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How My Best Friend (and Britney Spears) Saved Me More Than Once
AS SOMEONE WHO cut his queer teeth in the early 2000s era of Will & Grace, I was unfortunately subjected to the nauseating stereotype of the girl and her best gay friend. I have always been quite repulsed by the notion that gay men were some sort of
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Punky’s Perfect Family
WHILE LIVING IN quarantine, actress Jasika Nicole (Fringe, The Good Doctor) is finding ways to be happy. “My family has remained healthy throughout this, which honestly is the most stressful to me because they all live in a different state,” she says
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Out Officials At The Party
It’s often been said that people who’ve traditionally been excluded from power want a place at the table — and in President Joe Biden’s administration, LGBTQ+ Americans are finding those places in abundance. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are
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7 Queer Artists To Transport You
Get lost in the raw power, angst, and soul of Kaleena Zanders. The eclectic pop artist channels EDM, blues, punk, rock, and more in her music, with a striking vulnerability. “Growing up, I’ve hidden behind a facade of not being myself, not being open
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Prom Queen
“I just want to dance with you,” the character Emma Nolan sings to her girlfriend, Alyssa Greene, in a romantic number in The Prom. It’s a simple love song in a scene that feels as though it were plucked from the heyday of the American musical film.
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3 At Woman Magic
In 2020, when much of the world was shuttered, Javicia Leslie became a superhero. In July, she landed the lead, Ryan Wilder, in the CW’s Batwoman. As a Black bisexual woman portraying the queer Batwoman, she became a first for visibility on several f
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Drag Queens, Superheroes, And Villains… Oh My!
Cheyne Gallarde, a multifaceted artist born and raised in Hawaii, was an award-winning fashion photographer before he became an illustrationist. His nostalgic work reimagines superheroes and villains, celebrating the sentimental look and grit of vint
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Big Problems In Puerto Rico
After prodding from activists, Puerto Rico’s new governor, Pedro Pierluisi, declared a state of emergency in January over rampant violence against women. Violence has surged against both trans and cis women during the pandemic as many women have been
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Talkin' About A Revolution
the new coffee-table book from photographer Magnus Hastings celebrates the expanding spectrum of queer identity and visibility in the face of an increasingly hostile and hateful political climate. Rainbow Revolution from Chronicle Books features a st
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Screen Queens
There’s a slow and persistent burn in Mona Fastvold’s The World to Come. The gorgeously spare period piece stars Katherine Waterston (Alien: Covenant) as Abigail and Vanessa Kirby (The Crown) as Tallie, two women battling the harsh elements in 19th-c
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The Details Are Unprintable
IT WAS SUPPOSED to be one last goodbye for Eduardo Tirella (right), a onetime performer and popular milliner who hung with Frank Sinatra before becoming a talented decorator, art curator, and in middle age, a promising movie set designer. Tirella, a
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Black Is The New Leadership
KIERRA JOHNSON, a Black bisexual woman, became the LGBTQ Task Force’s executive director in January. She previously served two years as deputy executive director and prior to that served on its board of directors. IMANI RUPERT-GORDON, the Black lesbi
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Trans Actress Glows in Very Queer Pregnancy Comedy
In Together Together, Ed Helms and Patti Harrison play an unlikely pair of friends who bond when Harrison’s character becomes a gestational surrogate carrying Helms’s baby. The trans actress shines in her role as Anna, swinging from expressive to dea
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Editor's Letter
WHEN I CAME out in 1986, there was a pernicious myth that lesbians and gay men simply did not get along, that we had nothing in common and sometimes even hated each other. I was a baby lesbian prone to belting Evita’s “High Flying Adored” with the ga
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Kehlani Is On Cloud Nine
Kehlani is a powerhouse all-around. Queer women are the future of music, and no one captures that spirit more than the Oakland, Calif.-born singer-songwriter and mom to a two-year-old child. In the seven years since Kehlani released her debut mixtape
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Their Impact Endures
A Puerto Rican-born activist who worked with LGBTQ+ organizations from coast to coast, Carmen Vázquez died January 24 of COVID-19 complications at age 72. She was the founding director of the Women’s Building in San Francisco and helped establish the
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Da Brat Goes Public
Rap legend Da Brat says that coming out as gay has “been a weight lifted” and she couldn’t be happier to be public about her relationship with Jesseca Dupart, CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products. When it came time to share the news with the world, the
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Higher Ground
As so many have, Renee Gagnon took her first hit of weed when she was a teen. She had just moved to Canada’s British Columbia province, an area famous for its cultivation of the plant. She was a fan but never thought she’d get involved in marijuana p
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Staging A Revolution
ACTOR PETER KIM FIRST met playwright Radha Blank around 10 years ago when he was recruited to be a dialect coach for one of her projects. The pair “hit it off right off the bat,” he recalls. Blank developed a creative rapport with him, asking for his
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Women Of The Year
Annie Segarra, who uses the online moniker of Annie Elainey (@annieelainey), is an artist, YouTuber, and activist for LGBTQ+ and disability rights. Segarra, who describes herself as “a chronically ill, disabled, queer, Latinx, woman of color,” advoca
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Austin Evolving
Austin Crute represents the next generation of LGBTQ+ talent. With his latest role, as Lane on ABC’s new sitcom Call Your Mother, Crute is one of the few out actors on prime-time network television playing a queer character. As a 25-year-old gay Blac
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The Trouble With Travel
My partner and I have never spent so much time in a car together as in 2020 — nor seen as much of the great outdoors. In our travels last year, we hiked the cactus-lined trails surrounding Scottsdale, Ariz. We witnessed the majesty of Yosemite Nation
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Come Fly With Me, Come Fly Away
weren’t expected to win The Amazing Race. Although the gay couple had made it to the final three in season 32, they were behind the front-runners, the volleyball-playing bearded brothers Riley and Maddison McKibbin, until the brothers’ cabbie got los
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Scenic Beauty
Gay photographer Ron Amato began taking images of nude men in Provincetown, Mass. in 1999, as part of a “Men in Nature” series. Since then, he has traveled the world capturing gay men in the parks of Germany and Italy, on beaches in Florida and Fire
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In Memoriam: Four Queer Pioneers
Deb Price, who wrote the first column on LGBTQ+ issues to be nationally syndicated in mainstream U.S. newspapers, died November 20 at age 62 in Hong Kong, where she was senior business editor for the South China Morning Post. The cause was interstiti
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Man on Fire
The history of trans representation in Hollywood is bumpy, to say the least. While we can now celebrate shows like Pose on FX and the recent hit series Veneno on HBO Max — an entire series based on the life of the Spanish trans icon Cristina “La Vene
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The Main Ingredient Is Love
Chef Gabriele Bertaccini inspired millions and took a huge swipe at stigma when he recently disclosed his HIV-positive status on the first episode of wedding reality series Say I Do. But before he won audiences over with his authenticity and charm on
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Supreme Threat
Last fall, Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas opened the Supreme Court’s term by calling for the overturning of its 2015 ruling that established marriage equality nationwide. They’re now part of a 6-3 conservative majority on the court since D
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