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Boost your IMMUNITY
The recent surge in Covid-19 cases across Australia has made us all more concerned about our health, and as we head into autumn we are also grappling with the usual bugs and illnesses that flourish with a change of season. Unfortunately, cooler temp
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Self-care Through The Decades
Self-care is all about paving the way for a future brimming with health and vitality… and it’s never too late to start taking care of number one. With a few tweaks you can harness your body’s potential at every age to keep you good shape to come. Rea
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An Eastern feast
» SERVES 4 AS A MAIN OR 6 AS A SIDE Echoes of the Greek dish moussaka are correctly heard here, both in the name and the feel of the dish. It’s a vegetarian take on the hearty, humble, healthy and completely delicious traybake. It works well either
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Beyond Compare
What first sparked the idea for This Is Me? Julie: This is Me came to life when I realised that body issues were becoming a topic of conversation for my daughters. I felt a pang of concern, as at that time they were both still in primary school. Ha
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Tired and worried following an unexpected trip to the doctor’s after her daughter developed a “rash from head to toe”, when Good Health & Wellbeing catches up with small-screen stunner Carrie Bickmore, it’s clear that her child isn’t the only one Car
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Keep Breathing
You’d be surprised how many of us don’t breathe in a healthy way – either holding our breath or shallow breathing – and the negative effects are cumulative, so it’s worth paying attention to it now. Place coloured sticky dots around your house as a r
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You have probably heard of cauliflower pizza base, but what about broccoli pizza base? Well, if you love the cauliflower version, you are going to love my green goodness pizza with its broccoli base. It’s just as tasty as a cauliflower base, still lo
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Pure Fiji Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque, $39, is a new fruit enzyme mask designed to restore radiance, purify, and rejuvenate the skin. Enriched with vitamins A, B, C and E, it is high in antioxidants and suitable for dry, dehydrated, ageing, hyperp
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Health Now
Researchers have likened brunch to the equivalent of jet-lag, saying the digression from a regular eating schedule can be as disruptive as the body confusion of changing from one time zone to another. In particular, our Sunday brunch could be linked
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Listen To Your Heart
Early heart disease usually has no symptoms and you may not be aware that you are at risk. So see your doctor regularly to ensure your heart is healthy and to assess your risk. Blood test results will identify whether you have high (more than 15 perc
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Ask The Expert
Could you suggest some recipes using Greek-style yoghurt? »A Try the following: Mix the yoghurt with a squeeze of lime juice and use instead » of sour cream on burritos, nachos and tacos Combine with Dijon mustard and use in sandwiches, » salads, g
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Ask The Expert
My teen is rejecting me as a parent. How do I reconnect? A Your teen is no longer a child, so you need to connect with them as a young adult. Try: » Communicating differently. For example, let them know the reasons behind your rules. » Give them pr
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Carrie’s Quick-fix Poke Bowls
“This is a regular for me and my kids. We’ll often make our own little poke bowls - which they love - using noodles or rice, veggies, some salmon, and whatever else is in the fridge. I’ll arrange the ingredients on different plates, and then have som
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How To Eat…
Dietitian Bronwen Greenfield says: » This is when your metabolism starts to decline, so focusing on portion control, increased protein, and high-fibre and low-GI foods can make it easier to prevent any unwanted weight gain. » Eating a wide variety o
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Give it A REST
Sometimes if we become too focused on hitting our fitness goals, we can forget that rest is also important. Instead of giving it our all every day, the best way to stay on track is to let our bodies recuperate by incorporating active recovery days in
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In your DREAMS
When you’re in urgent need of a creative idea or an answer to a niggling problem, going to bed and switching off for the day is not usually the solution that first springs to mind. But when a surprising number of major scientific breakthroughs and ar
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Carrie’s Favourite Things
“This blush is perfect for the weekend when I am tired and can’t be bothered putting makeup on. It has a beautiful shimmer in it.” “It’s my happy p›ace. There is something about the sand and the sound of the waves that makes me feel free and conte
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Work Out Your Health Numbers
Your 30s is a good time to start monitoring blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar numbers to identify the need to take action to improve your heart health. High blood pressure and/or high cholesterol often have no symptoms, so you may not reali
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Meet The Trainer
Mercedes Schindler is a former ballerina and founder of Physique, offering ballet-based workouts for better mind and body. She has a diploma in classical ballet, has worked with renowned ballet companies such as English National Ballet and has worked
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Hit the GROUND
I wiggle my toes and bury my feet deeper in the cool sand. Foamy, salty water washes around my ankles and trickles into the holes made by my toes. I breathe in. I breathe out. In that one breath cycle, life already feels more peaceful. This is gr
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We’ve been hearing about the benefits of probiotics for a few years now, but recently an influx of probiotics, marketed specifically towards women, have hit the shelves. The question that you might be asking is, do women really need different probiot
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How To Eat…
Bronwen Greenfield says: » Menopause is a time of rapid bone loss, so calcium needs to be increased around this age bracket. Food sources of calcium include dairy foods like milk, yoghurt and cheese as well as plant-based sources like nuts, seeds, ta
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Ballet Body
If you want to know how to hone a lithe, supple body, who better to ask than a dancer? With a decade of experience as a pro ballerina in some of the world’s most renowned ballet companies, Mercedes Schindler knows first-hand the results you can get a
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Five Ways To Ground
Stressed at work? Get back to balance by grounding on your break. Just go outside, find a nice piece of grass or dirt, kick off your shoes and let your feet do the work. Putting your toes in the sand or splashing in the sea is a way to quickly absor
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Changing The Rules
Tough love is defined as the act of deliberately not showing too much kindness to someone who has a problem so that the person will start to solve their own problem; of treating another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the lo
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Shine Bright
Introducing the new Oral-B 3DWhite Whitening Therapy with Coconut Oil. Inspired by nature, it combines Active Mineral Complex™ technology with coconut oil to gently cleanse and remove surface stains for a whiter smile, and nourish teeth to reminerali
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TIME: 30 SECONDS EACH SIDE BENEFITS: WORKS YOUR LEGS, GLUTES, CORE, SHOULDERS, BALANCE AND STABILITY. 1 Keeping the kettlebell in front of your chest, take a large step out to the side with your left leg and lower into a side lunge, pushing your bo
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Your Stars For May
Think about your love life and what you need to move on from. For example, did you have a hurtful lover in the past who made you put up barriers that are stopping you from loving with an open heart now? The Full Moon in your Love Zone makes May the p
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TAKE A Stand
After a long-haul flight or a big journey on the road, shaking out that stiff feeling when you finally get to stretch your legs is enough of an indicator that sitting for hours on end is not good for the body. Yet for many of us, we don’t think twice
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Ask The Expert
I’ve been feeling very tired lately. Will B12 injections help? A Vitamin B12 is required for making red blood cells and for the brain and nervous system to function properly. B12 is found in animal products, so low B12 can occur in vegans and oral s
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