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Keep In Touch
WHAT a long way we have travelled since the First Fleet arrived in Australia. Captain Phillip would have written a letter and sent it back to England on a returning ship advising the First Fleet arrived safely . He and others would wait some months
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Grin And Win!
1 New to fishing, Archie wanted to catch his first flathead and did exactly that on his first trip at St Helens, Tasmania! 2 Stuart caught this spangled emperor on a trip with his mate Zane to Fraser Island. 3 Zane caught this grass sweetlip whil
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Telling Stories
BACK in 2019 Fisho celebrated its 50th anniversary. Time flies and two years later I still receive feedback from those who read our special anniversary edition and enjoy reading about Australia’s colourful angling history. It’s easy to keep track of
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Fishing World
Editor Scott Thomas Ph: (02) 9213 8278 Field Editors David Green, Greg Finney, Sami Omari, Dave Rae, Chris Cleaver Technical Editor Mark Williams Marine Biology Editor Dr Ben Diggles Environment Editor John Newbery Foreign
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Beach Rigs
AS the weather cools and westerly winds start blowing along the east coast, the surf conditions settle and beach fishing on a crisp morning or afternoon can be an enjoyable and productive way to beat the winter doldrums. Common species found on our b
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The Lure Of Blues
Here in Australia we have many tackle manufacturers producing hundreds of marlin lures and all but a few unusual shapes have been modelled off original Hawaiian creations. This article is about how lure fishing for blue marlin first started in Austra
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Time To Fly
Fly fishing is a fun and sometimes challenging method of targeting fish of all species. But for someone new fly fishing, one of the main barriers to getting started is confusion about tackle. For many who grew up fishing conventional tackle using bai
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Foul Weather Options
AFTER working all week how many times have you had strong winds and big seas play havoc with your weekend fishing plans? Hundreds I’ll bet - the same as me. Over the years I’ve always found that it pays to have a few foul weather fishing options up y
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Online This Month
BIGEYE tuna (Thynnus obesus) can be found worldwide in the tropical and subtropical oceanic waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans anywhere where surface water temperatures exceed 17°C. ● By Dr Ben Diggles IN a victory for the pragmatic
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Fishing World and Berkley are giving one lucky winner each month the chance to win a handful of new Berkley Shimma Fork Tail lures. To be in the draw, simply head over to our Facebook page and enter our Berkley Shimma Photo of The Month Competition.
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Life In The Fast Lane!
WHEN it comes to boat speed, I’ve always been quite conservative. I’ve never been a fan of high speed bass boats with enormous engines. To me, they are in the same category as jet skis. But recently that all changed. In this year’s Barra Nationals we
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Shimano® Junior Anglers Fishing Club
Q WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO REVIVE A FISH BEFORE RELEASE? Jackson E-mail A Ensuring fish health for release is very important to prevent post release mortality. In short, the fish may swim of okay but dies later due injuries suffered in the hooking
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Cod’s Country
Murray cod have held the podium since time immemorial, as the premier freshwater target species in southern states, and for good reason. First and foremost is their size. Cod can grow, even in smaller wild river fisheries, to astounding proportions.
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The Codfather
THE name Stuart Rowland may not be all that familiar to Australia’s rec fishers but he’s the fisheries scientist who discovered that the Eastern freshwater cod and the Mary River cod were in fact separate species to the Murray cod. He named the endan
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Year-round Cod Fishing For Victoria’s West
RECREATIONAL fishers will be able to fish for Murray cod all year in Victoria’s west with the three-month closed season to be removed from the Wimmera and Millicent basins, except the Wimmera River. Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) CEO Travis Dowl
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What’s New
THE Olight Perun 2 purple gradient is a multi-functional right angle flashlight. It has customised 4000mAh 21700 rechargeable battery with a maximum output of 2500 lumens and 166 metre throw, 25 per cent brighter than the Perun. It also features a ma
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Review: Simrad Nss Evo3s
THERE is no doubt that Simrad offers some of the best marine electronics on the market, so when they release an upgraded multi-function display we’re always keen to see what improvements have been made. I’ve been running a 12” Simrad NSS EVO3 on my 5
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Even More Flatties Stocked!
A total of 75,000 juvenile dusky flathead have now been stocked into key NSW South Coast Recreational Fishing Havens (RFHs) as part of DPI’s Marine Stocking Program! The most recent stocking event in April 2021 saw 22,000 flathead fingerlings release
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Spin And Win
I’m a pelagic tragic. I’m addicted to spinning the rocks for small pelagic species like salmon, tailor, bonito, and rat kingfish. There’s nothing like that feeling when, after hundreds of casts, your metal lure comes to a grinding halt and you feel t
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In the fishing world the buzz and hype of a new reel to the market, especially from a company with credentials like Shimano, certainly has some large shoes to fill. I must admit my ears pricked up when I heard whispers of Shimano releasing a new reel
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100kms Around Melbourne
Those of us who live in Melbourne have an abundance of fishing opportunities. These opportunities are not necessarily to far flung parts of the state, but within easy travelling distance of the city, whether that be by public transport or car. If we
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2021 Barra Nats
After the event being cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19 and the previous events prior to that being fished on a dry barren river due to poor wet seasons, the 2021 Barra Nationals, run by the Palmerston Game Fishing Club, sprang back to life this year
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Full Steam Ahead
IF there’s a form of hell on earth for fisherman, then I’ve just come through it, and now I’m in the light! The one thing worse than not owning a boat is to be boatless after enjoying a boat for living memory; which is why the last 8 months have been
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Skipjack Tuna
THE skipjack or striped tuna is quite an amazing fish. While it lacks the glamour of its larger relatives like the yellowfin, bluefin or bigeye, it’s both a great light tackle rec target and as those bigger species have declined in number, it’s becom
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Shimano® Junior Anglers Fishing Club
Q WHEN DAD AND I CATCH SNAPPER SOMETHING  COMES OUT THEIR MOUTH, WHAT IS THIS? Cooper E-mail A Fish can regurgitate their stomach contents. They will generally do this when hooked up to try and rid themselves of what they believe is the wrong meal.
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Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform
Back in 2019 I wrote a piece describing my 4WD camping set-up and another reviewing the Pioneer Tray From Rhino. As a brief recap, my Navara 4WD had a roof top tent installed over the tray and a Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tray on the roof for carrying gear.
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Off The Shelf Rod Components
MANY anglers pick up a rod in a tackle store, flick it around, put a bend through the blank and check for action without closely considering the components used in the rods manufacture. Guides, reel seats, handles, and grips along with gimbals and bu
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Fact Box
Anchoring a kayak safely in tidal waters can be trickier than it seems and generally requires the use of an anchor trolley. An anchor trolley is the pulley system used to attach an anchor rope at the side of a kayak and then send the point of attachm
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Two Great Fishing Lodges in Arnhem Land
Surrounded by the Cobourg Marine Park Sanctuary, Seven Spirit Bay offers luxury accommodation in an area teaming with sportfish. Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge is situated on the western side of Port Essington on Cobourg Peninsula in the Garig Gun
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Yamaha F90 Outboard
Fishing World’s latest project boat is the Bar Crusher 535XS centre console. Replacing the 535XS rear console, the new addition to the family offers true versatility in a solid boat, purpose built for fishing. I sold the old Bar Crusher in June last
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