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Shrimp 101
THE WIDE-RANGING GAME FISH that hunt Sunshine State shallows feed on a huge variety of forage species, with baitfish making up a great deal of their diets. However, while predators display unique preferences as they pertain to shimmering baits from p
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Back for 2021, the Buccaneer Cup Sailfish Release Tournament is set to take place January 20-23. This event was launched back in 1963 and since its humble beginnings, has become one of the most hotly contested sailfish tournaments in the state. Thoug
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Phases Of The Moon
1/6/21 THIRD QUARTER 1/12/21 NEW MOON 1/20/21 FIRST QUARTER 1/28/21 FULL MOON 2/4/21 THIRD QUARTER 2/11/21 NEW MOON 2/19/21 FIRST QUARTER 2/27/21 FULL MOON ■
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AH, COSTA RICA, just the thought of it raises my pulse. For most aspiring anglers coming up, it is the quintessential exotic sportfishing destination. Stories of wild catches here are often told using terms like “monsters” and “Jurassic Park,” and it
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Turbo Trolling
AMONG THE SMORGASBORD OF PELAGIC GAME FISH roaming the fertile offshore waters of Florida and The Bahamas, the wahoo is certainly one of the most revered and coveted catches, but is also perhaps the most mysterious. While many skilled captains have d
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Marina Pez Vela - It All Starts Here - Website: marinapezvela.com
• Modern coffer dam system creating a safe and calm basin 365 days a year• 195 slips in operation with the ability to expand with another 100 slips in the future• Safe operating depth of 14 feet• Accommodates vessels up to 200 feet in L.O.A.• Fiber o
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Forever Smooth
IN FLORIDA, FISHING AND BOATING ARE TOPS AMONG FAVORITE PASTIMES. However, while sunny days out on the water are incredibly rewarding, enjoying consistent reliability and performance from your vessel and gear requires a tremendous amount of upkeep. R
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Istiophorus albicans ATLANTIC SAILFISH
FROM FRESHWATER TO SALTWATER, grass flats to the Gulf Stream, Florida’s diverse and widely accessible aquatic ecosystems sufficiently support the stake of the Fishing Capital of the World. Comprising more than 7,700 lakes, 10,550 miles of rivers and
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Gear Guide
$84.99-$89.99 With wahoo season in Florida and The Bahamas firmly upon us, there’s no better time than now to stock up on a fresh collection of high-speed trolling lures. Among the many options available, Diamond’s enticing array of lures is designed
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Plank Grilled Dolphin
PREP TIME 15 min. COOK TIME 10-12 min. TOTAL TIME 25-27 min. ▸ 2 lbs. dolphin fillets, 1.5-2 inches thick▸ 4 large lemons▸ 2 garlic cloves▸ 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil▸ 2 tbsp. white wine▸ 1 tsp. honey▸ 1 tsp. ginger juice▸ Kosher salt▸ Cracked bl
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MIAMI, FLORIDA IS A CITY FAMOUS FOR ITS NIGHTLIFE, but fishing is not typically an activity that comes to mind when planning an evening on the town. However, after the sun goes down, the once-busy waters of Biscayne Bay begin to settle and come to li
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The Old Frat Boy and the Sea
LIKE GREASY-HAIRED FRAT BOYS dealing with a floating keg during homecoming, the sea was angry. We steamed through the narrow Boynton Inlet in sloppy seas on a quest for the Gladiator of the Sea – the Atlantic broadbill swordfish. Captain Chris at the
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Ballyhoo Basics
THROUGHOUT FLORIDA’S INSHORE, NEAR-SHORE AND OFFSHORE WATERS, several species of baitfish fuel the food chain, giving way to some of the best fishing on the planet. Seasonal migrations and a variety of different factors affect the availability of the
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Springtime SALES
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SLOW Your Roll
MANY OF FLORIDA’S INSHORE GAME FISH ARE YEAR-ROUND RESIDENTS of the lush coastal shallows found around the state. However, these predators undergo significant shifts in behavior as seasons change, forcing anglers in pursuit to alter their approaches
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Perplexing Patterns
FLORIDA IS OVERWHELMINGLY KNOWN AS THE SPORT FISHING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, and around the country, the state sits firmly atop many bucket lists as a destination for chasing giant largemouth bass. Our unique year-round warm weather, compared to 90% of
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Paddlers Rejoice
Though modern bass boats are relied upon by touring pros and weekend warriors alike, these top of the line “glitter rockets” aren’t required to catch big bass in Florida. Kayak fishing has become popular in targeting many species from snook to sailfi
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Let’s Talk Tripletail
IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA, legendary bodies of water Estero Bay and Pine Island Sound hold a variety of targets including snook, seatrout, redfish and snapper that can be caught with consistency throughout the year. Additionally, the region is known for a
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Cape Horn 36xs
WHILE THE VALUE OF FEATURES and accessories aboard the world’s best center consoles is skyrocketing, it’s important that boaters and anglers don’t lose sight of what really matters. We all want the latest and greatest bells and whistles on our boats,
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Valhalla Boatworks V-46
BACKED BY VIKING, one of the most iconic manufacturers of sportfish yachts in the world, Valhalla has quickly become the new standard in luxurious, fishing-focused center consoles. The V-46 will be the next addition to Valhalla’s growing lineup, offe
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Florida Sport Fishing
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Turning the Tables
THE MASSIVE VARIETY OF VESSELS comprising today’s widespread boating community is truly astounding, with everything from small skiffs to giant yachts traversing our waters. And while every boater is different in his or her preferences, most mid-range
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Metal & Paint
A POUNDING STRIKE ON A JIG, regardless of species, is arguably one of the greatest thrills in saltwater fishing. For me, about to surpass the big 50 and having spent the majority of my life on the water, there is now more than ever something very spe
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Beyond Navigation
MANY OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS associate boating with fun in the sun, and rightfully so, but it should never be forgotten that safety must always remain the utmost priority. Safety measures taken by responsible boaters include possession of up-to-date safe
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Beating Barotrauma
AS A NATIVE FLORIDIAN AND LIFELONG OFFSHORE ANGLER, I pride myself on adhering to every fisheries management rule and regulation set forth to preserve our treasured resources. One of the latest among these guidelines requires descending devices to sa
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Marine Electronics
$49.99 The SPOT Trace theft alert tracking device is a reliable security solution for boaters on a tight budget. This battery-powered device is very small and can be placed almost anywhere on your vessel. Hidden away, the device detects any sort of m
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Theft Prevention
▸ AMONG THE MASSIVE VARIETY OF INSHORE GAME FISH roaming Florida’s shallows, sheepshead are perhaps the most peculiar. Scrappy fighters that offer excellent table fare, these fish rarely receive the appreciation they deserve from widespread anglers.
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Getting To The Grounds
Certainly, most anglers don’t have the means to access these remote fisheries on their own. However, there are several services that have made names for themselves by dialing in these distant waters. Out of Stock Island in Key West, Captain Greg Merc
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Prime Position
▸ SUCCESS IN ANY FISHERY HINGES ON PREPARATION. Seasoned anglers know that connecting with their target species requires more than simply pulling back the throttles and putting baits in the water. The best results usually come with methodical approac
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Stingray Boats 269dc
▸ A SOUTH CAROLINA STAPLE, Stingray has established itself over the course of decades as a truly reputable manufacturer of unique vessels. The new dual-console 269 DC offers the same comfort and luxury that has built the brand’s stellar reputation, w
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