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Health Experts Anticipate Interruption Of Shorter MLB Season
MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL finally solved its labor situation, but the 60-game season could still be in jeopardy because of the raging coronavirus. In fact, with MLB’s “spring” training set to resume on July 3 and surging numbers of COVID-19 cases in seve
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A Sporting Chance For Semantics In Higher Education
AS I READ the In-Depth Sports Business Education section, I thought to write to you about the name of the major, and whether it is sports (plural) or sport management. As you know, academic sport management programs are developing at a faster pace th
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Inter Miami CF Scores Four New Sponsors Ahead Of Restart
INTER MIAMI CF’S inaugural season in MLS was halted after just two games by the pandemic, but the club has continued winning with its sponsorship portfolio, according to Brian Bishop, senior vice president of sponsorships. In fact, the expansion club
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On the Move
The East Asia Super League, a regional basketball league scheduled to debut in September 2021, appointed MARK FISCHER as chief commercial officer. The New York Knicks named BROCK ALLER vice president, basketball and strategic planning, and WALT PERRI
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NASCAR, IndyCar Doubleheader Puts NBC To Test
NASCAR AND INDYCAR will hold the first doubleheader of its kind this weekend at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and NBC Sports says producing both events has turned into one of its most complex projects ever. While IndyCar and NASCAR’s third-tier Truck
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Whitney Shaw, Chairman, Warren Thune, CEO, Stephanie Rose, Senior Financial Analyst Derek DeVeaux, Global Product Owner Abraham Madkour, Publisher
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Documentary Will Tackle Native American Branding
ONGOING SOCIAL JUSTICE PROTESTS are forcing companies to reexamine their branding, from Land O’Lakes to Aunt Jemima. Similar conversations have long been part of the discussion in sports, most notably with the NFL’s team in Washington. An upcoming do
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When War Wrecked Wimbledon
THIS WEEK would have marked the start of the 134th edition of Wimbledon, tennis’ oldest Grand Slam event. But this year’s tournament was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first time in its history that Wimbledon was called off for a reaso
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After Years Of Talk, Is Now The Time For The ATP And WTA To Play Doubles?
ATP CHAIRMAN ANDREA GAUDENZI first laid out his vision for closer commercial collaboration between the pro tennis tours while interviewing for his job in the fall of 2019. Once he started the new role on Jan. 1, Gaudenzi began sharing that vision mor
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Major Moments In Atp And Wta History
The Original Nine broke away from male-dominated professional tennis in September 1970, holding the first women-only professional tournament in Houston. The Virginia Slims Tour women’s tennis tour launched with 19 events. Top male pro players for
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MLB Postpones Addition Of New Assets, But Scout Sports & Entertainment Gets A Win
THE SURFEIT of sponsorship inventory Major League Baseball will be adding when it returns to television next month will not include uniform ad patches or helmet decals. MLB is postponing the addition of those items until 2021, fearing they would be t
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NASCAR’s Flag Policy Shows No Early Viewer Changes
THE DAY AFTER NASCAR banned the Confederate flag from its racetracks, “Today” show anchor Craig Melvin predicted that the move “will probably help NASCAR mainstream the sport, something that they’ve been trying to do for a number of years.” On the sa
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College Football Players Return With Questions
AS COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYERS have started returning to campus amid the coronavirus pandemic, student athletes are facing a lot of questions, said Ramogi Huma, executive director of the National College Players Association. The NCPA is a nonprofit advo
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State Of Play
On March 12, ACC Commissioner John Swofford canceled the remainder of the league’s men’s basketball tournament, one of the signature moments of his long tenure atop the league. Last week, Swofford put an end date on his run: he will retire following
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Fund And Games
BYRON JONES WAS EYEING potential alternative investment opportunities well before he became the NFL’s highest-paid cornerback in March, when the Miami Dolphins signed him to a five-year, $82.5 million contract. But Jones was long frustrated by a lack
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The Mental Test Of 2020; NFL Stories Worth Watching
I OFFERED a weary laugh when I saw my first “2020 Sucks” T-shirt. The first six months of the year have been a grueling test to our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. The year started off on an awful note on New Year’s Day. I had just sat dow
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Play It Out
THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the nation’s largest youth sports complex was explaining the details of his state’s return-to-play plan when he veered off into the story of a cholera outbreak that killed 616 people in the Soho district of London in 1854. T
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Entry Credentials
THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA had soaring ambitions for the upcoming football season. The Gophers were coming off a landmark 11 wins, punctuated by an Outback Bowl victory over Auburn, and their coach, P.J. Fleck, had become one of the hottest names in
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Marketcast Sports Poll
The following are results from the MarketCast Sports Poll taken in May. The poll includes more than 2,000 senior-level sports industry professionals spanning pro and college sports, brands and agencies. How do you expect youth sports participation
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3 Big Questions
1 Who will make the call on capacity? State health departments are setting the standards in many cases, and they will work with governors and university and local leaders to determine safety protocols on game day. 2 Will standards be different st
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Risk Management
In its guidelines to return to play, the National Federation of State High School Associations has categorized sports by risk level. Most running and throwing events, individual swimming, golf, tennis, weightlifting, sideline cheer, cross country
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NFL Teams Preparing For Ticket-focused Headaches
THE NFL has been telling the world for months that it is preparing for a normal season with full stadiums. But behind the scenes, most teams expect severe restrictions on stadium capacity as local governments continue to fight COVID-19, and they have
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As Organizations See Success, Virtual Instruction Likely To Stay
WHEN MLB’S baseball and softball development team stages an elite invitational event, some 60 players participate. But when it delivers virtual programming featuring at-home drills, it reaches hundreds of young players. The vast potential with virtua
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LED Displays Would Add Energy To Fanless Venues
A PARTNERSHIP being announced this week aims to recreate the live sports experience with customized video displays just off the playing surface that are designed to bring energy to arenas and stadiums where teams will resume play without fans. Chicag
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Reset And Rebuild
FOR SPORTS INDUSTRY LEADERS, never has there been a time so filled with both challenge and opportunity. Beyond the mind-bending puzzle of restarting play lies a public demanding more from sports, as is the case with all sectors in American life. More
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NBA Teams Look To Engage Fans During Restart
NBA TEAMS are ramping up fan engagement plans in their local markets as the league heads toward its July 30 restart in Orlando. With the league having been shut down for more than three months, teams feel a strong need to be visible and active in the
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The Return From COVID-19: How Can Organizations Protect Themselves?
AS THE SUMMER OF 2020 races past, with the coronavirus still aflame and social justice on everyone’s mind, and the NBA and NHL resuming their seasons, many of us are quietly optimistic about the pleasure taken from sports. We long for the “normal” ac
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Certified Clean
IN MAY the Global Biorisk Advisory Council introduced GBAC Star, the facility industry’s first accreditation program on cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention. A division of the Northbrook, Ill.-based International Sanitary Supply A
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The Sky’s The Limit
WHEN IT comes to sports facility security and sanitation, no idea is too far-fetched as companies flood the market with products and services aimed at lowering a facility’s potential to spread disease. Look no further than the skies, where drones are
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What They’re Saying
Many people were willing to talk to Sports Business Journal about hygiene or security plans they were considering, but only if they were off the record. Here are a few of those comments: “A sports venue is not a high-level bio lab. Shutting down a
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