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The First cut…
Pottering around the house, I was getting ready to head to work. It was a Sunday morning in February 2018, and I was on a relief shift at the local children’s home. ‘See you later,’ I called out to my daughter Emma, now 20. Arriving at the home, I go
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Game Changer
Holding onto my wife’s hand, I smiled as the sonographer ran the ultrasound across her tummy. ‘Let’s have a little look at your baby shall we,’ the sonographer beamed. But as she studied the monitor, her face suddenly seemed to change. ‘I’m just goin
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Looking sharp
Scrolling through the Pets for Home website, I fell in love with the cutest face. ‘His name is Charlie,’ I smiled to my boyfriend Lewis, 28. It was May last year, and I was on the hunt for a little one to start our family. I’d never had any pets, but
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Follow It!
Wallpaper from 4Murs.co.uk!
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Your Telly Pick Of The Week
In this moving film, Cerrie Burnell uncovers the hidden story of how disabled people have fought back against prejudice and have been denied basic human rights for generations. Cerrie was born without the lower part of her right arm. As a CBeebies pr
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Yes To The DRESS!
Throwing clothes onto the floor, I looked around me in horror. Standing there half-naked, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror and it took all my strength not to burst into tears. ‘What’s going on here?’ my husband John, 47, asked, coming into t
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True love
Flicking aimlessly through Facebook, I came across a picture with a familiar view. What a great way to start the morning, the woman had captioned it. ‘What the?!’ I cried, recognising it was my boyfriend’s balcony. At 19-years-old, I felt the sting o
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Your Brainwaves…
This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! This stylish soap dispenser and sponge keeps your sink side area organised and clutter free, with a soft touch non-slip base. Fill with your favourite detergent or hand wash. For
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Robot Revolution
When you think about sex toys, you most likely imagine vibrators, dildos, rings and stimulators. Few of us would consider investing in a sex doll. After all, you’ve probably only seen them in whacky, eccentric documentaries. They’re not actually some
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Fill It!
1 Single-room accommodation (6) 4 Evaluator (8) 10 Self-service restaurant (9) 11 Freeze over, as a windscreen (3,2) 12 Australian wild dog (5) 13 Snooker-like game (9) 14 The _, new Roald Dahl film adaptation starring 19 Across, 21 Across and 5 Down
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Is This The Future?
For years, reports have predicted that robots will replace human workers. And now, it seems they might. LumiDolls is the world’s first sex doll brothel franchise, based in secret locations in Spain, Russia and Italy. Sex doll brothels have the advant
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Strike It!
Strike it! pg 13 Fortune (Cross out: 1, 7, 18, 22, 43, 55, 61, 62, 77, 82, 84) ■
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Nuts About You!
Pulling the weeds out of my flower beds, in July this year, I paused for a second to listen carefully to an unusual sound. It was a squeaking and squealing that I didn’t recognise, and I know my animals – I’ve a Bachelor of Science, from Bath Univers
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Number Fit!
5889/5897/7587/8595/9775 Number fit! pg 138595 ■
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Truth serum decanter, £19.99, Firebox.com Guaranteed to get the truth flowing in no time! Especially when you’ve had a few… Mimosa drink bomb, £16.99, Prezzybox.com This handcrafted drink bomb is alcohol-free and can be mixed with sparkling water for
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Your Dilemmas…
Natalie Trice is a Confidence and Clarity Coach who works with women to help them create a life they love. As a uni lecturer, she helps students to take charge of their careers. natalietrice.co.uk Q My friend said some negative things about my teen s
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Animal Magic
We are a nation of bird watchers. From the red breasted Robin to the Blue Tit, we can’t get enough of these wonderful creatures. Small garden birds need to eat regularly, particularly during cold weather when they use up a lot of energy just keeping
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INSTANT Appointment
Q I’ve noticed my elderly mother bruises easily these days. Is that just a part of getting older? Jennifer, Colchester A I can understand you being concerned about your mother. Bruising is very common in older people, but sometimes it can look quite
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Easy Eats…
Fitness guru Rosemary Conley has a brand-new recipe book out now to help you build up your defences against illness, lose weight and improve fitness, through your diet! The 28 Day Immunity Plan (Penguin Books) contains over 60 delicious recipes devis
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How To…
Need help drifting off? Here are the foods you should eat before bed to help you get a great night’s sleep. You might think bananas give you an energy boost, but they are actually rich in magnesium which helps to relax muscles. They also contain mela
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It was a hot day in Moreno Valley, California, when Norma Lopez left her last class and headed off to meet her friends. Norma, 17, was attending summer school at Valley View High School and had finished a biology lesson. Norma was a regular teen who
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It’s Serious
Cradling my stomach, I winced in pain. It was January 2019 and I was struggling with terrible tummy trouble. Any time I needed to go to the toilet, I was in agony. It was like I was giving birth! ‘Could it be IBS?’ I asked my doctor. ‘Maybe,’ he muse
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As a family, we’ve suffered the pain of breast cancer far too many times. My sister Joan was diagnosed with the disease nearly 17 years ago. Thankfully, after treatment and surgery, she’s been 16 years clear. Since then, she’s dedicated much of her t
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Health News
New research has discovered that there may be health benefits from taking daily baths. A 19 year long study in Japan looked at 30,076 people aged between 40 – 59 to analyse whether there was any correlation between bath frequency and the development
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Cross It!
3 letters Aim Arm Ivy Tic Tip 4 letters Daft Dome Echo Vote Vows 5 letters Actor After Ocean Often 6 letters Barber Bionic Blouse Branch Mishap Retina Senate 7 letters Animate Clobber Maestro 8 letters Enormous Teammate Theatres Timeline
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1 Ridge of coral (4) 5 Egg-shaped (4) 6 Use one’s teeth on (4) 7 Otherwise (4) 1 Loose flowing garment (4) 2 Nefarious (4) 3 Chews and swallows (4) 4 Run away (4) Read down the shaded squares for the answer.
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Just A Number
Wiping down the bar area, it was another busy Sunday down at the pub. ‘Pint of Tennent’s please,’ a familiar voice called over. ‘Right away, Steve,’ I smiled. I’d been working in the pub for about a year by now, and every Sunday, without fail, Steve
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Solve It In 7
Making small substitutes is the easiest way to save money. Money saving expert Nicholas Agwuncha, from Moneymedics, shares his top tips for making simple swaps in the supermarket every week. From buying baby cotton wool to Colour Catcher, here’s lots
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