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House With A View
Stairways can be an artistic statement piece, if you do it correctly. Viewrail can help you get there. The family-owned and-operated company is based in Goshen, Indiana, and is the leading manufacturer of modern stairs and railings in the U.S. They m
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1. LIGHT UP A ROOM. Don’t underestimate the power of lighting. It’s the jewelry of your home. Exposed light bulbs, mason jar chandeliers and steel pendant lights are all fresh ideas for your modern farmhouse. 2. SHOW YOUR WALLS SOME LOVE. A soft pop
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Desk Quest
The big advantage of working from home? No commute. The big disadvantage? Impractical and uncomfortable work areas with no escape at the end of the workday. With more freelance workers and remote roles, along with the reality of a worldwide pandemic,
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Innovative Farmhouse ARCHITECTURE
• WINDOWS. One of the best improvements in farmhouse architecture over the years is the expansion of window style. In the past, farmhouse design was restricted to smaller, symmetrically placed windows. However, as with architect James Coane’s design,
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DESK Checklist
1. WHAT WILL YOU USE THE DESK FOR? This may seem simple, but it’s the most important question. Are you someone who works in a creative genre with paints, pencils and paper? Do you need to leave your work out from day to day, or can you have a smaller
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1. CLEAN LINES. Designing a farmhouse with clean, sharp lines creates a striking silhouette. Farmhouse gables are perfect for playing up angular designs. A steeply pitched gable against a flat metal roof makes for dynamic contrast. Look for where you
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Cubby Craze
From vintage postal sorters and library card filers to hardware drawer cabinets, the possibilities for vintage cubbies are endless. Instagrammer Robyn Huff of Robyn’s French Nest collects vintage cubbies for both use and display in her home. “I’ve al
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Beyond Basic
Before Ana Ochoa, an attorney, moved into her suburban Southern California home with her husband and pup, DIY renovations were an unknown territory. She’d never tiled a backsplash or used anything more than a handsaw. However, she knew she wanted to
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VINTAGE Organization Charm
Editor’s Note: I’m excited to introduce to you Courtney Vettel, our 2021 Brand Ambassador! Courtney is a wife, mom and the vintage collector behind The Vettel Farm blog. She lives in North Dakota with her family. Follow along with her this year as we
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DIY Faux Fireplace
• Painter’s tape • Plastic tarp • Level • Pencil • Masking tape (between ½" and ¾" thickness) • Medium putty knife • Premixed joint compound • Water-based primer • Water-based paints of your choice • Larger brush (bristle or foam) • Small (about ½")
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Home Office Hacks
Whether you’ve been working remotely for years or just started during the 2020 pandemic, working from home has both benefits and drawbacks. Here are the ins and outs to set up your workspace for long-term success. Ideally, you’d have a dedicated room
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1. PAINT. Paint can do wonders for a space, and you can really paint anything—from the walls and floors to the cabinets and furniture. You can even add paint to materials like tile, brick and concrete for a custom look. 2. WALL TREATMENTS. Add an eas
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Get the Look: BRICK
• THE WHY: When it comes to adding interest to the walls of your home office, one of our favorite options is brick. “In the new ‘Zoom era’ of working from home, brick makes all the difference when viewed in the background of a home office,” says Sonj
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Project House: The Final Reveal
Over the past year, we’ve been chronicling the room-by-room progress of our 2020 Project House, and it’s come together so well. This has been a collaboration between American Farmhouse Style, our sister magazine Cottages & Bungalows, home builders J.
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• You’ll reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain.• After eating, your blood sugar levels will return to normal faster.• You’re more likely to move around, which will increase the calories you burn. • You’ll reduce the risk of leg and foot pain.• St
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3 Popular Picks FOR WINDOWS
• VINYL. This is a standard, budget-friendly option that offers energy savings and bang for your buck. “It’s a very energy-efficient material, very low maintenance,” Kathryn says. “They’re welded, framed and fashioned together to be strong, durable a
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Home Office Haven
When you have an opportunity to turn a space into something completely new, it’s not a project to pass up. Seth Ballard of Ballard + Mensua Architecture received a call from longtime friend and landscape architect Kathryn Everett one afternoon. “I ha
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Historic Gem
When you’re an artist, you can have an eye for more than just fine art. That was the case for interior designer Amy Cupp. A car accident changed her aspirations from fine artist to interior designer, which led her to New York City and its many antiqu
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Home Improvement HOMEWORK
• DOES MY ZONING ALLOW IT? The first thing to do is find out if your zoning laws allow your garage to be converted into a home office. This can be done by checking your local city or county ordinances. • IS THE STRUCTURE IN GOOD SHAPE? This is critic
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Preservation & Innovation
Renovations and new builds are two different kinds of projects to tackle, but they share a similar process. It can be daunting to start either one, but with the help of a talented builder, you can have your dream house in no time. That’s why this yea
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New Beginnings
New years are always bright, hopeful and filled with new plans. Usually I’m bubbling over in January with home improvement ideas for my own home, but this year looks a little different for me because my husband and I just welcomed a beautiful baby gi
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Southern Emerald
From open floor plans to functional elegance, community is at the center of farmhouse style. That’s what Southern Studio kept in mind when they designed the interior of this home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Southern Studio designers Vicky Serany, P
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Home Improvement BUDGET 101
1. RENOVATION SIZE. Before you dive into crunching numbers, consider what rooms you want to include in your renovation. Is it just one space? Are you adding on square footage? Is it interior and exterior? “Most builders will be able to give you a goo
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American Farmhouse Style
Brand Leader: Victoria Van Vlear Assisting Editor: Kelly McMaster Managing Editor: Anne Brink Digital Brand Manager: Kris Christensen Design Director: Gabby Oh Kristin Dowding, GAP Interiors, Emily Irby, Autumn Krause, Margie Monin, Alice Murphy, Lau
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DESIGNING For The Kiddos
• PATTERNS: Lots of décor is fun, but it can be a hazard for little ones. Southern Studio used brightly colored wallpaper to supply the style for this children’s bedroom. “The pattern provides great interest in a small space, so we kept the other des
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Colorful NEW YEAR
Sometimes, you just have to welcome in the new year with a little color. Interior designer and blogger Holliday Johnson of Home with Holliday has a knack for drawing people together. Most often, it’s around one of her gorgeous tablescapes. “You want
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1. Why am I keeping this? If the item falls into the “I might need it someday” category, get rid of it. Those “maybes” translate over time into clutter. However, if you have a specific use for it and you know you’ll need it within the next few months
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Tennessee Transformation
Sometimes when you see an amazing house opportunity, you just have to take it. When a historic house in Lynchburg, Tennessee, was put up for auction, Kayla and Dennis White saw an opportunity not only to purchase a bit of local history, but also to f
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Our Vintage Nest
Alicia Armstrong is a wife, mom and the blogger behind Our Vintage Nest. She and her family live in Arkansas, and over the course of the last five years, she’s grown both in her savvy as a blogger and social media influencer, and in the style of her
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Get More Online! Our 2021 Project House is in Franklin, Tennessee, and we’ve gotten insider tips on the best places to visit for farmhouse and vintage décor enthusiasts. Become an expert online thrift and vintage shopper with these tips for
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