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Shop the TRENDS
If ever there was a time to shop smart, it’s now. Summer is here, our social lives have finally left the sofa and work no longer consists of endless Zoom calls. Trawling online for nice tops and statement earrings got us this far. Now it’s time to
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SMART With Money
If you’ve built up a credit card debt, save hundreds by moving it over to a balance-transfer card with an interest-free offer. By avoiding interest, your repayments will reduce the debt more quickly. Around 54% of credit card balances rack up inter
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Exercise Comfortably
Tight-fitting gym leggings and sweat can irritate ‘down there’, so if you have vaginal dryness – as a result of the menopause – it could make you feel uncomfortable. Try Dr Wolff’s Vagisan Moisturising Cremolum, £12.99 for 16 pessaries, boots.com ■
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‘I Was Housebound With PSORIASIS’
‘I’ve always been a keen walker, with a real sense of adventure. After meeting and marrying my husband, we settled in Aberdeen and together had a lifelong ambition to see the world. After we retired, I began to make travel  plans. But my dreams wer
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Coming HOME
The plane is full. There was an air of anticipation when we took off, the cabin filled with chatter and movement, but now we’re 18 hours into the flight, and everywhere is quiet. Most people are asleep – or trying to sleep. Some are reading, or watch
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Tweak a little, CHANGE A LOT!
As the world moves towards normality, you might have examined your old way of life and vowed to make some changes. If you want to achieve these goals, go big or go home is how the saying goes. But, according to our experts, you’re far more likely to
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Cook A Healthier Barbecue
Jane Clarke, nutritionist and founder of Nourish Drinks, says there is so much more to cook over the coals than bangers and burgers. The chargrilled smoky flavours can enhance fish, veggies and even fruit – and you’ll benefit from the extra nutrients
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Does My Life Make Me Happy?
Change – stepping out of your comfort zone – can be difficult. Some may be compelled by a creeping sense of dissatisfaction, keen to do something that makes them happy for their remaining decades. Others may have change forced upon them, by redundanc
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No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, summer is the perfect time to lose yourself in a book. So a very warm welcome to our 14-page summer reading special. Book Club editor Zoe West brings you reviews of all the latest titles, plus revea
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The Self-help Books To Boost Your Body And Mind
✢ Living Well Through the Menopause by Myra Hunter and Melanie Smith (£14.99, Robinson) The menopause brings about physical, mental and emotional changes, which can make you feel like you’re just keeping your head above water. Based on a wealth of re
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I love the ambiguity in this book. Is the protagonist a victim of circumstance or a manipulative woman? It has all the ingredients I’m drawn to – a stately home, with the house almost a character itself. And there’s such a strong sense of place. I th
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The Foods To Eat
Starchy foods are an important part of the diet. ‘They should make up about a third of all the food that we eat,’ says Clodagh Hackett, lead dietitian at The Princess Grace Hospital. ‘You don’t have to avoid or restrict them because they are “fatteni
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‘I’d Be Hopeless At BEING QUEEN ’
She’s the queen of the silver screen who famously played Queen Elizabeth II in 2006, a role that won her the Academy Award for best actress, but Dame Helen Mirren insists she’d be ‘hopeless’ in Her Majesty’s court shoes. When we catch up with Helen,
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3 Eco-friendly Buys To Try
Aardvark has switched the usual meat found in pet food for a more sustainable source of protein: insects. The crunchy kibble range for cats and dogs was developed by vets for optimum nutrition and comes in fully recyclable packaging; aardvark. store
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Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures and, during lockdown, many of us have revisited or discovered some of the greatest fiction ever written. These are the books you’ve told us you love the most. When a plane crashes on a desert island, the
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Julia’s Safari Guide
✢ Take your time. I’d recommend doing a safari over several days – you’re more likely to see a greater variety of animals. ✢ Get a guide. They make a big difference – they have invaluable knowledge of the animals, their habits and their movements. ✢
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If you’ve been hankering after a new look, without too much expense, then colouring your own hair could be just the thing. It’s cost-effective, there’s no appointment required and the whole process can be wrapped up in under an hour – all from the co
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How To Get The Look
✢ Opt for pale chalky tones on walls to highlight original beams in a wood-framed property. ✢ Choose plush upholstered furniture, arranged sociably to take in stunning views outside. ✢ Warm up neutrals with soft tones – from teal and grey to rose and
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Flavours OF THE MED
Comfort food with summer colours, all bursting with rich flavour. Serves 4-6 • Ready in 1 hr 1tsp vegetable oil200g chorizo, sliced1 onion, chopped2 celery sticks, chopped1 green pepper, deseeded and chopped4 garlic cloves, crushed1tbsp Cajun seaso
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South Africa has always had a special place in my heart. Not only do I have friends and family there, the stunning landscapes are phenomenal and so distinct. There’s the inland safari areas; the Western Cape, where the all great South African wines c
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Share The Love
Make this new take on fondue with any whole wheel of soft-ripened cheese. Serves 2-4 • Ready in 30 mins 115g whole soft-ripened cheese (such as Brie, Camembert or Cambozola)1 garlic clove, thinly sliced2 sprigs of thyme1tsp honey ¼ baguette, cut
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Four Ways To Prevent Sagging Breasts
It’s not just a bra that makes a difference. Mr Banwell says: ‘Sun damage can destroy the collagen and elastin in your skin. Collagen is a protein that retains firmness, so if this is reduced, your breasts can become saggier as the skin  loses elast
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It’s All About You!
Add your pictures by hashtagging #womanandhomestreetstyle or email wandhstreetstyle@futurenet.com to join in. ■
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Best Beauty Buys
Notes of decadent black honey and heady amber are finished with a layer of bergamot and orange flower. Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant, 50ml, £228, tomford.co.uk Delicate jasmine and honeysuckle are topped with bergamot. Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle in Bl
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Success At The SEASIDE
Vicky Gunn, 42, from Carnoustie, north-east Scotland, started a beach hut side hustle in 2015 that rapidly turned into a thriving venture. In September 2014, I was living in Witham in Essex and, having spent three months working away from home duri
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Back To The FUTURE
There are few upsides to lockdown, but it’s worth pausing to celebrate those that do exist. For me, it meant I could finally get round to those niggling jobs that my hurly-burly life had always prevented me from tackling – such as sorting out my phot
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How I Write
American journalist and author Lionel Shriver is an international bestseller, whose novel We Need to Talk About Kevin saw her win the Orange Prize for Fiction. Her new novel, Should We Stay Or Should We Go, explores a couple’s decision to end their l
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Listen Up
Linda Robson hosts a new podcast that celebrates life over 50. She’ll chat to guests who have discovered a new lease of life, from TGBBO’s Jane Beedle to stand-up Lynn Ruth Miller, who’s still touring at 87. Apple Podcasts, Spotify To coincide with t
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Omega oils EXPLAINED
If you’re feeling stressed, a bit run-down, or are finding it hard to get good-quality sleep, it could mean you’re missing out on ‘good’ fats. These can take the form of omega-3 fatty acids, and provide a range of benefits for the body. ‘Omega-3 fatt
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