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I Said Goodbye to Wrinkled Clothes Forever, Thanks to This $27 Amazon Steamer
As a fashion editor who creates content online, wrinkled clothes are honestly the bane of my professional existence. I have nightmares about having to redo photoshoots because an item looks creased and unflattering. Of course, this isn't the hardest
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8 Stunning Vanities We Found Hiding on Amazon - For Less Than $200
Having the perfect vanity can make getting ready so much more enjoyable. It's a great way to give yourself a proper, dedicated area to get ready for the day. Not only does the setup look cute in your room, but it also helps you keep your favorite pro
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Anxiety Might Be Causing People to Faint After the COVID-19 Vaccine - Doctors Explain
While some people have an onset of COVID-19 vaccine side effects that begin within a day or so, fainting shortly after receiving the shot is being reported in small numbers. An analysis released by the CDC, for instance, identified 64 "anxiety-relate
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5 Tips That’ll Help Make Removing a Menstrual Disc Way Less Intimidating
In my opinion, the most intimidating part of tossing my tampons and permanently switching to a menstrual disc is the removal process. With no string or stem to rely on, the circular discs just seem slightly more difficult to handle. The good news: br
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15 Bestselling Sunglasses From Amazon We Need For the Summer
Sunglasses are one of our favorite accessories, especially for the summertime. They can easily elevate a look while hiding our allergy-stricken eyes. Sunglasses let you experiment and go out of your comfort zone with different shapes, sizes, styles,
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BRITs 2021: The Best Dressed Stars Wore Sparkling Outfits and Neon-Green Gowns
The 2021 BRIT Awards are a much-needed fashion indulgence. Unlike film and television award red carpets, music award shows are dedicated to over-the-top celebrity outfits, and with stars like Dua Lipa, Little Mix, and Harry Styles leading the nominat
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In Relatable News, Michelle Obama Can Eat Her Favorite Girl Scout Cookies by the "Sleeve-Full"
Former First Lady Michelle Obama has proved time and time again that she has good taste in everything from clothing to hairstyles to home decor, and in a recent interview with the Girl Scouts of the USA, she proved she also has good taste in cookies
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Here's What's Going On When You Catch Your Dog Licking Your Furniture . . . Again
We got a new puppy recently, and one of the first things we noticed is that she licks everything! Our faces, her toys, the floor. But one of the weirdest things she often licks is the furniture. With two messy kids at home, I know she licks the floor
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8 of the Worst Things You Can Do to Your Hair
If your bathroom is littered with hot tools and styling products, listen up. While giving your hair a lot of TLC can be a good thing, you might be doing too much of the wrong thing. A lot of hair faux pas can be pretty obvious, but some of our health
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Channing Tatum Makes a Great Model For His 7-Year-Old's "Magical" Blindfolded Makeover
Channing Tatum's daughter could be a makeup artist in training. Luckily, Everly, 7, gets to try out her beauty skills on dad at home. On May 7, the actor shared a video of the "magical" makeover he and personal trainer Arin Babaian got, thanks to his
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I Tried Brightland's Awake Olive Oil, and It's the Only Thing I Cook With Now
As someone who cares about the ingredients in her food, it only took being served a couple Instagram ads to consider upgrading my olive oil collection. I was constantly seeing posts about these crisp, perfectly packaged Brightland olive oil bottles,
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Can Diet or Exercise Diminish Stomach Cellulite? Doctors and Trainers Have the Answer
In a world of social media filters, Photoshop, and perfect lighting and angles, we can forget one very important fact - most people have cellulite. It's totally normal! Some have it on their thighs or on their tush, and some have it on the backs of t
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Why Going California Sober Didn't Work For Me
The idea of being California sober has become a point of national conversation after Demi Lovato revealed that she still drinks and uses some drugs in moderation. But this harm-reduction method of recovery isn't for everyone, and as someone who has s
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Exactly How to Clean Your Yoga Blocks, Because Yes, You Should Be Doing That
There's perhaps nothing more soothing than a good yoga class, especially when your muscles are tense and sore or you're under a lot of stress. But if you've ever laid your head on a yoga block mid-pose and suddenly been unable to think about anything
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Though Pfizer Is Donating Vaccines, COVID Shots Are Not Required For Tokyo Olympic Athletes
The Tokyo Olympics will take place this summer after a year-long postponement, and as vaccinations continue to roll out worldwide, there are many questions. According to a plan mapped out by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Internationa
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20 Natural Face Washes That'll Transform Your Skin Without All the Extra Stuff
It makes sense that we'd only want to include good ingredients in our beauty routines - "juiced up" skin care wasn't named one of 2021's biggest skin-care trends for nothing - and a great place to start is with a natural face wash. Whether you have s
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I Quit Foundation After I Tried These Popular Self-Tanning Face Drops
Once upon a time, before I was educated about the dangers of skin cancer and sun damage, laying in the sun with a good book was my favorite activity - not a bottle of sunscreen or hat in sight. These days I know better, so if I'm looking to achieve a
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The 3 Disney Movies You Can Stream on Netflix With Your Kids in 2021 - Before They're Gone!
There's something about Disney movies that make it so you're always in the mood to put one on, whether to watch seriously or to have on in the background of another activity. From animated classics and Pixar movies to live-action remakes and those mo
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Pep's Place Is Pepsi's Newest Food Delivery Service That Will Bring Soda Right to Your Door
Have you ever dreamed of having an ice-cold Pepsi beverage delivered right to your door? Well, that dream can now become a reality. The soda brand just launched a new "fast beverage" experience called Pep's Place, and it's just as refreshing (and con
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The Sons of Sam: Here's What Happened to David Berkowitz After He Was Caught
Netflix's latest true-crime project takes another look at one of New York City's deadliest murder sprees. The docuseries The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness re-examines the David Berkowitz case that terrorized New York City in the '70s. While Be
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Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me That My Kid's Growing Pains Would Be So . . . Painful?
For most of my life, the term, "growing pains" just brought back memories of the eponymous 1980s sitcom. At most, it served as a way to encapsulate the struggles that occur in the beginning stages of something. You know, "He's just having some growin
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Olympic Gymnast Laurie Hernandez Wishes She'd Started Antidepressants Sooner
The COVID-19 pandemic shook up Laurie Hernandez's training schedule in a good way. The 20-year-old Rio Games gold and silver medalist is making a gymnastics comeback - she's en route to going for her second Olympic team - and the Tokyo 2020 postponem
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Chrissy Teigen Is Ready to Take the Next Step in Her Friendship With Meghan Markle
Chrissy Teigen is ready to take a road trip to Montecito, CA! On Sunday, the 35-year-old cookbook author and mother of two attended Global Citizen's Vax Live concert taping in Los Angeles, where she briefly discussed her blossoming friendship with Me
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Should We Talk About J Lo's Crazy, Sexy Global Citizen Costumes All Day or All Month?
Jennifer Lopez prerecorded her performance for the Global Citizen Vax Live concert, which premieres Saturday, May 8, and calls on world leaders to reunite and make sure COVID-19 vaccines are accessible for all. The event, hosted by Selena Gomez, took
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This Easy TikTok Hack For Microwaving Poached Eggs Changed My Brunch Game
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Chanel Vargas Soaking up a runny poached egg with a piece of toast is a small but satisfactory brunch pleasure I can rarely get to experience at home - mostly because of time constraints and a level of impatience
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Compost, Recycle, or Trash It? Here's How to Know the Difference
There are countless proactive ways to take better care of the planet, and learning how to properly compost, recycle, and discard garbage is a great place to start. Knowing the difference between each practice can be confusing, but we're here to break
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How To Reduce The Pain Of IVF Injections, According To Doctors
If you or someone you love is struggling with infertility, you are not alone. According to the CDC, 12% of people have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term, meaning that while the road to parenthood may seem straight and paved for s
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Marlee Matlin's Arm Tattoo Is a Sweet Tribute to Her 4 Children
Marlee Matlin presented the awards for best documentary short subject and best documentary feature at the Oscars on Sunday night, and during her big moment, viewers couldn't help but be taken with her forearm tattoo that was on full display. That one
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Here's What the CDC Has to Say About Kids Going to Summer Camp This Year
With COVID vaccinations on the rise, some aspects of life are slowly starting to inch back towards normalcy after over a year of restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19. Summer camps were among the many casualties of summer 2020, but will they be
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The Oscars Red Carpet Declared the Crop Top the Quintessential Summer Fashion Item
We can't be the only ones who have been itching for glamorous award-show fashion moments, and the 2021 Oscars delivered all that and more. Some of the most spectacular dresses from the Oscars red carpet shared a very summer-appropriate design detail
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