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Roland Juno-106
It’s easy to understand why some instruments have achieved legendary stature. Sequential Circuits’ Prophet-5, for example, offered innovative features like polyphony and programmability in a classy package, and even a cursory play on a Minimoog leave
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Full Contact
Famously self-defined as a ‘fullcontact’ composer, we ask Tom to detail exactly how that process differs from the norm in soundtracking terms: “It’s not only the fact that I want to be turning knobs and playing instruments, but it’s the fact that I w
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Guitar Rig Pro 6
With the history of amplifiers spanning nearly a hundred years, nowadays there are more ways to send an electrical signal from a guitar pickup rattling through a loudspeaker than you can shake a six-stringed stick at. Tube, solid state, modeling, hyb
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Freeware Compressors
Previously available as the freeware Molot compressor, this tool has been adopted by Tokyo Dawn and given a facelift. Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release are here, as well as a Knee control for smoothing out that transition around the threshold. You
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Korg Nautilus 88 Music Workstation
$2,699 korg.com + 2,000+ inspiring sounds and nine different synth engines + Powerful 32-track sequencer, split between 16 MIDI and 16 audio tracks + Excellent, weighted hammer-action keybed is a joy - Long startup time – takes almost three minutes t
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Audiotent Discovery
$50 A top-rank indie-dance sample library, with more than 700 sounds for the discerning beatmaker. Dented techno bells and lofty chord stabs join pounding kicks and trippy percussion layers, as baggy bass grooves and taught synth lines flap your trou
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Back To The Real World
While the rules governing live music during this pandemic might vary a little depending on where you are, it's fair to say the whole live performance realm has seen a massive shutdown over the past year. International touring has been an absolute no-
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Spitfire Audio Contemporary Drama Toolkit
$232 spitfireaudio.com + Novel, speedy approach to scoring + Incredible-sounding evolving textures + Simple GUI - Occasional lag when loading larger patches - Pros may consider it a cheat With the majority of modern television, cinema and trailer sco
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More Natural Vibrato Techniques
Adding some vibrato to the end of a note or phrase is one of the most time-honored ways of adding expression to your playing. And for most of us that has meant reaching for the mod wheel to bring in some LFO-based modulation of pitch. After all, the
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Austrian Audio OC818
$1,237 austrian.audio + Multipattern mic with four patterns + Extensive on-body filter and pad settings + Additional output for recording rear diaphragm independently + Optional Bluetooth LE pack for remote control of settings + Plugin for adjusting
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Three Great New Effects
Frequency shifting, ring modulation and radio modulation techniques all in one. Three distinct effect modes – Radio, Oscillator and Sidechain – allow you to completely transform your sound. Emulate the noisy tones of AM radios, get classic modulation
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Novation Circuit Tracks
As was true of the original Circuit, you could make convincing arguments for calling Novation’s Circuit Tracks an entry-level instrument. Little to no music theory or production knowledge is required to get to grips with its two polysynths and sample
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Novation Circuit Tracks
$500 novation.com + The new MIDI tracks are an excellent addition + Hardware is now lighter, more portable and better-equipped + MicroSD card makes it far easier to swap out sounds - 4hr battery life is fairly short - Finding and recalling patches wi
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Sheep, Dog & Wolf
Auckland-based multi-instrumentalist Daniel McBride broke through with his debut album Egospect in 2013 at the age of just 17. Combining influences from pop, rock, R&B and electronics, it won him acclaim in his native New Zealand and beyond. He now r
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Lindell Audio 50 Series
$349/subscription plugin-alliance.com + Choice of three EQ modules + Choice of two compression modules + Analog saturation on either Channel or Buss plugin + Handy Unity gain compensation option on both plugins + Subtle channel to channel variations
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New Gear
Arturia’s Pigments combines elements of the French brand’s impressive virtual analog technology with modern tools including wavetable, sample and granular synthesis, a sleek modulation system and a flexible multi-lane sequencer. Pigments’ real highli
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Harmonic Function
Over the course of his 25-year career, Dave has engineered, programed and played keyboards for numerous artists including George Michael and Tina Turner Harmonic function… what’s that? Well, it’s not the big party after a choral performance! Instead,
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GForce Software OB-E
$205 gforcesoftware.com + Faithful emulation + All eight SEMs on one screen + Sounds amazing particularly in Unison + Enhanced yet retro-style sequencer + Resizable window/SEM zoom options + Excellent set of 600 factory presets - No PC version as yet
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Make Noise Ø-CTRL
$399 makenoisemusic.com + Flexible, experimental and very playable + Fully patchable, no screen or menus + Lots of CV ins/outs - No MIDI control - No pitch quantization - Needs a third-party power adaptor to work in a Eurorack case If you know Make N
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Frozen Effects
Much as we love our guitars, there have always been things to envy about other instruments: The lengthy sustain of violin or saxophone notes and the ability of keyboardists to play a chord with one hand, while adding note extensions or playing a solo
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66% OFF To order go to https://bit.ly/B1GMAG Or call 1-800-289-9919 and mention code B1GMAG *Pricing valid in the US only. First issue mails within 6-8 weeks. ■
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IK Multimedia MixBox
It’s time to open the lunchbox on a tasty collection of mixing effects, direct from Italy. MixBox is a custom channel strip plugin that lets you build up a rack of effects from a single plugin screen, pulling from ranks of compressors, EQs, distortio
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Tom Holkenborg
“This is definitely up there with some of the longest scores in history, it’s been intense,” explains an excited Tom Holkenborg (widely known as Junkie XL). Tom is delighted that the long-anticipated Zack Snyder cut of Justice League is finally seein
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$199 astonmics.com I’ll start this review with the conclusion that the Element is a total success, that easily outperforms microphones that cost double and even triple the price. There, I’ve said it. There will be mic elitists out there who doubt the
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Signature BB29
$1,548 jzmic.com BB29 is a cardioid condenser mic from Latvia’s JZ Microphones and is the first in their signature series. It’s a single membrane design with 24mm centre-tapped diaphragm manufactured using their golden drop technology. According to J
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Full Bore Overdrive
As promised in last month’s column, let’s explore fully saturated and distorted tones for your lead synth playing. I’ve interviewed many of the key influencers of this style over the years, and can share some of their approaches. First tip: When craf
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Sonarworks SoundID Reference Calibrates Your Speakers Or Headphones So That You Can Create Better Mixes
Although it’s no substitute for a high-quality monitoring setup, Sonarworks’ Reference has always been a good option for anyone who wants to get a more reliable reference sound that will enable them to create better mixes. It works by calibrating you
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Three Other Great V Collection Members
The CMI V is a stunning replication of the Fairlight CMI, an absolute classic in the world of early sampling and the first iteration of the workstation, a precursor to the now ubiquitous DAW. CMI V takes what was great about the original, and upgrade
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Nuendo 11
$972 steinberg.net When Nuendo was first released back in the year of our ancestors, 2000, Steinberg worked hard to differentiate its brand new platform from the long-established Cubase, and the company decided to do this by positioning its new DAW t
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