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Dear Reader, The world today is not the same one we lived in when the seeds for this issue were sown. Now, facing perhaps the greatest crisis of our lifetime, we sit forced apart, enduring losses professional, personal, unimaginable due to the corona
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Championing Medical Marijuana
Elizabeth Cramer Ernst is the founder of Hamptons Medi-Spa and one of the most notable medical cannabis practitioners on the East Coast. Hamptons Medi-Spa is a telemedicine site and service which grew out of Elizabeth’s passion helping her patients o
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Girls Who Dab
Dabbing is NOT a Dance The first time my sister saw me dab, she thought I took something more than THC. When I called out that it was a dab, she smiled and immediately threw her arms up and said, “Oh, like the dance?” No sis, not the dance. “The Dab
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Good Influences: Women On The Move
From social media to broadcast comedy, community events to marketing bonanzas, the new avenues for expression in cannabis are growing to encompass every aspect of modern life. What makes an “influencer”? Is it a special passion that imbues her platfo
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Creative Director & Design Samuel C. Long Executive Editor Jaime Lubin Neha Mulay Keyanah Nurse Elise Bortz Jessica Bern Courtney Connolly Riley McGraw Hart Candice Lola Nikki Frias Rina Lokaj Cecilia Leigh Howard James Litkett Shawanna Vaughn Arthur
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We’ve all heard the statistics about women in business - that just barely a third of cannabis companies have women at executive levels, that only a shocking two percent of pitches from female entrepreneurs receive venture capital funding in a given y
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Ecosytem Thinking
If you are in the cannabis space, you most likely know Barbara “Bobbi” Koz Paley. Bobbi is a Force. A force of nature, a force in cannabis, in the art world and in any group setting where you may find her. We at Honeysuckle’s Honey Pot have been bles
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Elevated Elegance: Cannabis-inspired Kind Fine Jewelry
Shella Eckhouse is a confident woman who can reassure you and inspire you to radiate your own badassery. With over 20 years of business experience as a graduate gemologist crafting the finest quality jewelry, Eckhouse knows what she’s doing. Her most
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A Conversation with Sally Nichols
Sally Nichols, the President of Sales and Distribution at Bloom Farms, is a vibrant, compassionate, and keyed-in entrepreneur. She spoke to Honey Pot about the personal challenges she has faced, as well as her commitment to social responsibility, wom
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Hot off the Presses: Media Champions
The business of information has never been so crucial as in the world of cannabis. Where major media moguls once conspired to take the plant down (we’re looking at you, William Randolph Hearst!), in the twenty-first century new voices have emerged, r
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With A Bhang!
Jamie Pearson answers my phone call while mid-sentence with her children. She’s well versed in the management technique every multitasking mother employs, she can tend to more than one person with the same sentences. “You know how it is with kids,” P
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My Courtship of Cannabis
She’s an amazing plant. You can learn a lot from a plant. For the past four years I’ve been hanging out with cannabis plants. I have a bit of a maternal streak which seems to translate well to animals and plants (children, I am not so sure), and I’ve
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Ricki Lake: Family Values And New Adventures With Weed The People
“Hey, Nadya, it’s Ricki!” exclaimed the voice on the other end of the phone. I don’t think I had heard someone sound that genuinely excited to speak to me in a while. Either I need to get a new circle of friends, or Ricki Lake is really this nice. Th
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Coronavirus And Cannabis: Life Under A Global Pandemic
As COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, ravages the globe, it’s become impossible to find anyone who hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. Schools shift to online, as do businesses (unless they close entirely). Citizens everywhere are confined to quarant
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STONER GIRLS: A history of Exploitation
Sex sells; everybody knows it. American corporations have used feminine sex appeal to attract customers for decades, enabling misogyny and the objectification of women to run rampant in Western society. Massive substance corporations in the U.S. have
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Cannabis Astrology
Surprised, Aries? You’re used to charging full steam ahead, but 2020 is going to be a year of learning balance and patience. This perfectly measured hybrid, 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa, reflects the exact tightrope act you’ll need to walk
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Under the Female Influence: Laganja Estranja on Gender, Cannabis, and Art
If you look closely at the emblem of artist Laganja Estranja —which depicts a perfectly manicured hand with acrylic nails pinching an imaginary blunt—you can see the confluence of two important forces in society: femininity and cannabis. Like the mes
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Becoming Dr. Virago noun 1: a loud overbearing woman: TERMAGANT 2: a woman of great stature, strength, and courage Courtesy of Merriam-Webster When Ronit Pinto (Honey Pot’s founder) asked me to be Honey Pot’s centerfold model, I was thrilled. The ide
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Centerfold II Sex Work Covid-19 and Cannabis: A Woman’s View
As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on the U.S. economy, the Small Business Association (SBA) is offering a welcome solution. Small businesses, classified as U.S. business owners employing fewer than 500 people, sole proprietors, and independent con
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Black Pioneers
Before the “War on Drugs” during Nixon’s reign and Reagan’s campaign of “Just say no’, cannabis was used as a utility for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately with its negative connotations towards racial identity and systemic oppression, black and brown com
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Wanda James’ Secret Super Power
The Women Grow Leadership Summit: a liberating and empowering forum established by the largest national network for women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Held in Washington, D.C. for the first time after years in the Southwest and West Coast,
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Rising Up
When Gia Morón came to Women Grow (WG) in 2015, she counted only five people of color in the room. Today, WG is recognized as the preeminent national networking organization for women in cannabis, and Morón, an award-winning communications executive,
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It’s A Vase, It’s A Bong!
Doreen Sullivan, owner and creator of MY BUD VASE, is an amazing female “canna-preneur” unwilling to take no for an answer. With over thirty years of product development experience, she knew what it would take to make awe-inspiring and trend-setting
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Female Scientists
“I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy,” said Marie Curie when she accepted her Nobel Prizes at the turn of the twentieth century. Over one hundred years later, her spiritual successors find a lot to battle in the cannabis
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New York Decriminalizes People
In the past ten years, cannabis has grown to be seen less like a drug and more like the plant that it is. No longer something for hippies and junkies, it’s instead socially accepted and celebrated amongst many. Along with this shift in attitude has b
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Prison * Pot * Process
Marijuana use in prison can be broken down to medical and recreational. It is important to note that all categories of marijuana use are banned in New York state prisons at this time. There is no medical or recreational reason that can or will justif
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Hypocrisy in the UK: An Activist's Tale
In the UK for the Product Earth Expo (PEX) (August 23-25), we were impressed by a panel of British activists moderated by Greg de Hoedt, chairman of UK Cannabis Social Clubs (a nonprofit offering guidance to consumers, social clubs, politicians and p
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We Can End Post Traumatic Prison Disorder
WE CAN! Shawanna Vaughn is a nationally renowned human rights advocate and the founder of Silent Cry Inc., a nonprofit providing resources to families of incarcerated people and those suffering from poverty-induced trauma. She is on a mission to esta
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Drug Menace…Marijuana
Rouse is a U.S. Fulbright Scholar and the co-founder of Anavii Market, an online CBD oil marketplace specializing in quality, lab-tested hemp products. As the host of the “Anslinger” podcast, she unpacks the origins of cannabis prohibition, through t
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Just Take A Toke Newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, whose media empire once reached 20 million subscribers, was one of Anslinger’s most important allies. While many of the outlandish tales about the excesses of Hearst’s “yellow journalism” ar
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