't know about you, but before an event, be it a planned fast parkrun or a trail race, I do not sleep the night before, and a nervous feeling in my stomach rises as I drive to the event. The Brave Athlete was an incredibly interest
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Kloof Mountain
Fee R60 | Trails 4 | Best route 16km | Ascent 500m | Time 120min Difficulty Moderate | Dogs Leash | Open All day The official start is from the Kloof Dam, but I prefer to start from the parkrun bridge. This spot offers a grassy parking area and is cl
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Meal Inspo
Join trail runners Simon Muller, Ashley Robinson, Nontuthuko Mashimane, and Toni McCann on a tour of what they eat and drink through the day. by Simon Muller Perfect all year round, oat porridge is nutrient-dense, with many different flavour profiles
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The Noordhoek Trail Race
Traditionally a small, invite-only race, organiser Simon Muller opened up entries to a few more lucky folk for a type-two fun 28km loop of Noordhoek. Runners had a 10-day window to run the route and upload to Strava. The entry fee? An opt-in donation
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Farmer, Helper, Runner
Ethel has a PhD in nutrition from Vaal University of Technology, is a food security advocate, and has a 23 hectare farm in Cullinan, making her ideally qualified to take the role of feeding those in need. And yes, she's also a runner! She has done tw
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Everton Conservancy
Fee Free | Trails 2 | Best route 6km | Ascent 176m | Time 45min Difficulty Intermediate | Dogs Leash | Open Always Two waterfalls and lush riverside singletrack packed into 6km on 10 hectares: Everton Conservancy is a treat! My favourite route begins
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Your Feet Talk
Is it possible that by looking at your feet you can diagnose or prevent injuries? The way our bodies are put together is amazing and by looking at one structure, you can actually see the functions (or lack thereof) in other structures. As a biokineti
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Mnweni Mountain Marathon
Forty-five runners ascended Mnweni Pass and descended Rockeries to complete the unmarked 40km route. Warrick Mac Nicol was the quickest home in 4h52min, and the final few spent just under 13 hours on the mountain. The fastest woman, Kate Birkett, pla
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In the past 12 months, the South African trail running community has lost five dear souls. Disease, accident, or violence: they were taken too soon. We want to celebrate their lives and show gratitude for their existence. These excellent men are hono
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