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Champagne Goes Pop As Star Jay-Z Sells Half To LVMH
Champagne has made headlines after rap star and entrepreneur Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter sold a 50% stake in his Armand de Brignac brand to Moët Hennessy, while Louis Roederer has announced new still wines from the region. Moët Hennessy, the wine and spirit
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Steven at Decanter
There are a few moments in your life you remember with utter clarity – the night I met Steven Spurrier at the Wine and Spirit Trade Ball is one. I had just come off the dance floor with Bollew Broadbent, Michael’s son, when we bumped into the ever el
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The Sommelier-turned-wine Buyer
From journalist to wine buyer…How did that happen? I got a taste for wine in Argentina and was determined to get into wine writing. In London, I got my first experience in financial journalism, did WSET exams, talked to a lot of people and finally (i
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Prestige Champagne has continued to show strong appeal as two early March releases joined a packed fine wine schedule. Pol Roger released its prestige cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2012 – online retailer The Finest Bubble listed it for £198 a bottle (d
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Hungarian Ros
Drunk chilled on its own or as fröccs (spritzer) with sparkling water, rosé is generally regarded in Hungary as easy-drinking wine for the summer – crisp, with fresh acidity and red fruit. Regional, varietal and stylistic variations are increasingly
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Moore Recommends: Five Brilliant Resources For Wine Tasting Tips
Originally published in 2000, this award-winning book remains a good, practical and logical guide to the nuts and bolts of tasting wine. Wine geeks watch blind-tasting videos on YouTube. This recording of an online class for 67 Pall Mall is a good e
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The Inside Guide: Amarone With Food
Pumpkin soup? One might think to pair just about any other food than this with a big, full-bodied Amarone. A light, seasonal, almost vegetarian dish, if it weren’t for a slyly incorporated roast chicken liver (we’ll come back to this later – see oppo
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Not Standing Still
Few spirits match Scotch whisky’s heritage – distilleries have honed their craft over decades and, in some cases, centuries. Now, new whisky makers are springing up throughout Scotland, with the wee players forging a path that sets them apart from th
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Your Letters
One of my favourite wines is a dry Riesling from Domaine LeSeurre in the Finger Lakes. Due to Covid, I haven’t been able to drive up from New Jersey (3hr 40min) and buy more. I have no way to get this wine otherwise. The winery can’t ship to New Jers
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New Wave Scotch Whiskies To Try
It’s still Scotch whisky, but made from rye instead of malted barley. Spicy nutmeg, woodsmoke and soda bread on the nose lead into fresh lemon, sweet brown sugar and more nutmeg on the palate. Distinctively spicy. Alc 48% Heavy on the lemons and oat
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Confused By A Label? Unsure How To Serve A Wine?
Our expert contributors are here to advise on any aspect of wine. Each month we will print the most interesting queries with a personal reply from a relevant expert. Simply email with your question – the more specific, the better
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Burgundy Developing
A wider range of Burgundy wines are being traded on the secondary market, according to recent figures, but collectors should also be aware of trade concerns on pricing. Given lofty price tags and tight allocations for renowned producers’ top wines, i
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How To Taste
Tasting is both simple and highly complex. A child can do it (I’m not talking about wine, obviously), and yet it’s a vast subject whose intricacies could fill many books. So how do you go about getting the most out of your wine glass? I’ve talked to
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Weekday Wines
Recommended by: James Button, Natalie Earl, Tina Gellie, Georgie Hindle, Julie Sheppard, Amy Wislocki and Sylvia Wu Made by sisters Antonella and Ersiliana Bronca, this has a lovely breeziness to it, and good weight of fruit. Coral-coloured in the g
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The Bordeaux Index view
Much has been written in the last few years around the possibility that there is a Burgundy ‘bubble’: that prices are unsustainable and could see a sharp correction. Yet approaching three years on from the rapid market gains of 2017-2018, prices have
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A Month In Wine
Château Petrus wines that were blasted into orbit for a 14-month stay on the International Space Station have been tasted alongside bottles that remained on earth as part of a novel research project. Twelve bottles of Petrus, Pomerol 2000 returned sa
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Jane Anson
Back in 1855, the majority of classified Médoc châteaux would have been dominated by the Malbec grape, with Cabernet Sauvignon (sometimes called Petit Vidure) coming in second, accompanied by blending grapes such as Cabernet Franc, Merlot and a host
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Amarone Della Valpolicella: The Geography Behind The Wines
Amarone, the most famous of Italy’s dry wines made from dried grapes (as opposed to sweet wines made from dried grapes), is produced in Valpolicella over the northern hills of Verona, between Lake Garda and the Lessini mountains in northern Italy. It
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In Brief
■ ‘Diversity scholarships’ for prospective Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers have launched alongside initiatives by the Gerard Basset Wine Education Charitable Foundation and Liquid Icons, a company co-founded by the late sommelier. ‘There are ve
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US Frustrations
I have a personal connection to the USA as my father is a US citizen, so to read Matthew Luczy’s feature on California and the crippling issues its wine industry has faced over the last year (April 2021 issue) was extremely emotive. Two almost biblic
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Tokaji: Liquid Gold
he glorious sweet wines of the Tokaj region are unique, recognised as among the best – if not the best – in the world. Louis XIV of France described Tokaji Aszú as the ‘wine of kings, king of wines’, and the region’s reputation dates back to at least
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WIN A Magnum Of Champagne Bollinger
Wine is all about opinions, so why not share yours? If you are amused, inspired or enraged by anything you’ve read in Decanter or on, write or email us at the address listed above. Each month the sender of our star letter will receive a
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Tasting: Pay Attention – Get In The Zone – Eliminate Distractions
Almost everyone I speak to about tasting says this and says it in a different way. It’s simple advice, but worth taking seriously. ‘If you really want to do a wine justice, take a deep breath, get your mind focused then relaxed, and engage the senses
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Rioja On Two Wheels
La Rioja is a region framed by the undulating lines of the Cantabrian mountains of northern Spain, dotted with ancient hill towns and home to the endless vineyards of nearly 700 wineries. Most of the biggest names in Spanish wine reside in La Rioja,
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Gilby’s Tokaji Picks: Six Of The Best
Utterly gorgeous wine from a superb vintage, from the living legend István Szepsy. If you can, treat yourself to one of his thrilling, long-lived older vintages. The 2013 is beguiling and complex yet elegant, thanks to spine-tingling freshness balanc
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My Top 10: Exciting Rhone Discoveries
Sometimes I come across estates whose wines are so good that I can’t believe they’re not better known. Usually it’s because they’re from obscure appellations, or simply because these vignerons are more focused on making the wine than marketing it. He
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St Hallett: A Timeline
1912 Pop Lindner plants the Old Block vineyard near Tanunda in the Barossa 1944 Pop’s son Bill, a trained winemaker, establishes St Hallett Wines in a Tanunda shed, focusing mainly on fortified wines 1970 Bill’s sons Carl and Elmore take charge of th
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English Blanc De Blancs
Blanc de blancs: is it now England’s finest style of wine? I believe so, firmly. The wines I have chosen here are all exquisite. And I could have happily recommended at least half a dozen more, had there been space. Yet 20 years ago it wouldn’t have
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Andrew Jefford
Do we taste wines consistently? Not at all. Our own personal tasting capacities vary with mood, appetite, time of day and atmospheric pressure. Famously, too, individuals differ from one another in their appreciation of particular wines and their sen
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Rioja By Bike: At A Glance
Bike hire You can arrange to hire a bike and have it delivered to your accommodation by La Rioja Bike Tours (www.lariojabiketours. com), which also has local staff on hand should you have any technical issues throughout your trip. A hybrid bike will
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