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Overheating Potential
Pretty soon, we’ll suddenly be contending with the spring heatwave that has been taking us by surprise for the better part of a decade now. That means I can expect to be attending a number of properties that the owners are desperate to cool down. Rec
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On-site Drainage Options
The simplest and cheapest option to install, but unfortunately also and the least satisfactory, is a cesspit — a tank with no outlets, which is usually emptied by a lorry every few weeks. Generally, cesspits are only used on a temporary basis whilst
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Ask The Experts
Q I’d like to repaint the brickwork of my coastal cottage as it’s flaking and looking a little flat but I’m not sure if I can paint over the old paint? What preparation should I do to ensure even coverage that looks good and lasts? ELLIOT, DEVON
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How Are Clay Tiles Made?
“Clay is dug from a quarry and then aged for a few months to allow any soluble salts to leech out. Next, it is worked to the correct particle size and water content, depending on the type of tile needed. The material is then formed into a tile, eithe
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What To Look Out For When Assessing Plots
• Ensure planning permission has not expired and is not about to expire. There is no guarantee that reapplications will succeed. • Keep an eye out for access. If doesn’t extend directly up to the adopted highway, there should at least be a legal righ
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BC Design’s new freestanding Tamorina Petite bath has a footprint of just 1,400mm, making it the perfect choice for those with a smaller bathroom but still wanting a sense of luxury. £1,354 In an effort to meet demand for budget-friendly but high q
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BEHIND THE DESIGN The glazed link
Perhaps you’re linking a detached garage, outbuilding or barn to an existing property. Maybe you’re extending but the position of your new extension means you need a link between it and your old home. Whatever the project, a glazed link is a great wa
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Next Month
• A self-builder’s guide to garden design • How to safeguard against rising build costs • The best green paints and finishes • Your renovation questions answered Turn to page 64 to find out more about our latest subscription offer ■
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3 Things To Consider When Designing A Sunroom
“How you’d like to use the space can help determine its position, accessibility and light,” says Virginia Murray, director of sales and marketing at Mozolowski & Murray. Sunrooms located on the southern side of your house will benefit from the maximu
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What To Consider
1 Research your architect, structural engineer and specialist supplier of glass and check they have a track record with such structures. 2 Make sure the orientation of the space will not create major solar gain and overheating if the roof is glazed.
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Build Timeline
Plot purchased Jan 2013 Start on site 2015 Foundations complete Dec 2015 Planning application (for cow shed extension) Sept 2018 Planning approved Nov 2018 Watertight shell Sept 2016 First fix Oct 2016 Second fix Dec 2016 Date occupied (hayloft) Jan
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Selected Costs
Groundworks £10,070 Timber frame £9,300 Solar panels £6,000 Air source heat pump £5,859 Timber frame installation £4,400 Roof £4,100 Glazing £3,780 Slates £2,660 Walls £2,150 Bathrooms £4,005 Spiral staircase £2,000 Woodburner £2,000 Downstairs floor
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A Beginner's Guide To DRAINAGE
House drains are something we take for granted but their very existence is one of the basic underpinnings of a civilised society and something that took centuries to develop. City life without drains was not only very smelly, but also very unhealthy,
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“Designing Our Shaker-style Kitchens”
We must have spent at least 60 hours on the layout of our kitchen! Our wish-list included a larder cupboard, a range cooker and an island, but when it came down to making it fit in with the workings of our cottage, this list had to be tweaked. We kne
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Design Dimensions And Measurements
In order for a design scheme to work well, there are a few guidelines to bear in mind. One of these involves recommended distances around certain items of furniture and it really does pay to give them some thought. Here are a few useful rules: • Wal
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Connect With The Outside
LOCATION: LONDON Designer: Studio 30 This radical scheme amalgamated a windowless coach house with an adjoining terraced house to create a single family home. A side infill extension and dormer loft conversion were added, and the layout was rearrange
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Connecting Old And New
“When approaching an open-plan layout, you want the space to flow. If you’re building an oak frame structure, design and feature placement need to be considered at the early stages. I recommend using the same flooring throughout, and pulling through
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What Type Of Glass Should I Use: Toughened Or Laminated?
There is always an interesting debate about which type of glass to use: toughened vs laminated. Laminated is glass that if damaged will not shatter into a million pieces and immediately fall away — it’s what’s used in car windscreens. Whereas toughen
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Renovating a 1930s semi: 10 GREAT DESIGN IDEAS
There are semi-detached houses from many different eras in the UK, but those built during the 1930s are arguably more prevalent than any other — in fact, according the The University of Nottingham, there are more than three million 1930s houses in th
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The Team
MICHELLE GUY is Deputy Editor. She is an experienced homes journalist, and has just completed her kitchen renovation. She’s currently lining up trades to decorate the next room on the reno hit list! NATASHA BRINSMEAD is Associate Editor and has wo
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Beginner’s Guide To Self-build
There are many benefits to building your own home. It is an opportunity to create a unique home tailored around your lifestyle. It can be a route to creating a home that will adapt as your needs change, for instance accommodating wheelchair use. It a
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Good Sources Of Inspiration
Completely stuck for ideas? You can find inspiration for your interior scheme in all sorts of places, from magazines and websites, to restaurants, showrooms, other people’s homes, hotels and even films and TV shows. You could also consider enrolling
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The Knowledge
When installing a new staircase, success relies on detailed planning, sourcing the right materials and expert installation. Unless you are planning to buy a standard, off-the-shelf staircase that you can fit yourself or with the help of a local joine
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What Will It Cost?
While a conservatory could come in as low as £5,000, you should budget a minimum of £10,000 for a frame-only sunroom package. Off-the-shelf, PVCu designs sit at this lower end of the range. For premium framing materials, such as oak or Accoya, expect
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Lighting Sloping Ceilings
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Key Suppliers
ARCHITECT Ric Blenkharn at Bramhall Blenkharn: www.brable.com BUILDERS (INCL BATHROOM FITTINGS) KD Builders: www.kdbuildingltd.com WINDOWS AND FLOORS Oak by Design: www.oakbydesign.co.uk KITCHEN Andy Whitelaw Joinery: www.andywhitelawjoinery.co.uk
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Key Suppliers
ARCHITECT Stylus Architects: www.stylusarchitects.co.uk MAIN CONTRACTOR Green Sheen Bespoke Construction: www.greensheen.co.uk KITCHEN Cast Joinery: www.cast-london.co.uk GLAZING Maxlight: www.maxlight.co.uk STRUCTURAL DESIGN Structural Design St
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• Design details • Rules and regs • Structural essentials • Costs Designing a sunroom – a glazed extension bringing indoors and out together – can create a valuable, light-filled space in your home that, unlike the conservatories of the ’80s and ’90
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What To Do Before Adding A Sunroom
There are various routes to explore and a lot will depend on the budget you have available. Many suppliers offer a selection of standard designs that can be tailored to match your home. If you already have a company in mind, they may have an in-house
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Don’t Pay When You Don’t Need To
One of the major benefits of building your own home is that you can reclaim VAT using HMRC’s VAT431NB form. This includes materials that are fixed into the house. The interpretation of this can be complex. For instance, you can reclaim VAT on timber
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