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Top Of The Crops
NOW, depending on skills, efforts, soil and region, you may or may not be able to grow some crops successfully enough to make these tips worthwhile. Trouble is, you really won’t know until you try! Still, here are some suggestions to save you some wa
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Hard-pruning Your Roses
IF you pruned your shrub roses back by one half to a third in autumn, now is the time to give them a really good chop. If you didn’t get round to pruning them earlier, they will certainly benefit from a hard pruning now. It may seem counter-intuitive
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Bird Watch: The lapwing (Vanellus vanellus)
AT the time of writing it is hard to predict where we will be when you read this. Will we be in a post-Christmas lockdown, and if so, what shape will it take? If we are still under Covid jurisdiction, hopefully getting out for walks will remain an op
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Bring On The Butterflies
ONE of the things that sustains me on a glum winter’s day is remembering the butterflies I saw last year. I’ve always loved butterflies, and I’m proud to say that my granddaughter Ellie, now almost 14, is wild about them, too. Coronavirus saw off our
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Focus On…Early Spuds
EVERYONE should experience that pivotal moment when fork prongs are pushed into the soil to unearth the first new potatoes of the season. For those of us growing them outside, this will usually happen in early or mid-June. However, you can force Moth
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Make 2021 The Year You Grow Soft Fruit
IF you’re tempted to try growing your own fruit this year then soft fruit bushes make an excellent introduction. The beauty of soft fruit is that, unlike apple or pear trees, say, you don’t need to clear large areas of soil to start growing it; bushe
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For Early Colour, Plant Hellebores
MORE than any other month of the year, in January we’re waiting for colour, eager to glimpse bright flowers or foliage that will bring a foretaste of spring. What we need are hellebores. Snowdrops are fêted for their early arrival, but many hellebore
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Editor Letter
“What effect has Covid-19 had on wildlife? The first lockdown had a positive impact on insects, and while the butterfly count was down, it may have been because of an unusually warm spring (see Val Bourne’s piece on page 14). What surprises me is Tob
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Why Every Garden Needs Cotoneaster
GOOD structure and plants that provide long-lasting interest are important for every garden. But in a small space this is even more crucial – only hard workers need apply, and few are more hardworking than cotoneasters. Or, for that matter, more dive
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Focusing On Perennials
IN the world of gardening, few things are more satisfying than sorting out a long-standing niggling problem. The top end of one of the borders in our back garden had become thoroughly congested with perennials that had outgrown their space and were j
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Ask John Negus
John will reply personally to all your gardening questions every week Q Is it easy to take a cutting from a rose? I have an ‘Alec’s Red’ rose in the front garden and would love a second in the back garden. Grant Rivers, via email A I would like to sa
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Dividing In Four Easy Steps
1 Start by digging holes for the new divisions, lining them with compost and bone meal. Lift the parent plant by digging widely round its roots and set it on a board or plastic bag. 2 Split the plant with the blade of your spade or, if it’s really co
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This Week It’s: Wonderful Witch Hazels
I’VE always had a soft spot – albeit a cold one – for witch hazels (forms of hamamelis). In the depths of winter, when there is precious little other garden colour available, they produce their spidery, richly coloured flowers on otherwise bare branc
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More Awards For Team AG!
AG once again proved it’s the cream of the crop when two of its writers bagged the top awards at gardening’s most prestigious ceremony. The Garden Media Guild annually hands out accolades in recognition of the year’s best garden writing, photography
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How To Deal With Problem Plants
IT pays to know your enemy. Most gardeners will be able to identify weeds like couch grass, horsetail, ground elder and the dreaded Japanese knotweed, but there are lots of pretty ornamental plants that will happily run riot in our gardens. One of my
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AG Free Seeds Are Back Next Week!
POPULAR AG free seeds return next week for their 2021 run. In a departure from the norm, this year’s batch will include some veggie seeds in the form of Tomato ‘Sweet Baby’! Our seed choices are a bright and beautiful mix of annuals (hardy and half-h
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Ask Anne!
Q I look after the communal garden for a block of flats, and we want to save work and money by filling border gaps with small permanent plants rather than seasonal bedding. What would look good instead? Miranda Doughan, Ipswich, Suffolk A Although be
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Blessed Beans
CLIMBING French beans with angelic protection, purple carrots from Ancient Egypt and multicoloured sweetcorn are some of the unusual seeds available to gardeners this year. The Heritage Seed Library at Garden Organic has more than 800 unusual or enda
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Letters to Wendy
Write to us: Letters, Amateur Gardening magazine, Pinehurst 2, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hants GU14 7BF (please include your address). Email us: MY husband subscribed to AG as a present for
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Moving An Overgrown Shrub
MID-JANUARY days always feel like the coldest and dankest of the year. Christmas has gone and even though the light is lasting for a little longer each day, there’s a general feeling of slump in the air. I use this time to concentrate on the trees an
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Amateur Gardening
Editor: Garry Coward-Williams Email: 0330 390 3732 (Mon-Fri 9.00am-6.00pm) Gardening Editor: Ruth Hayes Assistant Editor: Janey Goulding Art Editor: Al Rigger Picture Editor and Letters: Wendy Humphries Features: K
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Hardy Annuals And Cuttings
I LOVE the sight of a vibrant summer garden packed with a mixture of plants and colours, perennials, grasses and annuals creating one beautiful whole. There isn’t much we can do with the perennials and grasses right now as they are quietly going abou
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Deer Prudence
I WAS putting out the recycling when I came face to face with the stag. It stood right outside our front gate, bold as brass, its muscular body steaming in the misty morning air. Facing off – me in just boxers and a dressing gown à la Tony Soprano in
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Best Veg To Grow In ’21
CONTINUING my run-down of good homegrown vegetable choices from last week, using the EW King catalogue (but not exclusively), I’m going to start with parsnips. There are two contenders: the most popular commercial one is Parsnip ‘Panorama’ and the ot
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Plants Connected With Islands
This week it’s: ISLANDS may be a bit of a surprise subject to cover in a gardening magazine, but there are many links between plants, gardening and, yes, islands. Some of our finest gardens are on islands (one of my favourite gardens of all time is o
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Keep Up With Winter Tasks
IT may feel like we are buried in the depths of winter, but we are well past the shortest day, spring bulbs are shooting and it won’t seem long before our gardens are springing back to life. I use these days for keeping the garden ticking over so it’
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Crossword …just For Fun!
2 The subjects of this week’s Miscellany! (7) 6 The botanical structures from which peas may be harvested (4) 7 This isle is known for telling fibs! (4) (anag) 8 Law, as found in bacteria – and cacti! (3) 9 Resinous substance secreted as by an insect
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Some TLC For Fruit And Veg
SOME of my main jobs this week have involved keeping our fruit and veg beds healthy and ticking over. The garlic we planted in October is growing well and needs regular weeding as its thin, strappy leaves make it easy for weeds to shoot up in between
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Doing An Environmental Audit
I HAVE a pragmatic view about gardening in an environmentally friendly way. By gardening we control the natural environment, altering it to suit our needs and whims, and in doing so we damage it because we don’t let it do what nature intends. That sa
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Mapperton Is Garden Of The Year
Got a story? email MAPPERTON House and Gardens in West Dorset has won the prestigious Historic Houses Garden of the Year Award for 2020. The house was named winner in a public vote that saw more than 11,000 people cast their
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