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Ace Your Space
• Dedicate a spot to exercise Hint: you may not need as much space as you think. If you’re doing Pilates or yoga, you might only need room for an exercise mat. • Set the tone If you want to feel inspired, don’t choose the darkest nook in the room for
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All nuts can lower risk of heart disease by reducing overall cholesterol, but according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, walnuts go one step further. The study followed 600 participants for two years a
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Have A Better Workout
Don’t focus on how you are feeling if you are tired – distract yourself. If you keep telling yourself you feel tired, bored or just not in the right frame of mind, you’ll focus on the negatives and be tempted to cut your workout short. Look at a news
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Look Ahead And Take Back Control
Sometimes the best thing to do is look forward and leave the past where it belongs. 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, but as we move into the new year, let’s hope for better things. With 49 per cent of women saying they feel anxious, ou
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Ideal if you can’t get hold of any weights during current restrictions – this cheap yet surprisingly sturdy band has received good reviews online. Slender Plan by Superdrug Powerband is the ideal training tool to help you increase strength and stabil
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Change Your Food Mindset
Having a poor mindset where food is concerned can hinder your weight-loss goals. However much you want to lose weight and improve your health, if you don’t have your head in the right place, you won’t achieve your aims. You may do well for a few days
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Behind The Scenes At Wf This Month...
The lowdown on the latest fitness trends P44 Foods that can reduce your injury risk P70 Is social media harming your mental health? P86 We’re online! Visit womensfitness.co.uk
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Be The Best Version Of You
New year, fresh start? Let’s hope so. None of us could have imagined how 2020 would turn out, but it’s time to put the past behind us and move forward with our fitness goals. Or maybe 2020 wasn’t so bad for you after all. Maybe you discovered the con
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Are You Really Hungry?
Meghan Foulsham from Fresh Fitness Food (freshfitnessfood.com) says it’s a good idea to identify your individual hunger cues. ‘Having a growling stomach is not the only sign that you’re hungry,’ she says. ‘Hunger can often manifest in a variety of wa
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Women's Fitness
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What’s Hot In 2021?
The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our daily routines, jobs, mental health and fitness habits in 2020. The restrictions introduced to cope with the global pandemic may have even changed the way we exercise in 2021… and possibly also for
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Eat To Avoid Injury Risk
When all is going well with your fitness regimen and you’re managing to balance work, rest and play, all is well with the world. But when injury strikes – a twist, a sprain or a torn muscle – it can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under yo
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Meet The Team
Christine is a performance nutritionist, chef, author and keen runner. She runs online programmes and works with athletes.christinebailey.co.uk Elle is a Naturopath, a College of Naturopathic Medicine graduate and microbiome specialist with 30 years
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The Best Of The Rest
Home gyms will no longer only be for the rich and famous. With the threat of restrictions still looming, many fitness fans will ditch costly gym memberships and instead invest their money into kitting out garages and spare rooms with the latest at-ho
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We Want To Improve How We Help You
Women’s Fitness aims to support you to achieve your fitness goals and help you live your best life. We work hard to bring you the best content, but please help us make Women’s Fitness better by completing our survey here or online at womensfitness.co
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About You
I was interested to read your article Alcohol & You: Are You Too Close? (Winter issue). A former work colleague once commented that we fall into two categories – being either a “drink” or a “food” person. I think there is some truth in that. I have s
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Work Up A Sweat!
Working out from home has never been easier. Just grab a mat, find plenty of floor space and make sure you’re wearing a good sports bra. For each exercise, you’ll need to perform two sets – do each exercise for 40 seconds, have a 20-second rest perio
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Fuel Up!
The benefits of watercress are endless. It’s rich in vitamin A (good for eye health and immune function) and vitamin C (beneficial for growth, development and repair of body tissues), and calcium (good for bone health), iron (beneficial for energy le
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Do You Work Out More For Mental Or Physical Benefits?
‘I used to do it more for physical reasons, but this year exercise is important for my mental wellbeing.’ Joanne Miller ‘I started out for physical health, but I keep going for mental health.’ Kate Wood ‘Both. One definitely leads to the other.
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When you’re trying to lose weight, cutting the calories and upping your workouts can go a long way to helping you achieve your goal, but yoga goes one step further. Not only does it help you tone up all over, yoga brings your mind and body back into
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Women’s Emotional Wellbeing Suffers
Lockdown has taken a greater toll on women’s wellbeing than men’s, according to new research. A study from natural supplements brand Neubria (neubria.com) revealed that half (49 per cent) of the female population have described themselves as feeling
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Fit Buzz
Wearing new fitness kit can help you ‘get into character’ so you feel more mentally prepared and focused for your workouts. So why not invest in a few pieces from Tide + Seek’s new activewear collection? Launching on January 1, you’ll find leggings,
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More Information
Eve has been practising yoga and meditation for 25 years, and t’ai chi for 10 years. She is a qualified homeopath and massage practitioner, and studied to become a yoga teacher with Triyoga. Her work is grounded in an appreciation of inner calm as a
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Stay Positive
We’ve all been badly hit by the pandemic – those of us who haven’t caught the virus have been mentally affected by the stresses and restrictions it has brought – but fortunately, there are some things you can do to boost your mindset and be more posi
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"I Love Motivating Others,,
Andrea created Xtend Barre in 2008 in order to combine the benefits of dance with Pilates and cardio for a heart-raising, core-improving diverse workout. Xtend Barre for Openfit is a 30-minute stream-at-home version of Xtend Barre, her popular studio
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In The Swing Of It
Kettlebell training combines weight training with high-intensity cardio while burning fat. It will help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, as you’ll feel your heart rate go up, and can also help you improve your muscular strength, endurance and
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Get Outside And Enjoy Nature
New research from i2 Media Research at Goldsmiths University of London, on behalf of plant brand Veggie Bites, revealed that the following can increase positive emotions: water (sea, lakes and rivers), waterfalls (73 per cent of participants felt mor
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Smash Your Workout Goals
The start of a new year often inspires us to rethink our fitness goals, so whether you want to lose weight, improve your fitness or train for a virtual race, now’s the perfect time to evaluate your workouts. Perhaps you enjoy your current regime but
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How To Start Running
If you are new to running, it’s important to set small and achievable goals so that you have a positive experience from the start. ‘Becoming a runner is about progressing from being somebody who struggles with the concept of going for a run, to being
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What’s your METABOLIC AGE?
Resolved to whittle your waistline in 2021? You’re not alone – YouGov data shows that nearly 50 per cent of us vow to lose weight in the new year. This year, there’s a huge impetus to get slim, thanks to reports showing that being of a healthy weight
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