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Pairology: What About Walnuts?
Ancient Greeks and Romans alike valued walnuts highly. The latter attributed the nut’s trees to Jupiter, the king of Roman gods, which gave rise to the common walnut’s scientific name, Juglans regia, translating roughly to “royal nut of Jupiter.” Now
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Vegetation Persuasion
From single vineyards to entire regions, winegrowing areas around the world each boast a distinct blend of environmental factors that influences the characteristics of wine. Elements like temperature, sunlight and rainfall play a part, as do more gra
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Hopeful Chardonel
Developed in New York during the 1950s, Chardonel was cultivated to produce a white wine grape that could achieve a body and flavor range similar to Chardonnay but would be able to sustain long, harsh winters. Indeed, Chardonnay, as Chardonel’s name
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Recipe Of The Month: Good Green Fun
A simple yet delicious dish, pasta primavera became an icon of New York City’s dining scene during the 1970s. Popularized by Le Cirque restaurant, the recipe has since been personalized countless times by other chefs and cookbook authors. It’s come t
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Flight School: Australia On Chard
It’s an excellent time to drink Australian Chardonnay. While the style metronome has tick-tocked historically between ripe, oaky examples and lean, austere versions, modern Aussie “Chardy,” which ranges from vibrant, crisp and saline to textured, fle
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The Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide
The Buying Guide includes ratings and reviews of new-release and selected older beverage alcohol products evaluated by Wine Enthusiast magazine’s editors and other qualified tasters. Regular contributors to our Buying Guide include Tasting Director A
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In This Issue: Wine’s Clever Chameleon
Historic but modern, classic yet controversial, beloved as well as dismissed: Chardonnay has been through as many twists and turns as a character in a Charles Dickens novel and reinvented enough times to put Lady Gaga to shame. But despite the wine’s
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The Villages Of Chianti Classico
For years, Chianti Classico producers have debated how to make their appellation more readable for consumers. Unlike Barolo and Barbaresco, which delimited their crus years ago, Chianti Classico has a vast territory, large estates and a multitude of
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Known for hits like “Wherever is Your Heart” and “The Story,” Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter/producer Brandi Carlile is beloved for her collaborative spirit and the philanthropic energy she pours into every project. In 2019, she channeled bot
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Just a few years ago, Irish whiskey was seen as relatively homogenous. It was billed as fruity, grassy, fresh as a bouquet of wildflowers and usually more affordable than counterparts from Scotland. Fast-forward to today, and the category is much mor
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93 Schäfer-Fröhlich 2018 Vulkangestein Riesling Trocken (Nahe). Smoke and struck flint introduce this spicy, intensely mineral dry Riesling sourced from volcanic soils. It’s gorgeously steely but packed with zesty grapefruit, lime and lemon flavors a
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96 Yangarra 2017 Ironheart Shiraz (McLaren Vale). Lucid and expressive, this opens with a mélange of aromas: cherry and currant, sweet and savory spices, chocolate, floral and mineral base notes. The palate follows suit just as you’d expect, with a l
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Bar None
While we may miss the camaraderie and conversation shared at bars, there’s no need to long for a meal made up of bar snacks. The bold, flavorful, easy-to-grab bites beloved by animated hand-talkers everywhere taste just as good on your couch as they
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Navigating The Négociants
Traditionally, négociants were merchants who didn’t own or farm vineyards. They bought wines from small farmers and then blended, matured and sold them under their own names. Until the 1970s, this was the principal business model of Burgundy, and it
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Reimagining Woodinville
As a wine region, Woodinville is full of contradictions. While the town itself has a rich agrarian history, whatever grapevines exist are purely decorative. Almost all of the state’s grapes are grown at least 100 miles to the east. With a population
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Liquid Gold
Widely planted around the world, this grape models just how much vinification methods can affect the character and color of wine. Even without delving into sparkling options, bottlings can run the gamut of pale and racy to deep and rich, with a wide
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97 Domaine de Chevalier 2018 Pessac-Léognan. One of the iconic white wines of Bordeaux, produced in small quantities, this is a powerful and rich expression of ripe Sauvignon Blanc. The fruitiness, with its tropical hints, is enhanced by the wine’s c
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Sonoma Chardonnay Comes Alive
California Chardonnay is in a good place right now. It has burst forth from a long, controversial period where it was cocooned in a reputation of buttery vapor or worse. During those dark days of derision, not everyone abandoned hope, however. Least
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Walking past beer shelves or staring at tap handles across a bar, today’s modern beer consumer is likely to see stouts outnumbering porters. That’s too bad, because while both are dark colored ales, porters generally offer a smoother tasting experien
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Gin From The Vin
Grape-based gin may sound like some new hybrid, but the concept dates to the 1400s. That’s when evidence from the Netherlands shows that juniper spirits, i.e., the ancestors of today’s gin, were often made with grapes. A dip in European viticulture c
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Viewpoint: Expensive Isn’t Always Better
As someone who grew up shopping in the clearance section of discount stores, it still warms my bargain-hunter’s heart to find a great spirit with a gentle price tag. When I’m reviewing spirits, I don’t know the price on a bottle until after the revie
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Last Drop: In The Pinot
New York City made me a sommelier. It taught me speed and precision. Seriousness. It rewarded nothing but excellence, and there were many train rides home spent stewing over the slightest mistake: an awkward interaction, a collegial spat over decanti
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Mendoza, where about 80% of Argentina’s wine is produced, is not known for overly challenging weather or severe vintage variation. To the contrary, this high-elevation desert region regularly benefits from plentiful daytime sun backed by cool Andean
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2021 Wine Star Awards
“To say 2020 was an unusual year is an understatement,” said Adam Strum, chairman and CEO of Wine Enthusiast Companies, after he removed his mask to deliver the opening remarks at the 2020 Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards ceremony. Held January 26–28
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96 Lail 2018 Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley). For full review see page 77. Cellar Selection. abv: 14.9% Price: $80 96 Penfolds 2018 Bin 704 Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley). For full review see page 77. Cellar Selection. abv: 14.5% Price:
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Cocktail Of The Month: Viva Las Vegas
Adapted from The United States of Cocktails: Recipes, Tales and Traditions from All 50 States (and the District of Columbia) (Abrams, 2020), by Brian Bartels ½ ounce sweet vermouth2 ounces fresh grapefruit juice2–3 ounces chilled club soda2 dashes or
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96 Contucci 2016 Mulinvecchio (Vino Nobile di Montepulciano). For full review see page 77. Cellar Selection. abv: 14% Price: $55 96 Contucci 2016 Pietra Rossa (Vino Nobile di Montepulciano). Truffle, rose, new leather and menthol aromas shape the ent
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95 Companhia das Quintas 2016 Quinta de Pancas Grande Reserva (Lisboa). Still young and still showing its immense power and structure, this is a seriously wood-aged wine. That means it will need time to fully develop to match the opulent black fruits
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In the Cape South Coast region of South Africa’s Western Cape lies an area so breathtakingly idyllic, its name is the stuff of poetry: Hemel-en-Aarde, or “heaven and earth” in Afrikaans. Incredibly fitting, the name paints a perfect picture. Near end
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