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How To Talk So Kids Will Listen + Listen So Kids Will Talk...
No. Many of our conversations with our children consist of casual exchanges. If a child were to say, “Mum, I decided that I do want to go swimming this afternoon,” it would seem unnecessary for the parent to reply, “So you made a decision to go swimm
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Meet Naomi
I am a proud first-generation Ghanaian heritage, British-African. I am the second of four children with an older sister, younger brother and younger sister. We were born and raised in London, one of the most diverse cities in the world. I was always
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The Domino Effect
Step 1. Cut 28 tiles out of your base material. If you are using the templates provided each tile will need to be 4cm x 8cm in dimension. Step 2. You can draw or paint your own designs straight onto the bases or you can use the cutout templates pr
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Viva La Domino
While the history of the domino is hazy and contested, it’s widely agreed that the game first emerged in China in the early 1100s. Most stories attribute the invention to an intrepid general, potentially by the name of Keung T’ai Kung, who created th
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The Rules Of The Game.
For the same reason that it’s hard to talk about the rules of dice, it’s hard to lock down what counts as ‘classic’ dominoes. Nobody knows exactly what the original rules were and now there are simply too many variants. However, the version known as
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Dinner In 5 ! Five Super-quick Veggie Dinner Recipes
Serves 4 • 1 small zucchini• 2 carrots• 1 capsicum• 1 halloumi or grated cheese of choice• 2 eggs• 4-6 tortilla breads• a small handful herbs of your choice• 1/2 lemon or lime• salt and pepper 1. Grate zucchini, carrots and halloumi coarsely and ch
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When did you realise you could cook? Everyone can cook! It’s just a matter of learning. As a kid, I learnt to bake from my mum and grandma. And my first girlfriend was vegan—she taught me my first vegetable-based dishes when I was a late teenager, an
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• templates • cardboard (the cardboard we used was offcuts from cardboard boxes. Really thick cardboard can be tricky to cut with a knife, (but still possible) • retractable knife • ruler • cutting mat • pencil • paint + paintbrush Step 1. Cut out
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The Playground Makers
Playgrounds often feel more like an exercise in local council box-ticking than they do an alive, responsive piece of urban architecture. Yet as parents, we spend more time at playgrounds than almost anywhere else. We can see their manifest importance
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Breakfast Pops
Each recipe makes roughly 6 large ice blocks. Stick with the full-fat ingredients where possible. Using low-fat substitutes will change the consistency and you may end up with too-hard, too-frosty blocks that are no fun to eat. Lowering sugars will
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The Thank-you Project
Tell us about your book, The Thank-You Project. In 2016, I was approaching my fiftieth birthday and decided to mark the half-century milestone by writing a weekly thank-you letter, for fifty weeks, to someone who helped, shaped or inspired me. What i
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Hello Partners, Tell Us What Makes A Good Brand?
When a brand’s ethics align with your personal beliefs, it can give you more than a good product. It solves your problems and gives you a community you want to engage with. We aim to please by making life easier for parents, whilst empowering kids wi
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By Tekie Quaye
Becoming a parent raises all sorts of questions about the way you might bring up your child and the family you want to be. I find that much of what I do and don’t want for my daughter is a reflection of my own experiences as a child. My experience gr
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Fun Cakes Prep
These recipes are designed to be baked in two 6-inch (or 20cm) round cake tins. Using two tins makes the baking process much faster. Plus, the cakes bake more evenly and will give you an easier product to work with for decorating. If you don’t have t
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By Liz Petrone
The Mercedes came out of nowhere. One second I was driving along, singing badly mangled lyrics to whatever '90s hip-hop I could dredge up from the bowels of the radio presets, and the next I was inches from tail-lights. I slammed on my brakes and my
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Some More!
Marshmallows: they’re fluffy, they’re delicious and they have a mouthfeel that can best be described as ‘warm childhood memory’. Yet have you ever wondered how something so absurd came not only to exist, but also to serve as shorthand for innocence,
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By Kay Kerr
I can pinpoint the exact moment my heart rate starts to rise when a conversation with another parent turns to the topic of autism. There is a tone, or a use of language, or a look that will indicate they wish to open up to me, a mum, specifically abo
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D-i-y Candles.
• beeswax, either as granules or pellets, or you can grate a solid piece of beeswax yourself. How much you’ll need depends on how many candles you wish to make and how many colours you’d like to try, but we found about 400–500g (about 1lb) beeswax wa
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Editor Louise Bannister Creative Director Lara Burke National Advertising & Partnerships Manager Jen Djula Marketing Amy Ryland Published by We Print Nice Things Pty Ltd Wholesale + Distribution sh
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Where The Wild Things Are.
I’m thirty-nine years old and I was born and raised mostly in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. For over a decade, my life was all about music. I’m a singer-songwriter with three albums under my belt. I collaborated mostly with Tim Foljahn (who played w
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Sleep In The Wild
1. Pick your location. Look for an area that is not illuminated by a street or porch light, and clear of any rocks or sticks that might poke you while you are sleeping. 2. Collect your bedding. You will want a sleeping bag or blankets, and a pillow i
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So, You’ve Mastered The Art Of Using Chopsticks To Shovel Food Into Your Mouth? Well, Now It’s Time To Learn How To Do It Politely.
We all know that the easiest way to avoid any chopsticks mishaps is to bring the bowl right up to your face and then scrape the food into your mouth as if your chopsticks were a small, impractical backhoe. Well, good news: the residents of China, Tai
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Mini Cheese Burger
• 300g / 10.58oz ground beef (70% lean to fat) • 1 cup whole-egg mayo• 1/4 cup American mustard• 1/4 cup ketchup • 4 little buns• 4 slices American cheese• 1 white onion, finely diced• dill pickle, finely sliced 1. From the ground beef, form four
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How To Use Chopsticks
1. Hold your dominant hand as though you are going to shake hands with someone. 2. Put the first chopstick under your thumb, resting it on the palm. 3. Hold the second stick between your thumb and forefinger. 4. Bend your ring finger and little
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Mini Grilled Chicken Burger
• 4 chicken thighs with skin on • 1/2 cup whole-egg mayonnaise• any herbs• lemon juice• cracked pepper • 4 little buns• avocado• tomato• butter lettuce 1. Salt the chicken thighs and leave uncovered in your fridge for 1–4 hours. 2. Heat a BBQ or r
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Hot Young Widows Club
Q+A Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am most well-known for the podcast I host, called Terrible, Thanks for Asking, and the memoirs I’ve written. I also started an organisation called Still Kicking after my husband Aaron died of brain cancer. S
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Mini Eggplant Burger
• eggplant, cut into 1cm / 0.39" rounds• 1 egg, beaten• 1 cup panko breadcrumbs• 1/4 cup plain flour• olive oil• 2 tbsp butter • 2 tbsp Kewpie mayo• 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar• 1 tsp caster sugar• 1 cup finely sliced red cabbage• 1/2 cup finely sliced
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All Hail Vinegar
Today, the vinegar aisle sparkles with dozens of gourmet glass bottles, full of tangy liquids in virtually all colours of the rainbow. There are vinegars of red wine, white wine and rice wine. Balsamic vinegar. Malt vinegar. Apple cider vinegar. Sher
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Mini Shroom Burger
• 1/2 tbsp olive oil• 4 portobello mushrooms• thyme • 1 cup whole-egg mayo• 1/4 cup American mustard• 1/4 cup ketchup • 1 red onion, sliced into rings• 4 slices Gouda cheese• 4 little buns• butter lettuce• tomato 1. Place onion rings into some wat
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Salad Dressings
Most salad dressings are essentially a mix of oil and acid, with other ingredients (such as herbs and mustard) added for extra flavour. As a rule of thumb, they balance 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil—but the quantities and type of either can be varied
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