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Winter Field Day at WAØPCC
What could be crazier than operating Winter Field Day1 in Iowa in a tent outside that was purchased from Fleet Farm to hold a utility tractor? Second, what else should you do to make it even crazier but to run high power? That was our plan for WFD 20
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A Hodgepodge of QRP Updates
A slew of items to discuss this month including reader input from February’s “Please Copy” QRP debate, one reader’s thoughts on the ethics of power output, a new logging program that gets it done for Parks on the Air activations, and an update on the
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AM Radio Still Lives – For Now
It has been some time since this column checked in on the state of AM broadcast radio in the U.S. AM lives on, but for how long? Recently the FCC gave stations an option that previously did not exist. They can forsake any analog service and go entire
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What’s New
bhi has just released its newest addition to its noise-cancellation product line, the NCH, or Noise Cancelling Headphones. This is an over-ear style headphone that uses active noise-cancelling, which provides 12-15 dB of active noise cancellation and
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Behind The Bylines…
Jay Taft, K1EHZ (“A Split-Level VHF-UHF Go-Box Plus Base Station,” p. 10), was first licensed in 1960 but had a 40+ year gap before returning to the hobby after retirement. He enjoys QRP and portable operating, as well as experimenting with different
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June and Field Day
(Data rounded to nearest whole number) Observed Monthly, March 2021: 17 12-month smoothed, September 2020: 10 Observed Monthly, March 2021: 74 12-month smoothed, September 2020: 71 (Data rounded to nearest whole number) Observed Monthly, March 2020:
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Ohio NVIS Antenna Day 2021 – the “Next Step”
Wearing his Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator hat, N8BHL reports on a statewide field exercise featuring NVIS antennas this past April. – W2VU Beginning in April 2014, Ohio ARES has sponsored “NVIS Antenna Day” in Ohio. The activity has several goal
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Announcing the 3YØJ DXpedition to Bouvet Island
This month, I will be turning over the keyboard to Paul Ewing, N6PSE, who, on the behalf of The Intrepid DX Group, has announced a DXpedition to Bouvet Island for early 2023. As many of you already know, two recent attempts to activate Bouvet were un
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Two-tube Walkie-talkie Pack Set
TODAY AFTER nearly three years of successful WERS operation, the need for compact, versatile pack sets is still with us. Their utility has been amply demonstrated, and with our constantly expanding WERS activities these little self-powered two-way co
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BOGOTA, COLOMBIA — The Libertadores University Foundation and the Bogota Radio Amateurs League will air a special event stations 5J85FJR, 5J39FUL, and 5K48LRB from 0001 UTC, Tuesday, June 1 through 2359 UTC Tuesday, June 8 to promote the 2021 Los Lib
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Ham Radio News
As of May 20th, everyone taking an amateur radio license exam must provide examiners with their FCC Registration Number, or FRN, before taking the test. Current hams and other FCC licensees will already have one, but prospective amateurs must sign up
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Take It To The Field Special: CQ CLASSIC
Operating from “the field” is nothing new for hams, even though today’s technology makes it much easier than in the past. Elsewhere in this issue, Kit-Building Editor KØNEB writes about building a transceiver that can fit in your pocket, but 76 years
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StayPRS And FOXmtr
I have a Baofeng UV-5R handheld that no longer sees much use. I also have an idle Arduino microcontroller. I wanted to find a way to put them both to work, but I couldn’t decide whether to make a foxhunt transmitter or an APRS beacon.1 There are exce
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The Opposite of DX
There are times when we need an HF antenna that will allow us to reach stations that are near to us. It might be simple, such as a state QSO party or even Field Day. It might be life critical, such as dealing with the devastation of a major hurricane
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April TEP And An Early Start For Sporadic-E
Last month we discussed getting the most from your Technician license, and talked a lot about two popular bands, 6 meters and 2 meters. Almost as if in response, 6 meters has come to life early and as I write this in mid-April, we are seeing interest
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A 3-Band Trap End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) Antenna for QRP Portable Operation
Tiny, portable QRP radios available today are very capable but often lack a built-in antenna tuner, providing the impetus for a resonant multi-band QRP antenna. Back in 2016, I acquired a KD1JV MTR-5B that inspired development of a considerably more
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Hams on Hog Island – A QRPxpedition
What could be more appropriate than hams activating Hog Island in southwestern Florida for the US Islands award program? My XYL, Ruthie, K4KLQ, and I love to play radio — especially with QRP rigs, simple antennas, and in unusual places. This mostly t
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Frequency Selective Surface
We are going into a bit of a niche topic of antennas, but certainly cutting edge. I remember when the very words frequency selective surface and the initials FSS were classified. Of course, today there are textbooks on the topic, so I guess I’m free
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QRP Labs QCX Mini: A Field Radio in your Pocket!
When looking for a small kit for a field radio, most tend to be a bit more than pocket-sized. The QCX Mini from QRP Labs is truly a pocket-sized CW transceiver that is ready to go into the field. The difference between other “mint tin”-sized CW trans
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“Brother” Stair Succumbs to Heart Attack
~ A major shortwave “loss” was the passing of Ralph (Brother) Stair, who died of a heart attack in early April at age 84. He was in hospice care and still due to face trial on sexual abuse charges. His programs remain on the air via several outlets.
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Operating Multi-Distributed and Picking RTTY Frequencies
The contesting boom continued in March 2021, with a near-record number of logs submitted for the CQ WPX SSB contest. More than 7,270 logs were submitted, an increase of 32% over 2019, and just a few percent behind the 2020 high water mark of 7,605 lo
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Results of the 2020 CQ DX Marathon
“A good distraction to the troubles of 2020” – VK4CC “I really enjoyed the challenge” – MØXLT “Lots of fun as usual” – KI1U “Great contest and a lot of fun!” – WD9DZV “First time CQ Marathon” – AF9W, K2YYY, others “Considering 2020 was such a lost ye
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Our Readers Say…
Editor, CQ: The statement in your April editorial, “More than anything else, though, this is an illustration of an essential element of ham radio — no portion of our hobby exists in a vacuum, whether it’s contesting, kit-building, QRP, or even crysta
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DC-Over-Coax Three-Way Antenna Switch
One of the things I enjoy in ham radio is experimenting with homebrew antenna designs. I currently have an off-center-fed dipole (OCF) and a vertical antenna, and I wanted to easily swap between those two and a third experimental antenna. My shack is
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A “RIB” for DXpeditions
I thought it was a really clever idea to thwart the blood-sucking Florida state birds (mosquitoes) by setting up an antenna on Hog Island and then operating remotely from the boat. But recently I was surprised to learn that the Islands On The Air (IO
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Working With Supercapacitors
This month I would like to introduce you to a relatively new family of unique components that are “ripe” for experimentation. These are the so-called “supercapacitors” that are now readily available from most of the standard electronic component dist
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A Split-Level VHF/UHF Go-Box Plus Base Station
Over time, my VHF/UHF go-box has been re-configured according to changes in technology, communication requirements, and operating preferences. As I thought about updating it again, I studied online sources such as to decide how t
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A Pressing Matter
A while back, I mentioned how I liked to peer over the top of my figurative cubicle partition and see what my fellow CQ columnists are up to. Of course, I’m not the only one to do this. In fact, just a couple of months back, our all-seeing “office ma
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