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Reading Country: Seeing Deep Into The Bush
I descend from a line of resilient, long-living Yuin women whose Country is the South Coast of New South Wales. I come from the Budawang clan; my lineage, like that of all First Peoples across the continent, delves into a past deeper than can be imag
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Liminal Architecture with WOHA
Australia’s oldest continuously operating theatre, Hobart’s Theatre Royal has been a catalyst for Tasmania’s cultural life since the 1830s. Described by composer Noël Coward as “a dream of a theatre,” it was established via the philanthropic endeavou
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Reading Country: Case studies
WSP’s Indigenous Specialist Services facilitated a co-design session with the Noongar Reference Group and Dutch bridge designers IPV Delft to help the client to consider the potential impact of this development on Aboriginal Country, to establish a c
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Heritage Under Threat: The Role Of Activists
The protection of buildings of significant value is ordinarily the task of heritage bodies, who carefully interpret planning laws and assessment criteria when evaluating places of heritage significance. However, when valuable but unprotected public b
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Designing With The Past For The Future
Regenerative design is the single most sustainable thing we can do in the construction sector. As our cities grow and evolve during a time of climate and environmental emergency, architects are in a position to creatively and tactfully extend the lif
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Brian Hooper Architect and M3 Architecture
I first visited the rural Queensland town of Longreach in the late 1980s in my mid-teens. On a family convoy road trip we drove north 600 kilometres from Brisbane to Rockhampton and then headed west almost 700 kilometres, passing through the charming
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Koning Eizenberg Architecture
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania consists of multiple compact neighbourhoods occupying habitable land between its three signature rivers – the Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio – and its frequently irregular topography. The city is populated by many ol
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Hill Thalis Architecture and Urban Projects
Hill Thalis Architecture and Urban Projects is a Sydney-based practice known as well for its advocacy as its architecture. Its team members, who are outspoken on urban issues, are some of the researchers, drafters and writers behind the important and
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New Into Old
In this Dossier, we bring together a group of experts to discuss the value of heritage and memory in contemporary built works, within the context of urban densification and a changing climate. We examine Country as an ancient and living entity, overl
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Neeson Murcutt and Neille
Any house – even a hut – you build embodies a history, that of its own building. For a public institution, the actual business of building may have a complicated backlog of debates and even quarrels that have shaped it. After it is built, time will a
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Heritage Value: What Is It, Who Decides And How Can We Respect The Past While Designing For The Present And The Future?
The question of architectural heritage, and what constitutes it, is an increasingly fraught one in our ever-changing built environment. The existence of a multitude of different organizations, each with their own criteria, might make decisions cut an
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Welsh and Major
Modest buildings occasionally take on a significance far greater than their footprint. The Hat Factory in Sydney’s Newtown is certainly one of those. While its box form was utilitarian, it became a famous symbol of squatters’ rights when it was sold
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Tactics Of Reconstructing The Past: Recent Residential Practice
Our houses are connected to the past in diverse and complex ways. For most people, the experience of domestic space is polytemporal: interiors become the repositories of things old and new, while routine maintenance and periodic renovation tend to pu
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Lovell Chen
Melbourne-based architecture practice Lovell Chen is home to one of the most extensive archives of architectural, heritage and conservation knowledge in Australia. Even so, it would be wrong to characterize the firm’s work over the past four decades
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Serendipities, Practicalities And Festivities
Embarking on the Australian Institute of Architects’ ninetieth year, one of my first tasks in January’s diverting calmness was to reach out to a longstanding member. I telephoned Vladimir Perm at his home town near Nice, France, on the morning of his
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Kerstin Thompson Architects
Late in 2019, before it all changed, I drove out to Broadmeadows on a balmy and clear-skied evening to hear Kerstin Thompson talk at the opening of the first exhibition to be held at the renewed Broadmeadows Town Hall. After insightful words, drinks
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Post-pandemic Cities: The Great Reset
Cities are the physical manifestation of the human species. As artefacts they represent the myriad of social, economic and political relationships in built form. In fact, with over 55 percent of the global population living in cities for the first ti
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Carlton Learning Precinct COLA by Law Architects
Built on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation Carlton, Victoria Jury citation The Carlton Learning Precinct COLA (covered outdoor learning area) is an outstanding success story born out of perceptive and sensitive problem-solving. T
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Napier Street for Milieu by Freadman White
Built on the land of the Wurundjeri-willam people of the Kulin Nation Fitzroy, Victoria Jury citation Napier Street for Milieu, a small, speculative apartment building for a boutique development company, represents a clever, contextually responsive
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Protagonist by Cumulus Studio
Built on the land of the Boon Wurrung and Woiwurrung peoples of the Kulin nation Melbourne, Victoria Jury citation Protagonist, a small cafe pavilion by Cumulus Studio, is a clever solution to a Rubik’s Cube of a problem, including an inability to p
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The Public And Professional Value Of Awards
Architecture awards attest to our profession’s inventiveness, imagination and multiplicity. The culmination of several Chapter-based awards programs dating from before World War II, the Institute’s National Awards commenced in 1981. They represent th
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Phoenix Central Park by Durbach Block Jaggers and John Wardle Architects
Built on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation Chippendale, New South Wales Jury citation Here, two architectural practices have collaborated, at a conscious but also an instinctive level, to produce one masterwork. An inspired partnersh
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Salisbury Townhouses by NTF Architecture
Built on the land of the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin nation Blackburn, Victoria Jury citation Salisbury Townhouses is a remarkable adaptive reuse project in which a set of tired, one-bedroom 1960s units with little amenity has been skilfully re
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Marsden Park Amenities by Chrofi
Built on the land of the Darug people of the Eora nation Marsden Park, New South Wales Jury citation Chrofi’s Marsden Park Amenities continues a renewed interest in providing civic facilities within emerging suburbs. The value of this work is the se
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A Chance To Pause, Reflect, Advance
The final issue of the year usually marks a time to reflect on the year that was. Given the scale of disruption the entire world is still encountering in 2020, the calendar year feels strangely irrelevant. All the major events of the year have been c
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Grant Pirrie House by Virginia Kerridge Architect
Built on the land of the Gadigal and Darug peoples of the Eora nation Surry Hills, New South Wales Jury citation In the spirit of architectural design as a continuum, Virginia Kerridge has recalibrated Graham Jahn’s 1999 Robin Boyd Award-winning pro
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Gillies Hall by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
Built on the land of the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin nation Frankston, Victoria Jury citation Gillies Hall is a striking new student housing project that advances environmental performance and mass timber construction. Within these highly deter
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Carlton Learning Precinct COLA by Law Architects
Built on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation Carlton, Victoria Jury citation Law Architects made a significant move to unlock the potential of this humble yet transformative project by choosing to create an open-air, multipurpose c
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