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What Is It?
Do you know what these are? Here’s a hint. They will hatch soon. But the babies that come out will not be birds. ■
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My Fishy Parts
To be a fish, an animal must • live in water, • have a backbone, • breathe underwater using gills, not lungs. Most fish also have scales and fins. Whales, dolphins, seals, and sea turtles have backbones but no gills. They must come to the water’
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Down By The River
Alligator gars live in the Mississippi River. They use their teeth to catch fish, turtles, crabs, and even birds. But they don’t bite people. Why is this fish named after an alligator? It has a long jaw full of sharp teeth! Rainbow trout like coo
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Wings in Water
A huge, flat creature leaps out of the sea. It skims over the waves and flips backward with a splash. Could this strange acrobat be a fish? Yes, it is a manta ray. These diamond-shaped giants live in warm oceans. They can be 22 feet wide and weigh a
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Fish that Fish
When people go fishing, they hook a worm or other bait on a pole and dangle it in the water. The bait lures passing fish who try to eat it and get hooked instead. Some fish go fishing too. Their fishing rods are on their heads. Bait wiggles from the
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Safe In The Sea
Everything wants to eat you when you’re a fish. What do you do? Find a smart way of staying safe! Some fish use colors or patterns to blend in. Then enemies can’t see them. Using colors and patterns to hide is called camouflage. Nobody wants a mouth
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Gary’s World
“If I were a fish,” Katy told her mom, “I would be in water all the time. I would swim in water and eat in water and even breathe in water.” Katy was getting fish for her birthday, so she had been learning all about them. She waved her arms like fin
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Fish Eggs
Skates lay eggs in hard rectangular cases often nicknamed mermaid’s purses. The spiky horns on the ends help anchor the case on the seafloor. Skates and rays are flattened fish that are closely related to sharks. Usually called a spotted ray, the fis
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Fish Fun
Make your own aquarium. Just cut out the pieces along the dashed lines. You can tape or glue the fish and plants in place in the fishbowl. Or leave the fish loose, so you can move them around and make them swim. ■
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Seeing Stars
Long ago, when people first looked at the night sky, they viewed the hundreds of stars twinkling above as a giant connect-the-dots puzzle. They found pictures that looked like animals and people and other things. We call a group of stars that form
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Whooo's Out Night?
Owls are nocturnal. They stay up at night and sleep during the day. Whose calls do you hear after the sun sets? Who sails through the night on silent wings? Whose big eyes help them see in the dark? More than 200 different kinds of owls, all over th
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A Good Night’s Sleep
We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. If you’re six years old, that means you’ve spent two of your six years asleep. In fact, it’s probably more than two years. Most babies and children sleep not just one-third but closer to one-half of eac
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Dozens of Cousins, Trillions of Stars
The meadow on Aunt Margaret’s mountain was filled with cousins. “Dozens of cousins, hundreds of cousins, millions of cousins,” Katelyn sang happily as she spread out her sleeping bag. The sun was already setting behind the mountaintop. Soon Katelyn a
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Moon Shapes
Look up at the night sky. Do you see the moon shining? The moon looks as if it changes shape from night to night. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t even shine by itself. All it does is reflect the sun’s light. The sun always lights up half of the moon, jus
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Hootie the Owl
Hootie is a great horned owl like the one on our cover. Despite their name, great horned owls don’t have horns. The pointy bits at the top of the owl’s head are tufts of feathers. They look a bit like ears, but a great horned owl’s ears are hidden un
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How to Make Hootie
1. Cut out all the pieces along the thick black lines. The body piece is the one with the big tan-colored patch in the center. The head piece is the one that is mostly dark brown. 2. Roll the body piece into a cone shape. Tape or glue the white flap
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The Night Workers
The sun has set. You yawn and rub your eyes. As you get ready for bed, some people are just starting work. They have important jobs to do.
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Tall Tails
Who’s on our cover? A ring-tailed lemur. Ring-tails are one of more than 100 different kinds of lemurs found on the island of Madagascar. Almost all lemurs have long, furry tails. But only ring-tails hold theirs straight up, so everyone in the group
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Hands on Art
Hands come in handy when you’re making art. They’re great for mixing paints, shaping clay, and holding crayons and scissors. And they’re perfect for making handprint art! How? First make a handprint. Brush finger paint onto the palm and fingers of y
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How Long Is a Foot?
One foot on a ruler is 12 inches long. It’s the same length on every ruler. But an animal foot does not have to be 12 inches long. Measure these footprints. How does your foot compare? An African elephant’s footprint can be 19 inches long, too big t
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Talented Tails
Some tails shelter from the snow. The arctic fox uses its fluffy tail like a blanket. A squirrel curls its tail over its back like a coat. Some tails guide which way to go. The flying squirrel’s tail steers its glide. A cheetah’s tail gives it
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Whose Feet ?
Big or small, hard or soft, with toes or without, feet take you places. Can you guess which animals have feet like these? A chimp’s foot looks almost the same as its hand. The big toe moves and bends like a thumb, so the chimp can use its foot like
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OK, Tokay
There are more than 1,000 kinds of geckos. Some live in deserts, some in jungles, and some on mountains. They’re found on every continent but Antarctica. This tokay gecko lives high on a tree in southeast Asia. It rests during the day and comes out a
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Tails to Tell
“It’s a flyswatter-lightbulbcupcake creature!” squealed Ana, waving a colorful piece of paper. Her brother Reed unfolded his paper. “This one’s a . . . let’s see . . . a poison dart–marshmallow–heart beast!” Leigha laughed. “Look at this one! I’ll na
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Thumbs Up!
Can you touch your thumb to each of your fingertips? Most animals can’t. You can because you have what’s called an opposable thumb on each hand. Those thumbs make it easy for you to throw a ball, eat a sandwich, turn the pages of a book, button your
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Growing Up? We Grow With You!
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Tail Tally
A game for 2 players A pile of pennies A pile of nickels * No pennies? No problem. Other coins work too as long as the pile is all the same kind. Goal: To be the first player to make a full row on the board (across, down, or diagonal). The first p
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Counting Fireflies
Sit outside on a warm summer evening. Do you see fireflies glowing? Count them and help scientists! How does counting help? Scientists think there are fewer fireflies in the world than there used to be. They’re asking people to report where they see
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How Big Is Big?
Big is no certain size. Far is no certain distance. Many is no certain number. ■
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How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?
Charlie liked school. He liked his teacher, Mr. Tiffin. He liked his best friend, Alex. But he did not like lining up to go into school. Mr. Tiffin’s class lined up by size, tallest to smallest or smallest to tallest. Charlie was the smallest in the
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