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Listening to upbeat music will help you recover between bouts of exercise, according to a study published in the journal of the American Psychological Association. The research compared the recovery of men who listened to ‘stimulative’ music, with th
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The Power Of Press-ups
Lockdown was all about getting back to basics. Some started baking sourdough; others rediscovered the joys of jigsaw puzzles. And many, deprived of being able to go to the gym, turned back to press-ups to keep in shape. It makes sense: press-ups were
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Nutrition News
Loss of muscle mass as you age can lead to frailty and reduced quality of life, so building muscle and maintaining it as you get older is a good idea – and vitamin D could help. Recent research from the University of East Anglia shows that older peop
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Male Suicide
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“I Committed To 100 Press-ups A Day”
“As a New Year’s Resolution, I committed to doing 100 press-ups every day, without fail,” says 42-year-old Matt Curry. “I switch up the format: one day will be max reps, the next will be one every five seconds, then the next a straight five sets of 2
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Rules Golden
All fruits and veg contain health-enhancing nutrients. But while the five-a-day mantra is good at encouraging people to eat more fresh produce in general, if you want to get the most out of your training, and support your fat-burning and muscle-build
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Lifting heavy won’t only add size and strength, it will also rev up your metabolism and may even boost your sex life. Big lifts increase the production of the muscle-making, libido-boosting androgen hormone and improve its flow through the body. Fo
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“I Started To Get More Toned In My Arms And Chest”
“I usually swim six days a week,” says 33-year-old Scott McGlynn. “I knew I had to keep up some kind of fitness in lockdown, so I turned to daily press-ups to keep my upper body active – to keep working out my arms, chest and stomach. I noticed that
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Prime Moves
Aproper warm-up is a vital part of any workout, because strength means nothing if your body isn’t in the correct position to maximise its energy output. Equally, efficient movements ensure good endurance by limiting the effect they have on your cardi
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Move Of The Month
“This exercise focuses primarily on building the vastus medialis oblique (VMO), an inside quad muscle just above the knee, to improve knee stability,” says PT James Stark (pictured). While the depth of the exercise is completely individual, everyone
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Slow Burner
Since the turn of the century, the fitness world – this magazine included – has been fixated on fast and furious fat loss. HIIT is the neatly packaged, time-efficient alternative to hour-long cardio sessions. It’s quick, accessible and guaranteed to
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Strong And Supple
Do 10 reps of each exercise. Complete 3 sets in total. In a high plank position, step your right foot towards the outside of your right hand. Move your right elbow inside towards your right foot, then rotate and reach for the ceiling. Return to the
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Advanced Protocols
WHAT: Multiple sets of different moves done back to back with little or no rest. In contrast to supersets, which often target antagonistic (opposing) muscles, giant sets are usually composed of four or five moves targeting one part of the body. WHY:
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Anti Principles -hiit
ADJUST ACCORDINGLY Tweak the reps, rest and session length (20-45 mins) according to your aerobic fitness level. NASAL-ONLY BREATHING “This is a far more efficient way of breathing and will do wonders for your health over time,” says Hanrahan. “It
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Ultimate Abs
REPS: 20 REST: Straight to 1b Lie on your back, extend your legs and hover them about an inch off the floor. Place your fingers on your temples. Bring one knee up towards your chest and twist your torso so that the opposite elbow comes over. Lower bo
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Preview Picture
Andrzej Bargiel trains in La Garve, a ski resort in the French Alps, in 2018. Later that year, the Polish ski mountaineer redefined his sport by doing the ‘impossible’: completing the first solo descent of K2, the second highest – and second deadlies
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Into The Groove
Cive it to mama!” booms Beyoncé over the heads of a still sleepy Sunday-morning Shoreditch. It’s just gone 9.30am, yet in one corner of East London’s party district things have taken on a distinctly hi-NRG vibe, as the Freemasons remix of ‘Green Ligh
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Great Guns
“The key to growing any muscle is to make it work harder,” says Adam Gethin, founder of online PT company Creating Physiques. “Beating your arms up with curls might provide a good pump, but they won’t keep growing in the long-term.” Instead, a full-b
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Run Prep
“Running injuries often occur due to a lack of strength, in line with overuse,” says Harvey Lawton, founder of The Movement Blueprint. “Insufficient strength will lead the body to create shortcuts to enable it to function, invariably resulting in pai
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Digi Dancing
From beginner to professional and in a variety of styles, this West End stalwart offers something for everyone via Instagram and Zoom. These prerecorded and streamed sessions offer a range of HIITbased classes guaranteed to get you
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To Achieve The Impossible
On 19 July 2018, Polish ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel left base camp on K2 – the second highest and arguably most dangerous mountain in the world – for an expedition that would redefine modern mountaineering. All previous attempts by elite free ski
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Hit The Slopes
Now is the perfect time to pick up a ski-holiday bargain. Many resorts have dropped their prices due to the impact of the pandemic and the warmer winters are more welcoming than ever, especially to beginners and improvers. An all-in-one activity, sk
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Matters Mobility
“This stretch is hugely important for anyone who either spends a lot of time in a seated position or who suffers from mild back pain,” says Ames. • Lower down to a kneeling position with your right knee on the floor or a mat, and your left foot on
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Hidden Gems
The life story of one of the most charismatic and likeable golfers of all time. Seve Ballesteros was a golf-obsessed young boy who used to skip school to practice on the local beaches with his only club – a 3-iron – in the small village of Padrena, n
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Top Tips
Like all sports, ski fitness has its own special requirements. To avoid serious pain after your first day on the slopes, work on your core, lower back and leg muscles before you travel. You might want to have some lessons on a dry ski slope before
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Worth Its Salt
In the summer of 2014, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton – grandson of the first man to fly over Mount Everest – was in a spot of bother. Floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean, he and the rest of the six-man rowing crew were battered, beaten and bereft of
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Twenty’s Plenty
Complete 12 reps (calories for the air bike and row) of each exercise. Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. Position the bar across your upper-back, with feet shoulder-width apart. Brace your core, hinge at the hips and squat down, keep
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Kit Check
Aimed at improving skiers, this versatile ski is made of graphene with a wood composite core. ‘You can put the foot down on piste, or smoothly master off-piste terrain,’ says Head. ‘In the process, you will become a better skier.’ Cold hands can r
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Wheels Of Fortune
Driven by the coronavirus lockdown, bike sales surged in 2020, meaning there’s a good chance that if you weren’t already a paid-up member of the lycra brigade, you’re now the proud owner of a shiny new set of wheels. As the warm summer days turn to c
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Editor’s Letter
At the start of lockdown (the original) – in a state of mild panic that my gym was out of bounds and, with it, the cornerstone of my fitness routine for the past decade – I baked a lovely lemon drizzle cake and bought a PlayStation. I also committed
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