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What’s healthy RIGHT NOW?
If you’re struggling with your hormones, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) could be the answer. It’s an approach that identifies negative thought patterns to create positive changes in feelings and behaviour and has been found to help menopausal wo
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Happy HAIR
A bouncy, full-bodied and glossy blow-dry is a perennial beauty classic, and for good reason, too. It’s as inclusive as a style can get, you just need to know which type of finish complements your features the best. Maybe it’s coaxing your strands in
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Fitness NEWS
You’d be surprised how many calories can be burnt through non-exercise based activities. Research by Currys PC World in conjunction with Garmin reveals that: ✢ Vacuuming could burn 250 calories ✢ An hour of cooking can burn more calories than 30 minu
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Your Home Workout Essentials
A colourful addition to your gym equipment collection, these are great for toning and sculpting, plus they come in a variety of weights so you can work your way up. (2x2kg for £10.49, argos.co.uk) They might look harmless, but a pair of gliders can c
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My Feel Good Secrets Saira Khan
My exercise regime…I wake up and I’ll take the dog out for a walk. And then I do 45 minutes of strength training and cardio – that’s things like skipping, burpees and bodyweight exercises. Because I’m 50 now and I’m on HRT, I really need to build my
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Shake Off Your SALT HABIT
You don’t need to be a huge fan of the white stuff to be eating way too much of it. Salt lurks in bread, is added to your favourite takeaway, and even sweet foods such as biscuits and cakes can have a high salt content. Slashing the nation’s intake h
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If You Only Buy One Thing
Apple Fitness+, £9.99 a month or £79.99 for a year’s subscription, iOs only. An Apple Watch Series 3 or above is required to use Apple Fitness+. Don’t own an Apple Watch? You’ll get three months free access to Apple Fitness+ with any purchase, while
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The POWER Of Pampering
The last year has inflicted many reasons for us to feel stressed. The one uptick of a global pandemic? It’s forced us to slow down, take a breath and press pause. Taking just five or 10 minutes for a little ‘you’ time will help you unwind, and there
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3 OF THE BEST Soulful Vegan Butternut Mac, £3.50, soulfulfood.com A creamy sauce made from tofu, cashews and almond milk - it’s the perfect cosy-night-in treat. Planty Butternut & Mango Madras, from £49.50 per box on a 10-meal subscription, planty.uk
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Discover Radical Empathy
After the year we’ve all lived through, many of us have learned how to be more understanding, kinder and more grateful for what we have. And part of that is learning how to look at the world from someone else’s point of view – known as radical empath
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Fgy Loves…
✢ This NEOM Real Luxury Reed Diffuser from their Scent To De-Stress Range blends 24 essential oils including lavender, Brazilian rosewood and jasmine. Place in your bedroom to unwind at the end of the day (£38.00, neomorganics.com). ✢ Whether you wan
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Happy Hair Essentials
A healthy scalp equals healthy hair. A scalp detox is a bit like giving your complexion a deep cleanse. It shifts any build-up of dead skin cells and rejuvenates the hair follicles to help your hair grow well. Try Kerastase Scrub Apaisant Soothing Sc
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The Flexibility Test
To test how well your flexibility improves over the 30 days, perform these two moves before and after the challenge. Sit up with your legs out straight in front of you and notice how far your hands reach on your legs. Place your right palm behind you
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The 30 DAY challenge
Yoga and Pilates personal trainer Caroline Sandry has included seven moves to help improve your flexibility gradually. Set the timer on your phone to count the seconds. ‘These classic moves help open your chest and shoulders – for great posture – as
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The Moves
Extend one leg straight back behind you, keeping it straight, heel high, and energy pressing through the ball of the foot to engage your glutes (the muscles in your bottom). Holding onto your light weights, reach your arms forward at shoulder height
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3 Great Things To Try This Issue…
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Your Health
✢ Smart ways to cut your cancer risk and boost your health ✢ Discover the new health supplements that do everything from soothing stress to boosting immunity ✢ One woman’s brave recovery from brain tumours ✢ Beat aches and pains with our expert healt
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Some Foods To Watch
Food Standards Agency guidelines say that fish may be labelled as fresh if it has ‘been kept chilled on ice, but not stored deep frozen.’ But one report found a lot of the ‘fresh’ fish on sale at supermarket counters was nearly three weeks old. It’s
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How To Have SEX When You’re Feeling STRESSED
Feeling frazzled and it’s taking its toll in the bedroom? From the menopause to living through COVID, we all experience stressful moments in life. In fact, a survey by mental health and happiness experts Headspace found that two-thirds of Brits are m
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Health NEWS
3 OF THE BEST L’Occitane Hand & Body Wash 500ml, £20, loccitane.co.uk Planet friendly, this contains no palm oil, and the packaging is 100% recycled plastic. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pump Soap, £20.49, drbronner.co.uk Contains peppermint oil to cool
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Simple Food Swaps
‘Juices have all the sugar of the fruit, but they lack the fibre-rich skins and pulp that slows sugar absorption and controls insulin levels,’ says nutritionist Mays Al-Ali. Blend one or two fruits (to prevent a fructose overload) with fibre-rich veg
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Simply Woman & Home
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LG HBS-FN6 earbuds, £149, Amazon Block out sound with noise isolation earbuds and play some sleep-inducing white noise, soothing stories or music. + Headspace app(free, iOS and Android) Create the conditions for a more restful night’s sleep with slee
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‘How We Beat Our PHOBIAS’
If you’ve ever experienced a chronic anxiety attack, then you’ll understand how distressing they can be. Your heart starts racing and you may also feel breathless, shaky and slightly nauseous. Now imagine never knowing when you’re going to feel like
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The FGY-APPROVED Essential Oils
WHY? To look younger! The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that when men smelt grapefruit on a woman, they estimated her age to be five years younger. The citrussy oil is a great energiser, skin cleanser and toner, giv
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At-home FIT KIT
Join the world’s biggest female fitness community from £15 per month. Includes high to low intensity at-home workouts, fitness tracking and meal plans. Highly rated app with a two-week free trial. Set your personal goals from the Pilates body to the
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Feel full, EAT LESS!
You want to lose weight so you downsize portions, ditch carbs and serve extra veg. But within a few hours, you’ve got a growling tum, you’re struggling to concentrate and you’re irritable. Before you know it, you’re devouring a chocolate bar. It’s a
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Give Your House A Spring Clean
Bust the dust, clear the clutter and make some space for a big clean that doesn’t just rid your home of dirt, but also does wonders for the mind, too. Vicky Silverthorn is a professional organiser and founder of decluttering service, You Need A Vicky
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6 Of The Best Breaks For FOREST BATHING
Get closer to nature by staying in a stargazing forest dome at FinnLough Resort in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. The transparent domes give you uninterrupted views of the woodland and by night you can stargaze while lazing on your four-poster bed. V
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Hormones 101
Oestrogen has many functions, including maintaining bone health, keeping hair and skin healthy and balancing our moods. As our levels drop, we see symptoms such as hair and skin thinning, an increased risk of osteoporosis, vaginal dryness and loss of
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