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Birding And Wildlife Expedition
THIS NORTHERN AUSTRALIAN birdwatching tour covers iconic areas such as Uluru and Watarrka NP in central Australia, Darwin and Kakadu NP in the Top End, and the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area of far north Queensland, including a reef tr
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Red Cliffs, VIC
Red Cliffs is reached via the Calder Highway. It’s 14km from Mildura and 529km from Melbourne. The town’s name is a simple statement of the obvious. The Murray River meanders to its east and the 70m cliffs, which rise on the western side of the river
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If your kids or grandchildren are nature lovers and obsessed by rescued bats, protected platypuses, meteor showers and survival stories, Australian Geographic Explorers is perfect for them. It’s made for 8-12 year olds who want to be inspired and lea
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Ag Society Fundraiser the Dugong
Dugongs need clean seas and healthy seagrass beds, but are often forced to live with the impacts of human activities such as pollution from coastal developments. The health and habitats of these marine mammals face increasing threats. In the hope of
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Q6 1 To what famous surname do the first names Abel and Janszoon belong? 2 The black house, funnelweb and garden orb-weaving are species of what? 3 In which Australian language does “murr-ma” mean “to walk along in the water searching for something w
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Wild Australia Diary Entries
Spider crabs congregate, Port Phillip From late May to mid-June thousands of giant spider crabs gather to to moult, shedding their protective exoskeletons in the waters o. Melbourne. You can snorkel to see them from the piers at Rye or Blairgowrie on
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Flash Language
Awake: If you are aware of what’s really going on, as opposed to what appears to be going on, you may still say, “I’m awake to what you’re up to.” Th is usage seems to have grown out of Vaux’s original definition: “To be awake to any scheme, deceptio
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Three Floral Journeys
THIS WILDERNESS route leads you through jarrah forests, karri thickets and tuart bushland ribboned with walking trails where the eagle-eyed will spot numerous species of graceful orchid. Wend through historic Jarrahdale and hike to Serpentine Falls,
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On The Road Again
JUST AS WE are putting the final touches to this issue, the federal government and Australian airline industry are in a stoush about when Australians will be able to fly overseas again (beyond regional bubbles, that is). It’s a clear sign we’ve enter
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Spotlight On Kangaroo Welfare
WE SEEM TO take it in our stride that millions of wild kangaroos are harvested annually, mostly for meat for human consumption and pet food. But after the Black Summer bushfires killed or displaced billions of native animals, and the drought that con
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Gondwana Rainforest – Wine, Waves And Tassie Devils
Explore the lush farming district of Gloucester, the pristine wilderness of the magnificent World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforest region of Barrington Tops, and picturesque Nelson Bay. Quaint country towns, meandering rivers, fresh mountain air a
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National Parks To Explore In The Shoalhaven
A sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife, including swamp wallabies, gliders and long-nosed potoroos, Morton NP is also a birdwatcher’s paradise – think satin bowerbirds, green catbirds and lyrebirds. You may also see an eastern ground parrot, classifie
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Historic Duo
AFTER FEDERATION IN 1901, Australian cities embraced the possibilities presented by a new century. Sydney in particular had outgrown many aspects of colonial settlement. Slums were demolished and streets reconfigured due to unsanitary conditions expo
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Bee Seen
I WAS 10 WEEKS into fieldwork driving from Adelaide to far north Queensland sampling sites for native Australian bees in February 2019, when I made a discovery that took my breath away. Like most mornings, I’d been up sampling early, this time along
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Your Say
Send letters, including an address and phone number, to or to Australian Geographic, GPO Box 4088, Sydney NSW 2001. Letters will be edited for length and clarity. The iceman cometh (Snapshot, AG 160) brought back memories of m
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Where Cuttlefish Clutter
EACH YEAR ALONG the Eyre Peninsula’s Spencer Gulf in South Australia, visitors usually arrive from around the globe to see one of the marine world’s greatest natural spectacles. Just a 38km drive from the industrial and shipping town of Whyalla, in a
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Why Travel With Us?
Travelling with Australian Geographic inspires people to care about the planet by providing meaningful opportunities to explore it. Our travel experiences are rich in nature and adventure, and our travel partners specialise in hard-to-reach places an
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Heavenly Haven
“They’re little terns, and they’re endangered,” says Frances Bray, who has been advocating for birdlife on and around the lake for three decades. “We have 40–50 birds and about 14 breeding pairs this season so far. I can take you in for a closer look
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• Sea snakes • The Snowy Valleys • Cocos (Keeling) Islands • Rock lobster fishery • Diving the Reef SUBSCRIBE TO AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC at or call 1300 555 176 Out early July While waiting for your next issue, get your dail
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Lightning Ridge Fossil Digs In 2022
The AG Society offers you a chance to hunt for rare opalised fossils. Guided by experts, you’ll discover new specimens for the Australian Opal Centre’s world-leading museum collection. Enrich your knowledge of opals and gems, opalised fossils and opa
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Tipping Point?
“It was Christmas, and I was in alpine tundra,” recalls Dana, now head of Biodiversity Conservation with the Australian Antarctic Division’s Environmental Protection Program. “Everything should have been greening up. The cushion plants there go brown
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As a subscriber you automatically become a member of our charitable foundation the Australian Geographic Society, which supports conservation, scientific and environmental research, community projects and Australian adventurers. In The Classic Austra
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Australian Geographic
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Wildlife Photography Safari, Far North Queensland
CAIRNS IS THE GATEWAY to far north Queensland, a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise and the only place in the world where two World Heritage areas exist side by side. The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is rich in biodiversity; it has 2800 plant species
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The Convict Who Wrote A Dictionary
NIGHT HAD FALLEN on the new penal settlement north of Sydney town. It was June 1812 and its name, Newcastle, had just been proclaimed – or rather, borrowed from the coal port in northeastern England – as the permanent replacement for the earlier titl
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Whales And Island Birds
ON THIS TOUR you’ll help with wildlife surveys on rarely visited islands at Ningaloo Reef, swim with whale sharks (March) or humpback whales (September), count endangered rockwallabies, and cruise Exmouth Gulf searching for dugongs and dolphins. Part
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Book Lovers For Conservation
Our bimonthly fundraisers are hugely appreciated by conservationists battling on the frontline for Aussie species under pressure. They provide vital funds to aid the conservation while also drawing attention to these often heroic efforts. Our partner
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Tim The Yowie Man The Fairy Tree
THERE’S SOMETHING about gnarly old trees that inspire children’s book authors. The Goodreads website lists more than 120 books or series about such ‘magical’ trees. These don’t just spark young readers’ imaginations, but help foster interest and wond
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Eerie Yerranderie
ONE OF THE BEST regions in Australia for observing and photographing night skies is Central West New South Wales, where there are fewer clouds and less light pollution than at coastal and city destinations. The ideal time to experience these crystal-
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North Queensland – Tropical Birding Tour
IMMERSE YOURSELF in the Wet Tropics’ rich bounty of birds on this unique tour. Stretching from Townsville to Cooktown, and encompassing approximately of rainforest interspersed with farmland, rivers, tropical savannah, coastline and coral c
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