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HoloLens Lands Plum Contract
MICROSOFT’S AUGMENTED HEADSET, the HoloLens, has found a large order at last. The US military has placed a contract worth $21.9 billion. The headsets will form part of an Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS). An army announcement said that th
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How To
TIP OF THE MONTH If you ever struggle to hear or understand an online video, you’ll want to know about this. Using Chrome, head to the three dots at the top-right of the screen, and open up “Settings.” Go to the “Advanced” section on the left, then h
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One Billion Accounts Stolen
APRIL was not a good month for online security as two huge data breaches came to light. First was Facebook. An anonymous user on a hacking forum posted details from over 533 million Facebook accounts, including full names, birthdays, email addresses,
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Run Windows on a Raspberry Pi 4
YOU’LL NEED THIS RASPBERRY PI 4 We used the 8GB model. You also need an 8GB or greater microSD card, a wired Internet connection, and infinite patience. THIS IS IT, the real deal. No tricks involving VPNs or virtualization. This is the ARM port of Wi
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The Best Of The Freebies
WE’RE NOT SAYING you should install all 50 of these programs at once, but these are our recommendations for software that we feel will hopefully benefit you in some way, give you a kick-ass experience, or simply add a little entertainment to your day
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Jpeg Vs. Raw
There are many benefits to both JPEG and RAW—and, of course, there are more than just these two file formats to choose from. JPEG is one of the most commonly used image file formats you can find. In simple terms, JPEG is compressed, while RAW is unco
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Machine of the Month: Sega SC-3000 (1983)
YOU’LL NEED THIS BINARIES Binaries for Windows x86 are available online (, along with binaries for older Linux and DOS versions. Linux users may want to run newer Windows binaries through Wine. A MICROCOMPUTER? FROM SEGA? That m
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Reaching For The Stars
THAT GOVERNMENT-FUNDED space agency your taxes support, NASA, doesn’t just strap people to the top of a firework and aim them at the Moon. It doesn’t even do that much now, but focuses on robotic exploration of Mars and crewing the International Spac
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> Faulty Internet Gear > SD Formatting Issue > Streaming MP4s Doc, I’m experiencing an intermittent frame stutter issue in games as varied as World of Warships and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It’s not tied to graphics quality settings, as I’ve tried ever
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AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT
SO FAR, A MD’s Big Navi (aka R DNA2) line-up has focused on the heavyweight end of the spectrum, but that all changes with the Navi 22 GPU and the RX 6700 XT. Take a brawny GPU with 80 compute units, and tell it to go work out and get down to half th
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SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless
FIRST, A CONFESSION. We’ve used a few wireless mice in our time, but we have never spent quite so long searching for the USB dongle that connects one to our PC. Over and over we turned it in our fingers, pausing to admire its matte black finish and n
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Now you’re a little more informed about the types of printers available, what do you need to get them running? Well, your filament—or material—choices are certainly not in short supply, so let’s take a closer look. Filaments are essentially spools of
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Corsair K65 RGB Mini Keyboard
IT’S ALWAYS GOOD when large brands release keyboards that used to be reserved for the enthusiast market. Sixty-percent keyboards have become more popular in recent years, which has brought the price down, because there’s more competition. The latest
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Ryzen APUs Go Zen 3
IT’S USUALLY not long between new AMD chips, and this month the Ryzen 5000 series gets some new family members, sporting Zen 3 cores coupled to integrated graphics: Cezanne, replacing the previous Zen 2 Renoir chips. Slightly disappointingly, the gra
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Upgrade, Upgrades, Upgrades
LENGTH OF TIME: 1-2 HOURS LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: EASY LET’S FACE IT, Intel’s latest launch has been a little lackluster. At least at the top end. The Core i9-11900K is, technically, a fantastic piece of engineering (a compliment we keep having to throw
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Jumping Into The World Of 3d Printing
MOST PEOPLE have at least heard of 3D printing by now. Not everyone, however, fully understands what it is, how it works, what can be created, its limitations, or even how 3D printing is driving technological advancement throughout the world and chan
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Intel Core i5-11600K
WE RECKON the Intel Core i5-11600K is Pat Gelsinger’s favorite CPU in this new 11th Gen Rocket Lake lineup, it’s certainly ours so far. Intel’s new CEO has been speaking at length recently about his desire for the company to return to its heyday—a re
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The new Fitbit Sense competes against the Apple Watch Series 6, but what happens when the Fitbit gets sick? Well, that’s why we’re here today—to determine how difficult the surgery will be. • 1.58-inch AMOLED screen • 4GB internal storage • A new ECG
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Canadian Bob Ross & Age of Empires II
I AM EXHAUSTED. Broken. The subscription situation is soul-destroying. It now takes up a huge chunk of my working week, and I’m massively behind on responding to complaints. I apologize. I’m trying to get on top of it as fast as I can. Maximum PC see
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The End for Old PlayStations?
Sony is to close the online store for the PlayStation 3. You’ll still be able to play games you have, but that’s it for new thrills. The PS3 and PS4 have CMOS batteries to keep the system clock ticking; if this dies, the box needs to connect to PlayS
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Speedboats and Graphics Cards
Cryptocurrency miners are buying every good graphics card they can find, and where there’s demand like this, you can expect the interest of the less respectable members of society. Police in Hong Kong noticed a fishing boat unloading cargo into a spe
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Creative Sound BlasterX G6
CREATIVE’S SOUND BLASTER soundcards are a key element of its success and helped cement the company’s high standing in today’s audio world. Since 1989, it has been the de-facto standard for PC audio, and that’s something to hold on to with great pride
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Lian Li PC-O11-Dynamic
WE’VE COVETED AND recommended this case for some time, but it has a bit of a reputation among system builders as being, well, something of a cliche. Why? Mostly because it’s almost too good. In fact, it’s so good, and has received so many awards over
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Creative SXFI Gamer
CREATIVE HAS always been as olid competitor in the digital entertainment sector, offering products for a wide range of audiences. Having spent a long time in the audio market, the company certainly claims a lot with its SXFI Gamer headset. It says, f
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Editor’s Pick: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
I’VE DONE IT. Finally, after making my way through another chunky 24-month contract, I’ve gone and invested in a new smartphone for myself—none other than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. I’ve had a bit of storied history with phones. I was there for th
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Print, Build, & Wire Your Own Keyboard
Everyone who uses a computer uses a keyboard. The difference is, some people are happy with a $5 membrane board, some are happy with a $100-150 mechanical board. Then you have the enthusiasts. There’s never been a better time to be in the latter two
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SteelSeries Engine Vs. Corsair ICUE
WHEN WE REVIEW a product, we look at the software as well as the hardware. Sure, most peripherals have good functionality without having to install anything, but if you want to unlock their full potential, installing the software suite is advised. In
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