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101 Ideas
A trusty double-breasted coat is the fastest route to warmth Chunky, oversized knits add attitude A faux-leather trench is weather-proof, timeless and made for sheltering beneath Brighten moody winter hues with white jeans that span the seasons A sof
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In 2014, Jess Cerro, aka Montaigne, was in her family’s kitchen in the Sydney suburb of Kellyville when she got the first taste of her future. “We were watching Eurovision on our small television that hung in the corner,” she remembers. “I have this
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The Edit
Vida Glow’s new daily ingestible ampoule works like its topical serum counterparts to improve skin’s water retention. Ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid is cocktailed with vitamin C and zinc to relieve dry and irritated skin from top to toe. As the temp
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It’s 1975, and the head of the English Department at the University of California, Berkeley is waiting for Joan Didion to arrive for dinner. He doesn’t know much about the magazine writer and novelist who spent her formative years at Berkeley, trudgi
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The Night That Changed Me
The party was in Sydney, in an apartment full of people I didn’t know. Beautiful people, funny people, smart people. A friend, Penny, had dragged me along. I do remember what I was wearing. I’ll always remember that, I suppose. Earlier that year I’d
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SEX, Revisited
It’s been 23 years since Carrie Bradshaw’s married friend exposed himself to her in the Hamptons. It was the catalyst for a cock of her famous curls and the musing: “Is there a secret cold war between marrieds and singles?” While the intervening deca
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Supermodel Kate Moss is having an interior design moment. If ever there was proof style extends beyond the wardrobe surely she is it. In the spirit of shifting focus and changing environments, we visualise the overseas travel destinations we’ve been
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Sorry, not Sorry
Anna Sorokin, baby-faced con artist, is pouting and hair-flicking as the photographer snaps away. Fresh from prison, the so-called “fake heiress” is in her element: assistants are fussing over her, she’s head to toe in designer clothes and best of al
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Timeless Luxury
It’s one of the most enduring legacies of the late Karl Lagerfeld’s reign at Chanel. In the 1980s, the prolific designer decided to revitalise one of Coco Chanel’s most iconic designs – the 2.55 bag that she launched in 1955. The result? The famed 11
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Wander LUST
WITH JULIA GRE EN, GRE ENHOUSE INTERIORS Interior stylist Julia Green may live on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsular, but her heart and soul are in Morocco. Pre-pandemic, she hosted tours of her other heartland, focused on its colours, style and flavou
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Carolyn Murphy
“My first memory of Estée Lauder is from my nana’s vanity, where she had her perfumes and gold tubes of lipstick organised. I would play dress-up, put on her red lipstick and spray on White Linen perfume – probably too much of both! “I have so many s
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The Italian photographer Franco Fontana has been revolutionising landscape photography since the 1960s. His highly saturated abstract images, in which crops and fields appear as flat bands of colour devoid of any semblance of the realism usually expe
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The Depths Of DELPY
When Julie Delpy was nine, she wrote a story about motherhood. “I was obviously far from being a mother, but I’ve always been obsessed with parenting and children,” she says. Forty-two years after penning that piece, Delpy has written, directed and s
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We constantly apologise for things. And when we say we, we mean one of us in particular … we shall call her Claire (because that’s her name). In fact, when she rings people on the phone she’s even been known to say, “Hello, sorry!” and when she needs
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Kate Moss
Morning-after sequins, boho florals and flapper-era fringe. High-end handbags mixed with flea market trinkets. Ballet flats, bed hair and a devil-may-care attitude. It all boils down to just two words: Kate Moss. In the mid-’90s, the British supermod
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Get The Look
Emulate Isla Fisher’s pretty tonal makeup by keeping eyes, cheeks and lips in the same colour family – and working with blendable cream and liquid formulations. A cream blush is a great way to warm up cheekbones while keeping skin looking natural, th
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I was stopped at a fork in the road looking for a sign. Should I turn left and press ahead with my trip to Sydney despite a once-in-a-century flood closing the highway? Or should I veer right to stay put on the New South Wales Mid-North Coast and res
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“My Dad, The Sperm Donor”
Donated sperm has allowed thousands of families in Australia to have the babies they always dreamt of. But the unregulated origins of the industry, combined with the rise of online sperm swapping and secrecy, means the process is anything but perfect
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Accidental killers
Theresa Ruf didn’t mean for it to happen. She didn’t see the man until after she hit him; even then, she saw the blood and the crumpled motorcycle first. The 42-year-old had been driving home in Illinois one evening in June 2012 when the sun blinded
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Show Stoppers
When Harry Styles slings a Gucci Jackie 1961 bag over his shoulder, you know the world is going to sit up and take notice. He’s sporting a faux-fur coat and floral blouse for an interview with James Corden. Except there’s a twist: this is no ordinary
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Icons who INSPIRE
Right now, Australian women are living through a profound moment of reckoning. And International Women’s Day couldn’t have come at a better time. With Sydney Harbour as the backdrop, marie claire hosted its annual IWD breakfast to celebrate women. Gu
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The Edit
Minimalism meets maximalism with Nuura’s new Mirra pendant light range. The play of light emmitted from the embossed glass bulbs is a total mood. Nuura pendant lights, from $1100 each, at MKZ Architects nailed the artisinal br
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At five-foot-three with her heels kicked off, Isla Fisher knows how to embrace her shortcomings. On the set of our photo shoot, she emerges from the dressing room in an ice-pink Chanel suit that swamps her tiny frame. But no matter for the star, who
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Mane Maintenance
THE SERVICE: K18 Peptide Treatment, from $50. THE DETAILS: Designed to complement hair colour services, the newly launched K18 Peptide treatment repairs heat, colour and chemical-induced damage for soft and strong hair in four minutes flat. There’s a
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The Vanity Diaries
This self-proclaimed beauty junkie keeps her routine simple and organised. “My beauty cupboard is extremely well organised and ready for a shelfie; I am the true definition of a beauty junkie. You can always find in my cupboard Elle Effect The Tan se
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Farewell To An Icon
Many say it’s impossible to imagine the Australian fashion industry without Carla Zampatti, especially as her eponymous label continues to thrive to this day. For 56 years, she remained a mainstay on the style scene by never veering from her core bel
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Golden Girl
Rosé may currently be one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, adored by millions of fans for her sugary sweet vocals and high-octane performances. But she’s equally beloved for her statement-making style: sequinned bodysuits, lashings of leather,
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Back In Time
Remember when we used to have time? When we would go to one trusted place for all our skincare and health needs, where we could talk (and had the time to really talk) to a few select people who knew exactly what we needed? With online stores availabl
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What Lies Beneath
In case you didn’t get the memo, looking after your skin has changed. Once, we were given gold stars for cleansing (A+ for doing it twice), and slathering on an essence, a serum or two and moisturising before applying SPF. But now, there’s a whole ne
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Book Club
This is a debut from one of Australia’s most gifted writers. In her collection of poems and essays, Araluen dissects settler-colonial tropes and national iconography with surgical precision, spinning tales with a wicked sense of dark humour. Think li
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