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Regarding your generous acknowledgement of the level of effort expended in restoring Mink to her original 1914, as-built condition, we thought you may smile in confirmation of your statement “the bar could go no higher… but there’s still some headroo
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Maria Cospito, Head of Navigators and General
Happy 100th to Navigators & General! Can you celebrate properly given the circumstances? Thank you! We’ve had to change some of our plans but we’ve still been able to mark this milestone. It’s our customers – some of whom have been with us for decade
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HRH The Duke of Edinburgh The sailing prince, 1921-2021
During his 99 years, HRH Prince Philip, the longest serving prince consort in British history, made a significant contribution to many walks of life from commerce to the environment, sport, industry, science and youth challenges. He also had two pers
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90 Years Of Round The Island Race
The Round the Island Race celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. The first race took place in 1931 with 25 entries. Nine decades later, it is one of the biggest mass-participation events in the world, giving weekend family crews the chance to com
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There aren’t many planing keelboats designed in 1947 that are still in production 74 years later and flourishing in active fleets around the world. Indeed the notion of a keelboat that could plane was outrageous in those distant days. But the Flying
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Fliming Of The Essex Serpent
A major regatta in the Solent next year is set to celebrate the work of Uffa Fox, 50 years after his death. It has been organised by the Royal London YC and Cowes Classic Boat Museum, supported by the Atalanta Owners Association and the Cowes Corinth
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The British isles
3-6 JUNE Yarmouth Gaffers Regatta Flagship OGA bash 3 JULY Round the Island Race IoW, The world’s most popular race 3-9 JULY Cowes Classics Week IoWight, 100+ boats in many classes 16-18 JULY Ta
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Rhapsody In Blue
Since Woody Allen’s 1979 movie Manhattan, the famous George Gershwin’s symphony is mostly associated to the New York cityscape but, why not transfer it to Paris, in another glamorous movie set? When Frantz Liuzzi began in 1937 to build finely crafted
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Northern Europe
The north of Europe is a mixed bag, more so than the Med, with everything from huge maritime festivals like Brest to the sleeker side of yachting, this year embodied by world championships in the evocative 12-M and 8-M classes, as well as a European
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A Tender Bonfire
The time had come to face facts: time the boat I have had for over 30 years was given a decent send off, a fiery end to many happy memories. It had followed us through memorable trips around the Solent, West Country, Western Isles and twice, faithful
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10 pocket Cruisers
LOA 21ft 7in (6.7m) Draft 1ft 10in/4ft 5in (0.6m/1.4m) Rig Gaff sloop/yawl Displacement 2,600lb (1,180kg) Construction Wood Price £19,750 Designer Iain Oughtred Plans Kit Verdict The unique Oughtred aesthetics in
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Boats For Sale
To advertise call Andrew Mackenzie +44 (0)207 349 3718 or email Powered by 4 cylinder 4.236 Perkins Diesel Engine. Lying in Angelsey. Nicely fitted out with large single bunk in Focs’l with full headroom. A ‘mids
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Getting Afloat
Freja is one of eight Scillonian style pilot cutters built by Luke Powell. She was launched in 2012. The current owners, a husband-and-wife crew, increasing in age, are now looking to sell. They have sailed Freja 25,000 miles in their ownership, most
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Bosun’s Bag
When was the last time you noticed a set of blocks ‘clacking’ as you hoisted the gaff or sweated in your sheets? In case you don’t know, that’s the sound of patent sheaves whose bearings have stuck in one place and whose pins have worn. As the roller
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A Round-up Of The Latest BOOKS
In our April issue, we told the story of Rabbit, the small 1965 sloop that was the first design of American yachtsman Dick Carter, who entered her in that year’s Fastnet – and won! Two years later, racing Red Rooster, an even more innovative boat of
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Boatbuilder’s Notes
BY ROBIN GATES The UK’s home-grown hardwoods have undergone serious decline in the last half century. English elm was devastated by fungal disease in the 1970s, and now ash dieback is predicted to wipe out 80 per cent of this eminently tough and flex
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Classic Boat
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The Wizard’s custodian
Mystic, Connecticut, is almost as charming as its name, which is inseparable from its eponymous museum that covers over 19 acres, with more than 60 buildings and 500 vessels, from rowing boats to the last surviving whaleship, the Charles W Morgan, re
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USA, Australia & NZ
With classic yacht racing all around the world, it’s always the season, somewhere, from the schooners and classics of the USA to a vibrant racing and social scene in Australia and New Zeland. 7 JUNE Washington 360 Puget Sound, Pacific Northwest r2ak.
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Next Month
The last schooner Nat Herreshoff ever designed, Mary Rose of 1926, flourishing in Caribbean waters these days The name means ‘softly’ and that’s just how this Oughtred-designed, flatbottomed 30ft skiffsails. Masts, booms, gaffs, yards, bumkins and bo
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Objects Of Desire
Hard to say why a pair of binoculars is so acutely desirable a gift, but maybe these new Steiners give some hint. Every bit as rugged and scientific as we’ve come to expect from the German manufacturer, the new Navigator range boasts a greater field
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Take Two And… Action
Downs Road Boatyard sitting, as it does, on a suburban road in the pretty town of Maldon, seems anomalous these days of irate neighbours and glass-fronted new-builds. Given its location, it’s a surprisingly big site, sloping gently down to the River
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BPM Marine Engines
With its list of victories and world records over decades, BPM has made history in motorboat racing. The Italian firm was founded in 1931, when Messrs Botta and Puricelli in Milan (the B, the P and the M of the name) joined forces to design and make
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Sailing Mariette
“Let’s get the rags up,” comes the call from Charlie Wroe. The sun is shining and there is a light southerly breeze off Cannes. I am on board the magnificent Mariette of 1915 which is just about to take part in her first race for over a year, followi
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The Mediterranean
After all these years, the Med is still the centre of the world, as its name implies, at least when it comes to classic yacht racing. Despite a few date changes this year (Voiles d’Antibes, for instance, traditionally the season opener, has joined th
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Made In Japan
The extensive restoration of a yacht not far short of a hundred years old and a hundred foot long can provide a mighty challenge for any established boatyard, however skilled and experienced its labour force might be. And while the difficulties are o
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Goodbye, Sailing Prince
You’ll have seen, perhaps, the funeral. You’ll have heard the endless tributes. You’ll have heard, again, of his politically incorrect gaffes, his loyalty to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, his relentless diary, his modernisation of the mona
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Simply titled “First Home,” the subject of this watercolour and gouache by pre-eminent marine artist Montague Dawson (1890-1973) defied experts until it was spotted by east coast sailor Iain Stubbs, who’s convinced it’s one of the fabled East Coast O
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A Tonic For The Modern Age
Martha and Primrose are the middle names of my two daughters who are a continuous source of inspiration for me. The vessel, Martha Primrose, is a spectacular 50ft (15.1m) gaff yawl designed by Ashley Butler and me as a cruising yacht and built in 201
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