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The Mouse That Roared
IN 1863, 42 years after his death, Mousehold Heath, now in Tate Britain, was the first of John Crome’s works to be bought by a national collection. It caused something of a sensation, because although his reputation had been growing, it was still as
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Bad Week For
Network Rail has had to postpone refurbishments to the Grade II-listed Britannia Bridge, which crosses the Menai Strait, after a male peregrine was seen ‘roosting, preening and hunting', indicating the presence of a nest in the central tower A quarte
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My Favourite Painting David Profumo
‘For the past few years, I have had on my desk a postcard of this enigmatic portrait–I have long been an admirer of Henry Williamson as an inspirational Nature writer. Fishing was also one of his life’s passions. It seems to be a study in contentment
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Samphire With Pine Nuts And Lemon
Serves as a A little samphire goes a long way, especially when used as a garnish. Cook it in unsalted butter—it will be salty enough—and, if you’ve foraged your own, rinse well before using, as it can be muddy. 80g samphire15g pine nuts (a heaped t
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Treading On Eggshells
I HAVEN’T booked a haircut, but I have been to the pub. Lunch outside with my mother, who now looks at Zam and says: ‘Don’t you realise how old your beard makes you look?’ If she thought this might encourage him to shave, she is mistaken. He laughs i
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Pick Of The Week
Sir Frank Bowling was born in British Guiana (now Guyana) in 1934 and, on coming to Britain in 1953, he joined the RAF. There, he met the future artist and architect Keith Critchlow, who introduced him to the National Gallery and Gainsborough, Consta
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Country Life
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Naturally Beautiful Creations
COLLARED doves coo in the trees, a wren trills loudly from the depths of the shrubby foliage where the birds habitually nest and bumblebees forage among blossoms and bulbs. A huge part of the pleasure of a garden surely lies in such scenes. The scutt
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Town & Country Notebook
1) In which UK city was The Salvation Army founded in 1865? 2) How many children did Queen Victoria and Prince Albert have? 3) What name is used to refer to a female peafowl? 4) Which 20th-century poet said: ‘Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativit
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School Of Thought
John Crome founded the Norwich Society of Artists with his brother-in-law Robert Ladbrooke in 1803, to promote the work of local, often self-taught artists. The first meeting took place in the Hole in the Wall tavern. Notable pupils included James St
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Where To Buy Flour From A Working Mill
• The Prior’s Flour at Fosters Mill, Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire (01638 741009; • Heage Windmill, Belper, Derbyshire (01773 853579; • North Leverton Windmill, Retford, Nottinghamshire (01427 880254;
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As Clear As A Bell
• Bell’s famous ‘Rural Trilogy’ comprises Corduroy, Silver Ley and The Cherry Tree • In 1930, he compiled the first crossword published in Britain for The Times • As part of East Anglia’s Literary and Cultural tour, a blue plaque will soon mark the h
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Celebrating The Charm Of The Evening Chorus
I WAS in the garden yesterday evening, tending a bonfire, its Doric pillar of smoke ascending into a sky of equally ashen colour. The embers of the day were almost out. Always, this standing sentinel over a fire at dusk makes me think of Neolithic hu
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Visit Tottering-By-Gently on our website: ■
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The Taste Of A Mermaid’s Kiss
IT’S known as glasswort, seagrass, sea pickle, pickleweed, picklegrass, sea bean or even poor man’s asparagus, but, no matter what you call it, marsh samphire—Salicornia europaea—deserves a place on your plate. As the name suggests, you’ll find marsh
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In The Spotlight
We are now in the season of vigilance-and often despair-for those who keep bushes of the Ribes tribe. More than 100 different genera of sawflies are known in Britain, comprising nearly 500 species. They're related to bees, wasps and ants, but lack th
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Back to Earth
EARTH DAY—April 22, 2021—will be remembered as a decisive moment in the fight against climate change. Hard on the heels of Boris Johnson’s acceptance of the sixth carbon budget came Joe Biden’s commitment to more than halving US emissions by 2030. Ev
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Pigs Will Fly
SIR BERNARD BURKE of the Peerage and author of The Vicissitudes of Families would have found plenty of material in Sotheby’s sale of property from Patricia, the late Countess Mountbatten, who died in 2017. The daughter and heir of the 1st Earl, forme
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Admire Auriculas
This is the week when show auriculas are at their best. These hardy alpines, grown in 3in pots by enthusiasts, emerge from spartan cold frames at this time of year and appear on show benches across the country. The judges look for perfection of form
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The Way We Were
photograph Lady Tweedmouth's boudoir at Brook House, London, was printed in a short-lived sister publication to COUNTRY LIFE known as The King, which focused on the capital. The knitting on the chair suggests the room has just been left by its owner,
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Luxury under £20
Flat, flyaway hair be gone! This miracle miniature slips into your handbag and is half dry shampoo, half volumising texture spray -a (very gentle) backcomb a can. joy mist is that it's totally invisible and smells incredibly expensive. It will see yo
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A countryman’s East Anglia
THE literary journey of Adrian Bell, one of Britain’s greatest farmer-authors, begins with the opening lines of his most celebrated book, Corduroy: ‘I was upon the fringe of Suffolk, a county rich in agricultural detail missed by my untutored eye. It
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Luxury News
STAYCATIONS have even more appeal this year and Robertson & Co can help. This British-focused travel agency with an eco-conscious mindset will plan your perfect trip on home soil from start to finish—how to get there, where to stay and eat, and even
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On The Record
Holiday bookings and alfresco dining are now open at Holkham Hall, Norfolk (01328 710227; Where is your favourite place? The meadow I created in front of the house I lived in for 15 years. Nature came to it Book? My Family and O
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Coming To Terms With The Past
OVER the past year, many UK organisations and businesses have been going out of their way to be seen to represent, reflect and answer the needs of our culturally diverse society. That strikes Athena as something positive; a society that can unite wit
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Wines Of The Week
Bechtheimer Pilgerpfad, Silvaner Beerenauslese, Rheinhessen, Germany 2018. £6.99/37.5cl, Lidl, alc 8% This underrated white grape is found mainly in Germany and in Alsace (where it's spelled Sylvaner). An elegant pudding wine that delightfully combin
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Miss Philippa Wyndham Jones
Philippa is a director of business development at a clinical-drug development company in London and a published scientist in Nature Genetics in the field of oncology. She is the daughter of David and Joanne Wyndham Jones of Kilcot, Gloucestershire. ■
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On The Edge
WHAT if everything we were told about farming, that it cannot exist without hurting the environment, without hurting Nature, was wrong? What if, instead of damaging Nature, farming could help it flourish and that, as well as restoring habitats, we co
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Sail Away With Me
BRIXTON HILL in south London is about the last place you might expect to come across a windmill—but lo, at the end of Blenheim Gardens, about halfway down the hill, there it is, a socking great four-sail windmill, gleaming in the sun. Inside, the mil
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There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills
THE hills are alive’ (Walking life, April 7) brought back happy memories of the time I lived in a small cottage at the foot of the Malvern Hills. In the evening, I would walk to Bilberry Hill to pick berries for my porridge the next day and would alw
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