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Return Of The King
Mike Reeves paused for a few moments before bringing the calloused edge of his hand down on the stack of concrete in front of him. There hadn’t been time to properly adjust the height of the slabs because the television crew was signaling that it had
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There’s A New “Shero” In Town, And Her Name Is Gillian White!
Black Belt: How did you end up playing the lead in this film? Gillian White: You know, I was offered the role. The producer and the director contacted me and said, “We got a script for you. We think you’d be great for it. Let us know what you think.”
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Myanmar Sanctioning Body Blacklists Its World Lethwei Champion
▸In a bizarre turn of events, it’s been reported that the Myanmar Traditional Lethwei Federation has blacklisted champion Dave Leduc and banned him from competition for two years. Leduc, the first foreigner to win the gold-belt world title in lethwei
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Final Destination? No Way — We’re Just Getting Started!
In the past, 60 was a destination that few periodicals ever reached for a variety of reasons, one of which is the transitory nature of any particular subject. (For example, I used to read Antic magazine in the 1980s, but it ceased publication in 1990
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Purpose, Fear And Mindset
That said, there are many aspects in this realm, but as the saying goes, “The best way to teach someone nothing is to show him everything” — especially at the beginning of the person’s journey. So instead of bombarding you with a ton of nuanced knowl
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Sakura Kokumai Becomes First American Karateka To Qualify For Olympics
▸USA Karate officially confirmed the first athlete to make its team for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics when it selected Sakura Kokumai for the women’s kata competition. The 28-year-old is originally from Hawaii, where she began training in karate at age 7.
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For years, fitness fanatics have boasted about the benefits of beets. It’s not beets in particular but rather the nitric oxide that’s produced when we consume the dietary nitrate in them. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, thereby enhancing circulat
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Life On The Warrior's Path
Benny “The Jet” Urquidez was a six-time world champion in five weight classes, which explains why he’s considered a legend in full-contact karate and kickboxing. It should come as no surprise that along the way, he witnessed numerous changes in how f
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Department Of Defense
When violence happens, it’s explosive and often catches you off-guard. However, there are some simple tactics you can use to survive the initial onslaught. Practicing these things daily as part of your lifestyle will go a long way toward mitigating t
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From the Archives VOL. 19, NO.1, $195
■ On the subject of innovation in the American martial arts, Larry Tatum says, “Traditionally, we are not traditionalists. If we were traditionalists, we would all be driving around in Model T Fords.” ■ “My students, instead of trying to do what I do
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What Exactly Is Sport Karate?
Sport karate is an umbrella term used to describe an open, hybrid style of martial arts typically used for competition. The art does not exist in opposition to traditional styles. In fact, most experts will tell you that a solid foundation in a tradi
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On “Judo” Gene
Shirokage Alden W: Coincidence? I think not! ■
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Black Belt Magazine
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The International Sport Karate Association’s U.S. Open is one of the largest and most prestigious martial arts tournaments in the world. Competitors travel from around the globe to compete in divisions that include traditional and open forms, weapons
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On Our Birthday
ALI FULLER: Wow I love Black Belt Magazine so cool and awesome Martial Arts Museum: Our congratulations to Black Belt magazine’s 60 year anniversary. It has been, without a doubt, the most celebrated and popular magazine in history. It has always bee
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You know how great the martial arts are for enhancing quality of life, but have you ever thought about what the components of that greatness are? What makes practicing a fighting system that might be 1,000 years old relevant in the 21st century? I wo
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Former U.s. Judo Team Member Passes Away
▸USA Judo has reported the death of former American team judoka Alexa Liddie, 30. She competed internationally as a member of the U.S. senior national team from 2010 to 2013, including an appearance at the 2013 World Judo Championships in Rio de Jane
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Dojo Listings
Sixkiller’s House of Kenpo Karate 1570 E Northern Ave., Suite B Kingman, AZ 86409 (928) 607-0021 Blain Cort’s Total Self-Defense 2955 McMurry Drive Anderson, CA 96007 Golden Tiger Karate 9501 Flushing Qu
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Bruce Lee’s Nunchaku Sells For $83,000
A wooden nunchaku once owned by Bruce Lee went for a whopping $83,200 at Julien’s Auctions. Sold during the two-day Hollywood Legends & Luminaries/Hollywood Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy and More event, the nunchaku was estimated to value around $2,000 but
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Study Indicates Tai Chi As Effective As Other Exercises In Fighting Obesity
▸A new study in Annals of Internal Medicine found that tai chi seemed as effective as conventional exercises in reducing the waist size of middle-aged and older adults who suffer from central obesity. The study, conducted by researchers at the Univer
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Mistakes Can Be Embarrassing
It turned out the company was producing a performance of Madame Butterfly, the Puccini opera that tells the story of a doomed love between a French military officer and a geisha in early 19th-century Japan. The opera has come under fire for its stere
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Essential Gear
1 Set it up and knock it down. Work on coordination. Make it more complex and introduce some puzzle solving by taking it slower and working with the pieces in countless ways for a mind-boggling variety of tasks. This 30-piece set of high-density foam
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On Unforgettable Instructors
@JimmyA726: Grandmaster Hee Il Cho [shown] Matt Jardine Fiction and non-fiction author: Rickson Gracie YOUR HIGHNESS: Gokor Chivichyan Vanessa Thomas: Kuk Sool Won Master Seyd Saidi! I’m not the easiest student to have and began my martial arts journ
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When Cranes Fly
China’s Fujian province is famous for being the home of the Southern Shaolin Temple and many powerful styles of traditional kung fu. Because most of these systems focus on close-quarters combat, they typically emphasize sophisticated hand techniques
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“Made In Chinatown” Finding Love, Culture And Heritage
Question: What’s crazier than sending your horse to audition for The Godfather, wackier than two parrots saying, “Are you talking to me?” and wilder than the Scarecrow introducing Toto to the Wizard of Oz by stating, “Say hello to my little friend,”
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Dear Hollywood: Reboot “Wmac Masters”
From 1995 to 1997, WMAC Masters was essentially a martial arts version of professional wrestling combined with wholesome life lessons like you might get from a public-service announcement. Real martial artists would “fight” one another, with the winn
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Jaw Training For Strikers
Boxers of old and more than a few of the modern era believed that a bit of jaw conditioning renders one better able to sustain blows to this vital spot. The science as to the efficacy of this practice is not definitive, but for many, it makes sense t
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On Favorite Film Fights
Adam Howes: Two words. The Raid TBoney: Raid 2 [shown] Quentin: Kung Fu Hustle, especially the scene with the 3 masters of pigsty alley vs the Harpists. Paul Clark: Ip Man 1 - Donnie vs 10 Black Belts - brutal! Or end fight Raid 2 - bloody! Pete Rosa
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One Of Many.
Pick one out of the crowd, out of millions, and you have a story. A journey. A journey that would surprise you. So surprising, that you soon realize that the word “exceptional” doesn’t hold that meaning that you’ve come to know. The power of a person
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The Fiery History Of Samoan Martial Arts
▸A collection of islands in the Pacific, Samoa is a small nation, but its history tells a story of ferocious warriors and deadly wars. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Samoa boasts several martial arts. Throughout history, Samoa had trad
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