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Use Cases For The Pico
While a fully fledged Raspberry Pi like the Zero is more powerful, there are many reasons why you’d want the Pico for certain projects. It boots quickly and doesn’t require a safe shutdown when powering off, so you can just turn it on and go. It uses
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In Brief
Another entry on the growing list of distros based on Arch Linux, Garuda puts in a lot of effort to tame the rolling release distro and make it suitable for the average desktop user. It pays special attention to maximise performance, and to ship with
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Share Your Mind-maps
Freeplane is built for sharing with others. You can print your mind-map (choose View>Outline view first to make larger, sprawling maps more readable on paper), or explore the File>Export options. You’ll find lots of options here – Java Applet is a go
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P4 Remotely Possible
If you have an SSH server running on your current machine then you can use Libvirt’s qemu+ssh:// protocol to use your virtual machines remotely, in just the same way as you’d use a remote desktop tool such as RDP for Windows or the cross-platform VNC
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Important Notice!
DEFECTIVE DISCS: For basic help on running the disc or in the unlikely event of your Linux Format coverdisc being in any way defective, please visit our support site at Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer advice on us
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Raspberry Pi Pico
Raspberry Pi has a history of disrupting the status quo. In 2012, the first $35 Raspberry Pi offered a low-cost entry into a market of single-board computers that was dominated by boards costing in excess of $100. The Raspberry Pi Pico, the latest bo
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Game Engines
So, you may ask, what is a game engine? Generally speaking, it’s an integrated environment that enables you to – you’ve guessed it – make video games. If you’ve ever wanted to produce your own game then this might be the best period in history to giv
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Virtual Linux In Seconds
VirtualBox is easy to find in Ubuntu’s Software Centre, or in your distro’s repos. If you’re running Windows or macOS, grab it from and install it. Fire it up and click the New button in the toolbar. Come up with a name for you
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Virtual Graphics
We briefly alluded to VirtIO graphics earlier, and you may have spotted the 3D acceleration checkbox in Virtmanager’s video settings. You might not have noticed that there’s an OpenGL box in the Display Spice section, and you’ll need to check it (and
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Version: 2.4 Web: Despite the fact that the golden years of file-sharing networks are long gone, the technology is still in use and has its own community. EiskaltDC++ 2.4 is the latest major release of this
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Making Connections
Node hierarchies work on a parent/sibling/child basis. First, select the node you wish to create a relationship from, then do one of three things: choose Insert> New node, right-click the existing node and select Add node; press a key or key combo: I
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RebornOS 2020.12.28
There are several distros that want to extend the flexibility of Arch Linux to the average desktop user without inundating them with endless options. Manjaro is our current favourite (LXF246), and the now-defunct Antergos was another. In many aspects
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Faster Firefox
Firefox 84 ( ) brings hardware acceleration by default for some Linux users. We say ‘some’, because the situation is a little complicated… Essentially, WebRender is enabled for Gnome/, while Gnome/Wayland support wil
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Programming Environment And GUI
All game engines use a system of programming of some kind, whether it’s a traditional programming language, a visual scripting system or both. You can come into game development with some programming experience that you can adapt to game programming,
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Letter Of The Month
I’ve been upset ever since Ubuntu decided to ditch 32-bit and I’ve hunted round high and low for a replacement based on Debian (which isn’t giving up on 32-bit) with the Mate desktop which is my favourite. Then I came across Sparky Linux which looked
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Distro Watch
A new snapshot has been released of this FreeBSD-based operating system, which includes a cleanup of packages, including LibreOffice and Telegram now being removed from the default selection. This will mean the live file system will work on PCs with
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2D Workflow And Features
All of the engines that we’ve examined in the month’s Roundup have at least some capability in the area of making a 2D game. Godot and Unity are both strong in this area. However, the workflow in Unity is somewhat complex, as with every area of that
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Get To Know The Eiskaltdc++ Interface
Eiskaltc++ works best when the Active connection type is set. You might need to set up NAT rules on the router to generate a successful connection. If you know the hub’s address, use the Quick Connect button. Adding the hub to favourites enables you
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QEMU, KVM And The Other Ones
Virtual Box and VMWare, with their friendly GUIs, are great tools for spinning up VMs on whatever OS you happen to be running at the time. They also both have command line interfaces, and VMWare Pro has all kinds of enterprise management features. So
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3D Workflow And Features
This could be a controversial opinion, but the consensus among professionals in the gaming industry seems to be that Unreal is ahead of the others when it comes to cutting-edge 3D graphics technology. One advantage is that many of the high-end featur
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Beyond Chess
AlphaZero’s predecessor, AlphaGo, became the first AI to defeat elite players of the ancient game of Go in 2016. Go is in a sense ‘simpler’ than chess, since there aren’t different pieces to worry about (it’s played with black and white counters). Be
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Wasteland 3
My squad of hardened wasteland warriors charges into battle alongside a goat, a swearing parrot, a cyborg chicken, and a cat who wears a little military hat. They may sound a little goofy, but by the end of the game that cat was one of the most consi
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Ticket To Ride
The name Kerberos (Ceberos) is based on Greek mythology and refers to the three-headed guard dog of Hades, gatekeeper to the underworld. In our technical world it’s a system that essentially manages secure access to resources. In the current scenario
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Orchestrating with Xen
The distinction between Type 1 hypervisors (being minimal OSes designed only to host VMs) and those of Type 2 (which run VMs inside a regular operating system) can get a little muddy. KVM, which userspace programs like VirtualBox and QEMU can use, mi
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Garuda Linux 210101
Garuda Linux is a fairly new distribution that started out as a custom Manjaro build with several changes, such as performance enhancements. The distro puts out over a dozen ISOs, each based on different desktops. The interesting thing is that all of
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Passing On The Knowledge
Computer science and coding came to my home via the English Channel. My first steps were on a ZX Spectrum in the 1980s. The discovery of this machine, which required me to type commands just to load a game, left a deep impression on me. From there, m
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Q Sleepy server I’ve upgraded my little home server box to Ubuntu 20.04. It’s set to go into sleep mode and I use a phone-based Wake-on-LAN app to wake it up when I need it again. This used to work fine even when the system on rare occasion needed a
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New To Linux? Start Here…
Never used a Linux before? Here are some handy resources: Read our quick-install guide Looking for an answer? Want to delve more deeply? ■
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Rescuezilla 2.1
Rescuezilla, like the project it’s forked from, is one of the simplest tools to use. The Live CD boots straight into the graphical interface that offers buttons to either back up or restore an image and clicking takes you through a simple wizard. Whe
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The Avhrr Sensor
The NOAA polar orbiting satellites carry an on-board instrument called the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR). You can think of this as a camera, although it’s substantially different from regular cameras. In particular the sensor isn’t
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