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Q & A
Q Hi Tech Talk, I am new to the world of caravans and have a question regarding recharging my caravan batteries whilst on the move. I have been told by my auto electrician that many people now recharge the batteries when on the move by solar only,
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“Even without taking the unique double-door into consideration, the X-Factor 210 is good value for the quality and capability it provides.” “A faultless tow that really impressed us on and offroad.” “Capable and comfortable, the X-Factor 210 makes
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Home Is Where The Heart Is
Creating childhood memories is a great thing, and the Kinsman On-Road Family Van is the perfect choice for young families. With three bunk beds, ample storage and a large fridge, this medium-sized caravan manufactured by Highline Caravans in Campbell
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Next Issue
Kick up some dust with us as we head offroad! November's Caravan World reviews some of the toughest offroad caravans we've seen recently, talks to industry experts about what sets a true offroad van apart, and travels to some inspiring remote spots.
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The Optitec V3 Remote Control Caravan and Trailer Jockey Wheel is the newest, most powerful portable mover. It’s simple to attach to any drawbar and with the handheld remote control, you can park even the largest 3500kg caravan into extremely tight s
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Luxe Landy
I was stopped a few times by curious onlookers about the silver Land Rover Discovery 5 we were graciously loaned to complete this review with. Everyone wanted to know more so we commissioned a full review from auto-industry legend, Ged Bulmer (found
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Measuring Up
Ample light and air flow with big windows and LED lighting Bedroom space is grand Well-built Insulated roof and walls Set up for off-grid living Not enough USB charging points The wiring for the electric brakes could be susceptible to breakage as th
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Trailer Nose Mass?
Hi, I have recently purchased a 2012 Mitsubishi Challenger. There is no reference to the towball download but there is a reference to the ‘Trailer nose mass’. Is this the same as the towball download? Thanks for your help. Tony Jackson A Tony,
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Five Golden Rules Of Towing
Articles about safe towing soak up a lot of real estate within the pages of magazines such as Caravan World, and rightly so. Not everyone who enjoys the caravanning lifestyle — or who wants to join its ever-swelling ranks — has towed even a small box
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Highline Kinsman On-road Family Van
Body length 5.9m (19ft 6in) Overall length 9m (29ft 6in) Width 2.43m (8ft in) Height 3m (10ft) Tare 2500kg ATM 3450kg Payload 950kg (calculated) Ball weight 160kg (tare mass) Frame 6in Duragal Roadrunner Cladding Aluminium Chassis 6in Duragal Roadrun
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‘Letter Of The Month’.
Tony Jackson has won an RV Inline Water Filter from B.E.S.T. Water Filters, valued at $119. With a B.E.S.T. (Bacteria Elimination Silver Treatment) water filter, you can ensure you have clean, safe water – wherever the road may take you. The filter
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Great Temptation
Over the last few years, Caravans Coffs Coast in NSW has carved out a niche market for offroad caravans, and has recently added the Eden Caravans brand to its growing range. As dealer principal Andrew Altschwager explained, with his years of offroad
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“As a medium-sized entry level family caravan, the Kinsman offers great affordability.” “With an ATM of 3450kg, the types of vehicles capable of towing will be restricted, however, matched with the right vehicle this caravan handles beautifully on a
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Travel Happy
Reader John Day took this photo of his towing setup while enjoying the morning's rays in central Queensland. “Sunrise 98km west of Emerald, Queensland at Bogantungan on our way to Karumba. Our van is Coronet XT3-5950 for a bit of relaxation and the
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Eden Wildtrax 20
Overall length 8.9m (29ft 2in) External body length 6.1m (20ft) External body width 2.35m (7ft 7in) Travel height 3.13m (10ft 2in) Internal height 2.01m (6ft 6in) Nameplate tare 2620kg Nameplate ATM 3495kg Ball weight 160kg (6.1 per cent ATM) Frame A
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Landscape Photography Basics
We've all been there. On the trip of a lifetime, driving through one stunning landscape after the other. There's a lookout ahead. So you pull the car over, stop and get out. You walk to the edge of the platform, bring the camera to your eyes and fire
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John Ford
We have been touring in Queensland in our van for the last couple of months and the number of fellow travellers we meet is amazing. Lucky enough to get into the sunshine state from our home state of New South Wales before they locked it up, we are ou
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This month’s winner will receive a Purple Line Saracen Ultra Hitch Lock, valued at $189. Saracen Ultra is a highly visible, simple to use, compact, high security lock which works both hitched and unhitched to keep would-be caravan thieves at bay. It
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“Here’s a van ready to go with all the specs and accessories for long trips into the bush.” “Tows smoothly and without vices. It's a heavy van so you need a capable tow vehicle, but it has the right suspension to handle rough tracks.” “If you are a
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More Power To Us
There’s no doubt that battery and solar development in the RV arena has advanced rapidly over the last decade or so. AGM, gel cell, lithium, inverters and solar panels are all part of the technical jargon these days. However, although most devices th
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Caravan World
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How To Win
Just email your most travel-inspiring picture (2-3Mb) of yourself, family and friends, with your rig along with a brief description to with ‘Readers’ Rigs’ in the subject line, or send a print to Caravan World Readers’
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Access For The Future
Discovering the wild places of Western Australia is a lifestyle more and more four-wheel drivers are enjoying each year. But with the increased interest in the outback and the bush experience, has come pressure and an increased impact on the environm
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Why Voltage Matters
For those who might be wondering why there are two different battery voltage systems, here’s a brief explanation. Electrical power (P) is a product of voltage (V) and current (I) — note that the symbol for electrical current is I not C as you might e
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Wa’s Tough New $1000 Phone Fine
Drivers caught using their mobile phones will be slapped with a $1000 fine as of 1 September, making it one of the strictest laws in the country. Those who check their social media feeds, text or stream videos while driving will cop the $1000 penalty
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Off Roading Marvel
Apart from tackling one of Australia's iconic 4WD tracks, I couldn't think of a better place to test the credentials of a brand's flagship offroad van. Landcruiser Mountain Park, located at Jimna, 2.5 hours north of Brisbane, is one of Australia's pr
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Wool Wagon Pathway
On 27 May 1866 Edward ‘ET’ Hooley left the Geraldine Mine, just north of Northampton, to drive 1945 sheep north to the Ashburton River to avoid the exorbitant shipping rate of 13 shillings ($1.30) per sheep. Hooley arrived three months later on the 2
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Condor Land Bruiser Hybrid
Body length 6.4m (21ft) Overall length 9.06m (29ft 9in) Width 2.4m (7ft 10in) Height 2.95m (9ft 8in) Tare 3040kg ATM 3700kg Payload 660kg Ball weight 300kg Frame Meranti Cladding Alucobond walls, one-piece fibreglass roof Chassis 150mm hot dipped gal
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RV Sales Jump As Vic Factories Shut
Sales of caravans have boomed in Victoria as Australians pivot toward domestic travel, but there is some concern about the ability of manufacturers to supply vans given the state’s tough lockdowns. According to Rob Lucas, Chief Executive of Caravan I
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Marvel Thunder Storm Mark II
RVMAP Accredited? No Body length 6.25m (20ft 6in) Overall length 8.96m (29ft 4in) Width 2.34m (7ft 8in) Overall Height 3.1m (10ft 2in) Internal Height 2m (6ft 7in) Tare 2649kg ATM 3500kg Payload (calculated) 851kg Ball weight 222kg Bed Size Queen (is
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