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Composition And Focus
Happily the standard practices of filmmaking composition are not too different from those of still photography. The rule of thirds still applies, as do leading lines and the golden ratio. The only difference is that, rather than framing a single shot
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The Importance Of Aperture
One of the greatest mistakes that a wildlife photographer can make, amateur or professional, is to disregard the wealth of benefits that can be found by shooting at a wide variety of aperture settings. So often it seems the pursuit of bokeh, or diffu
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Black And White Backdrops
Whilst it is an advantage that a great many photographers perhaps overlook, there is a great amount of merit to be found in trying to frame your subject against all white or all black backdrops. This could be a snow-covered field, a milky white overc
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The Gallery Sony World Photography Awards 2021 Open competition About the Sony World Photography Awards
Over the next few pages, we’ve picked out some of our favourite finalists and shortlisted images from the 2021 Sony World Photo Awards Open competition. Produced by the World Photography Organisation, the internationally acclaimed Awards is an import
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Story Behind The Still
Photographer’s name: Eric Mwazo Website: Image location: Nairobi Type of commission: Personal Shot details: Nikon D7000, 80-200mm, f/8, 1/200s, ISO 125 About the shot: This image was captured at my home studio in Nairobi, in Ap
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Choose Your Gear
At one time the only cameras used to shoot high-end, professional motion content were large, heavy and expensive dedicated cinema models. Travel back in time by a couple of decades and the thought of being able to shoot pro-level footage on a camera
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Our Contributors
Peter is our in-house technique editor, so he knows his way around a camera or two. On p24, discover his ultimate guide for producing video – perfect for stills shooters looking to broaden their content creation. Peter also explores more ways to make
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What You’ll Need
Mirrorless or DSLR that allows you to shoot at ISO 3,200 and above Super telephoto or lens with an effective focal length of 600mm-800mm to allow you more flexibility in producing detailed shots of distant subjects Sturdy carbon fibre tripod such as
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The Best Of Pets At Home
For our latest competition in association with Photocrowd, we challenged you to submit your best pets at home shots. After working through all the brilliant entries, the winners have been selected. Both crowd-voted and expert winners will win a licen
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Ellis Reed
UK-based videographer and shooter Ellis lives in Bath, England and captures the beauty of the Cotswolds and surrounding areas with the Canon EOS R mirrorless system. Ellis’ YouTube channel focuses on photography, videography and tech with some advent
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Pro: Michael Gray
I’m a self-taught filmmaker who started making short action films with my friends when I was in school. That’s how I found my passion for filmmaking and developed key filming principles. In 2016, I released my first travel video on YouTube which now
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Choose an Aspect Ratio
The Aspect Ratio is the dimensions of the video frame. While still images often use 3:2, 4:3 or even 1:1, video footage is usually shot in a wider screen format to match the current most common screen shapes. 16:9 is the most common recording format
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How Many Bits?
The more information within a file, the more it can be edited (colour graded in video terminology). While many cameras shoot 8-bit video, pro models shoot 10-bit, which combined with log modes (flat, low contrast profiles with great detail capture) p
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Marie’s Top Monetisation Tips
Be patient Earning money from landscape photography takes time and won’t happen overnight. Be prepared to invest If you’re looking to exhibit, it costs a lot of money to print, mount and frame your work, but if you do it often enough you will begin
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Being Adaptable Is The New Norm
How has Coronavirus and restrictions over the past year affected your photography business? From a combination of lockdowns, closed childcare and being cautious I’ve been forced to cancel almost all of my normal photoshoots. Only a few weddings, dra
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Rode Central
Rode Central is a free app for PC or Mac that enables firmware updates and gives access to the Wireless Go II’s advanced features. As soon as a receiver is connected via a USB-C cable you’re able to access and change the settings for the backlight, g
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Monetise Your Photography
Photography is an incredibly difficult medium to make a full-time living from. Even before the unforeseeable events of the last year, it was a challenge for any photographer to earn a sustainable wage from making one kind of image alone. Although the
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Career Advice
I’m in my 20s and just starting out as a photographer and have no idea what I should charge as my daily rate… Or should I charge by the hour? Lilian via email A lot of people ask this question and it’s complex to answer as we don’t know what type
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Ellis’ Steps For Shooting This Street Scene
1 Empty frame Wait for people to leave the scene, as the shot will have more impact if it’s clear from distractions. This was easier on a cold day, but you might need to head out early in peak season. 2 Composition Ellis shoots many of his images i
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Rode Wireless Go II
Thanks to its small size, ease of use and attractive price, Rode’s original Wireless Go microphone system proved incredibly popular. Now the Wireless Go II has been introduced to sit alongside the original, offering much greater range (200m by line o
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Olympus Teases New Product Range
OM Digital Solutions, formerly Olympus Imaging, has teased a new line of Micro 4/3 compatible cameras in a broadcast marking Micro Four Thirds Day – 4 April. Product strategist Eiji Shirota, who was the former planning manager at Olympus Imaging, sai
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Pro: Victoria Grech
Video Marketer is a smartphone video training site and video marketing service for photographers and other non-photography businesses. The premise is to teach how to film a professional-looking video on a smartphone with a minimal budget. It teaches
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Pro Case Study
(mariedaveyphotography. com) explains how to make the most of your photography assets How long have you been a photographer? Tell us about your journey in photography. My photographic journey started in 2016. Before that I’d had a quiet interest in
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Aperture And Lens Choice
Despite the majority of lenses offering a range of apertures, they are usually described by their maximum or largest available aperture, such as ‘85mm f/1.8’ or ‘85mm f/1.4’. Many zoom lenses have what’s known as a ‘floating’ aperture, where the maxi
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Frozen Flowers
Difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate Time taken: 2 hours (plus freezing time) Spring is such a hopeful and inspiring time of year, especially for photographers. After the long and difficult winter we have just negotiated, this spring in partic
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Best Lens Choices
With video, getting lots of light into the camera is important. A 135mm f/1.8 or 85mm f/1.2 is ideal for shallow focus effects and shooting in low light, when you don’t want to raise ISO much above 800. A 24-70mm zoom is ideal for documentary video
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Accessories Price: £575/$799 Launched on Indiegogo, the Gitzo Légende Tripod is a travel tripod with maximum height of 165cm and a maximum payload of 8kg. Designed to last for generations, it has carbon fibre legs with aluminium locks and
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Hey… Back Up
My primary business is shooting portraits in the studio, however due to the dire circumstances of this last year my business is now struggling. From having to homeschool my young children and having to turn down jobs for personal and logistical reaso
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Camera choice 1: DSLR/Mirrorless
As a still photographer you will be familiar with the design and functionality of similar cameras, allowing easy adjustment to video shooting. The best aspect is you might already own a system of lenses you can use, providing a huge variety of effect
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Kit Intro
We test the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Google Pixel 5 and Sony Experia 1 II. Which phone offers the best camera system and image quality? Small enough to think of as a compact with benefits, is the lack of ambition in this cam
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