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The Rivals
The sub-£500 acoustic guitar market is surprisingly vibrant, but if all-solid woods is your mantra, maybe not so much. There is the Eastman E1-OM at around £499 with solid sapele back and sides and a Sitka spruce top, available in a rather zippy weat
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1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Still the benchmark for Holy Grail humbucker tone, Gibson made around 1,400 of the quintessential Les Paul Standard in sunburst finish from 1958 to 1960, though the model was not considered a hit at the time ■
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Bmg Arielle
PRICE: £795 (inc gigbag) ORIGIN: Korea BODY: White Limba (Korina) NECK: Macassar mahogany SCALE LENGTH: 610mm (24”) NUT/WIDTH: PPS/45mm FINGERBOARD: Macassar ebony, abalone diamond snowflake facing inlays, 304.8mm (12”) radius HARDWARE: Chrome
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Signature Tone
With a couple of sets of signature pickups waiting to be loaded onto guitars, I couldn’t help but wonder, what is the appeal? We know artists help to sell whatever they put their names to, but when it comes to pickups, well, that’s a relatively small
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Electric Dreams
Unplugged acoustic may be the fundamental voice of the guitar, but its most viscerally exciting sounds are all electric. Brought in when radio, powered flight and the internal combustion engine were still new technologies, the electric guitar was des
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Royal Charter
The sound of Brian May’s Red Special guitar is one of the most singular in rock. With its unique switching system wringing every drop of tone out of his trio of Burns Tri-Sonic pickups, it’s been Brian’s faithful companion on a hoard of hit records.
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1958 Gretsch Silverjet
The 6129 Silver Jet was a sparkling, drum-wrap-clad offshoot of the Duo Jet concept that made its debut in 1955. It acquired humbucking Filter’Tron pickups,‘thumbprint’ inlays and a slightly wider body in 1958 ■
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Curtain Up
Idon’t want to scupper what might be just over the horizon, but I’ve been ruminating on how it might be to get back on stage. I’ve spoken to a few musicians and all have voiced similar fears.“Will I remember the set? Will my amp work? Where are my st
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1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Though the black Les Paul Custom is often regarded as an out-and-out rock guitar, it was originally marketed as an upmarket jazz guitar in 1953 with P-90 and Alnico V pickups. The iconic three-PAF version arrived in mid-1957 ■
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Electric Board
What aspects of the way electric guitars are made have improved the most in the past 90 years? Paul Reed Smith: “It depends. In general, on the guitars themselves, the frets are more in the locations they need to be to play in tune than they were 90
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MicroPitch Delay
As you’d expect from a company that’s been around as long as Eventide, there are some classic effects in its roster. And recently the brand decided to put some of them into a series of dedicated pedals. Last year, we took a look at the Blackhole reve
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Pole Position
It’s a question we can’t answer, but we know a man who can. “The material and size of a pole screw affects magnetic conductivity and also the inductance of a pickup, both of which will have an effect on the tone a pickup reproduces,” explains Bare Kn
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Next Month
A look at some fabulous weathered Gibsons from the newly set up Murphy Lab Prog dystopian suggests that the day of the guitar hero may be gone forever A close-up look at Chris Turpin’s gear and track-by-track guide to the new CD Next issue on sale
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1956 Gibson Es-5n Switchmaster
The grandly proportioned ES-5 was launched in 1949 with a trio of P-90 pickups. This natural-finish ’56 example benefits from the addition of a four-way pickup selector switch, which became standard on the model in 1955 ■
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1969 Fender Rosewood Telecaster
Fender’s beautiful Rosewood Telecaster debuted in 1968 and was first made for George Harrison. Always a weighty guitar, some chambered models were made before US production ceased in 1972 ■
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Iconic Guitars
Truly great guitars are somehow greater than the sum of their parts and the best, such as Fender’s Stratocaster, seem to have an appeal that doesn’t stale with passing years – making them true icons of instrument design. Other guitars have, so to spe
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2019 Prs Private Stock Modern Eagle V
Paul Reed Smith’s Modern Eagle designs embody the state of the modern electric luthier’s art and this 2019 version features 408-style ‘TCI’ pickups plus a PRS single coil. Advanced switching yields 17 different sounds ■
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Art Of The Inlay
I have been busy putting together a pair of ‘000’-size guitars for a couple of clients over the past few months. It’s been a great opportunity to reconsider one of my most popular models and go back to first principles to create new jigs, explore new
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Three To Get Ready
With back and sides of a mahogany-like wood reclaimed from the streets of Californian cities, the GT Urban Ash is already pretty progressive.Add the compact body, C-Class bracing and a lively, sparkling voice from its Sitka top and this GT is a class
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Also Out Now...
Continuing the revival of its classic effect algorithms, Eventide has announced the UltraTap, a time/modulation-based multi-tap stompbox, derived from its classic SP2016 and H3000 effects processors. Boasting “rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, huge v
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1957 Fender Esquire
There’s a beauty to simplicity – and few possess that in greater measure than the Esquire, seen here in rare original Shell Pink finish. This ’57 example was formerly part of the Songbirds Museum collection ■
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Go Big
CONTACT Yamaha UK PHONE 01908 366700 WEB 1 It looks as though someone has stretched an HX Stomp! That’s exactly what it is – an expanded version that adds five footswitches to make a total of eight. 2 Does it still sound the same?
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Rick ’N’ Roll
Some 90 years ago, guitarist George Beauchamp (pronounced ‘BEEchum’) invented the world’s first commercially viable electric guitar, which – along with its ‘horseshoe’ pickup – sparked a revolution in guitar design and sounds. With his fellow Nationa
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Hear It Here
The first three minutes of the title track show both how forward-thinking this all was and remind us that this was not that long after the 1960s. However, Steve Howe is at the top of his game, with melodic and rapid-fire dissonant lines giving way to
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The Players
Four new autobiographical books from the guitar world The passing of co-writer Scott Timberg in 2019 casts some shadow over this book, which focuses on a period of immense creativity as Thompson helped steer rock ’n’ roll towards British roots music
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1978 Zemaitis Metalfront
London luthier Tony Zemaitis built custom guitars for legends such as Eric Clapton, and his unique designs have acquired iconic status. The ornamentation on his so-called Metalfront electrics was inspired by shotgun engraving ■
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Start Me Up
9/10 Prepare yourselves for some good ol’ fashioned rock ’n’ roll The Damn Truth’s third album could be the one that finally allows them the plaudits they deserve. They’ve toured with bands such as ZZ Top and Rival Sons, but still seem to have esca
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Gretsch G2215-p90 Streamliner Junior Jet Club
PRICE: £370 ORIGIN: Indonesia TYPE: Single-cutaway slab-body solidbody electric BODY: Nato NECK: Nato,‘Thin U’ profile, bolt-on SCALE LENGTH: 629mm (24.75”) NUT/WIDTH: Synthetic/43.3mm FINGERBOARD: Bound laurel, pearloid ‘Neo-Classic Thumbnail
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50 Architects Of The Electric Era
The SynthAxe was an 80s British invention, designed by Bill Aitken, Mike Dixon and Tony Sedivy, and it set out to reimagine the guitar synthesizer. Looking like a futuristic spaceship, it dispensed with regular pitch-to-voltage converters and instead
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Gas Supply
CONTACT Strings and Things PHONE 01273 440442 WEB Put ‘Mariposa’ into Google and you’ll find references to a war, political dissidents and multiple locations. But the name is actually derived from one of Omar’s songs, and t
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