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The Man Who Rewrote Hollywood
It was a bold move, even for one of the most daring and prolific creatives in the entertainment industry. Ryan Murphy, the legendary creator behind a string of smash hits including Glee (2009) and the American Horror Story anthology has rewritten Hol
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Generation VOGUE
LEIOMY MALDONADO is known as the “Wonder Woman of Vogue” for a reason. A title bestowed upon her by Icon Gorgeous Jack Gucci, one of ballroom’s most influential figures and a bit of a name maker, the name refers to her innovation on the floor—most no
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Learn It And Learn It Well
THERE’S A TON of voguing content out in the world and has been for decades. If you’re just interested in seeing the action take a spin around the Ballroom Throwbacks or SugarChampagne channels on YouTube, any number of voguing-centric accounts on Ins
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A Mindful Mykki?
After a whirlwind of three years traveling the globe for numerous projects—including portraying Joan of Arc in Madonna’s “Dark Ballet” video—genderqueer musical sensation Mykki Blanco admits it almost felt as though the world stopped spinning when th
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Diane Anderson-Minshall Chief Executive Officer and Editorial Director Alex D. Rogers Guest Editor in Chief Daniel Reynolds Senior Editor James Long Editor at Large Desirée Guerrero Associate Editor Simone Teague Editorial Assistant Trudy Ring Senior
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Risky Business
For his 32nd birthday, Jake DuPree bought himself some lingerie. “I just really wanted a red piece,” he says. “I had a maroon piece but it wasn’t the power that I needed. I needed a red, passionate moment so I was really searching for something that
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The Team
After experiencing the loss of her mother, the visual artist behind the Exquisite Eye brand has an increased appreciation for chronicling life and creating space for moments to outlive our memories. Holt developed her own personal style of photograph
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Home Beauty Secrets
NOW THAT OUR DIY DEVICES are at home with us, what skin care products are we going to be using to exfoliate, bio-treat, or infuse for a more refreshed, reset, or plumped look, you ask? Excellent question, friends! There are endless choices, but I’ve
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HOW DO YOU PULL TOGETHER an issue that is true to your vision of showcasing Pride and the Black experience while in the midst of a nationwide lockdown caused by a pandemic unlike anything we’ve seen in a century? If the year is 2020, you DM people. I
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Toy Story
LONG BEFORE STAY-AT-HOME mandates and social distancing, many of us already had a leg up on staycation beautification. It’s. Who. We. Are. Since now we literally have the time, let’s use this new, personal bonding period for a results-oriented, produ
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Dive In
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Weed Punch
John deBary may currently be best known for cofounding the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation, an advocacy group which has taken on an outsized role during the pandemic by launching Restaurant Workers COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund to help support
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All You Need Is Love
Aaron Lucero and Jeffrey Cannon didn’t pay much for their wedding. Though the ceremony and reception, held last November, boasted a photo booth from the The Snap Back Photo Booth Company, Texas BBQ from 5 Star Event Services, mariachis, live music by
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Touch Me
I’M SURE I’M NOT the only single gay guy perusing hookup apps while in quarantine, but after being alone for a significant period of time like the isolation we’re going through now, touching ourselves to images on a screen just won’t cut it. Sooner o
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Congratulations Goes To…
Meeting your forever at an in-home screening for the Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana fight may sound unlikely, but that’s exactly what happened to Lakesha Allen and Nikia Hughley of Atlanta. The chance meeting turned into a committed five-year re
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Our Pride
Honestly, I’m from the [San Francisco] Bay Area, raised in Atlanta, and it feels amazing to be a Black queer in the South. I’m proud because I’m expressive and a beautiful strong individual. It feels even better demonstrating my purpose through my id
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Beauty In The Beholder
You probably saw Fred Sands IV’s tribute to Beyoncé a few years ago, when he presented the Queen in a reimagining of the classic Michelangelo painting The Creation of Adam from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Sands (@ivormerlyknownas) is a graphic
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The New Face Of Atlanta
Damién Denzel Ross Henderson, better known as the rapper Damez, has mixed emotions. The day his upbeat new single drops, riots have broken out in Minneapolis, protesters whose rage at yet another police killing of a Black man boiled over. In just the
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She’s So Fly
Beija Marie Velez is an irrepressible force. She designed her first basketball shoe at 7 and Adidas recently released an exclusive based on a prototype she created. She launched her own fashion brand while still in college, created social media conte
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Socially Distanced
The current pandemic may have forced us indoors and away from our favorite gathering places, pickup joints, and live events but many of us are making the most of our temporary downshift to a quieter life. Though the challenges of life vary wildly dep
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Model Behavior
Nicholas Alexander isn’t your ordinary fashion model. A 29-year-old illustrator in many mediums—painting, photography, graphic design, even tattoos—Alexander just models for social media. “It’s more for fun than anything,” he admits. “I define my sty
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Out, Again
THE FIRST TIME I moved back to New York City (that time from Miami) on a snowy Halloween day in 1993, it was less than a week after accepting the challenge of being founding editor in chief of Poz, a magazine I fully intended to help make a seismic d
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Cbd Brands Keeping Us Looking Young
YES, OVER THE PAST YEAR OR SO, we’ve all heard all about CBD creams, CBD drops, CBD water—CBD everything. It’s as pervasive as Starbucks. So it’s not a total surprise, then, that CBD-infused beauty products have also been trying to attract customers
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Lagos’s big fashion moment
MOVE OVER, PARIS, and watch out, Milan. The world has taken notice of Lagos, Nigeria, as a serious force in fashion, and it’s easy to see why. The city is home to a slew of innovative designers who pride themselves on blending modern and traditional
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Nyc’s Sexiest Speakeasy
IN THE 1980S AND ’90S there was a particular kind of Is-this-really-happening? Berlin circa 1930s cabaret/circus show known as a New York City Susanne Bartsch party. Although I’d always been partial to the monthly extravaganzas Bartsch hosted at the
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We Want
MOZHDEH MATIN’S SLOW luxury fashion brand, Mozh Mozh, works with female artisans in Native Peruvian villages using local textiles (like alpaca) and innovative and traditional techniques to conserve Peru’s historical indigenous fashion. The result: Mo
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Raising An Eyebrow—or Two
PUTTING OUR BEST FACE FORWARD isn’t always easy, is it? Well, this is one time you’ll want to be brow beaten! Many of us have learned to achieve clearer skin through diet, exercise, and rest (and now social isolation). But there are other ways to ste
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When We Can Travel Again
I’VE ALWAYS LAUGHED at the sections in many popular magazines that exclaim in sheer amazement, “Hey, look, celebrities are just like us!” Who else would they be like? The stars are just people too, right? We asked some of our famous friends a simple
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The Bachelor
IN ALL MY YEARS AS A SINGLE GAY MAN, I’ve never seen a generation love its gadgets more than today’s hookup culture. That’s no shade—believe me, that’s no shade. I have them all: Grindr, Scruff, Chappy, Tinder, you name it. But in these ever-changing
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Easy To Make Cocktails From Around The World
Barnsley Resort/Adairsville, GA Shake things up with a perfectly balanced mix of sweet and spicy citrus and sugar. • 1 ½ ounces vodka• ½ ounce Combier Orange Liqueur• ¼ ounce Fresh Lime Juice• ½ ounce orange juice• ½ ounces peach purée• grenadine• pe
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