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Make Gains Under The Winter Sun
YOUR MONTHLY DOWNLOAD OF THE LATEST LIFE ENHANCING RESEARCH IT SEEMS THAT trendy indoor boot camps – even with their strobe lights and thumping house music – are no match for simple workouts in the local park. Of course, we support a post-COVID retur
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The Polymaths Hall Of Fame
Philosopher with work spanning physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics, poetry, politics, meteorology and geology, among others Painter, draughtsman, engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor, architect Naturalist, geologist and biologist Mathematician,
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Stand Up Guy
THIS IS GENUINELY the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done and that includes I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. When I did the first season of that show, I had no idea what I was doing. I was flown to Africa and my phone was taken off me. In my min
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Fat Lot Of Good
LBI SKENDERI is speaking to Men’s Health from his studio apartment in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. A road bike leans on a wall, and a punch bag hangs in a corner. Beneath it are a yoga mat, a medicine ball and a few dumbbells. He’s wearing a Hen
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Why We Lie
I NEVER MEANT to be a liar. But once you run out on truth, you tend to keep running. Truth, I learned, is a line, the lie is a sinker, and you are the fisherman. Your thumb on the reel lets the line go. Once the sinker drops, it’s hard to reel in, an
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★ There’s a reason our transformation issues are among the most popular we produce. Despite what popular culture may have us believe, we, as Aussie men, enjoy seeing others succeed and we admire hard work and commitment. We do want to lift each other
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Talking Cures
Sold as an intranasal spray, under the brand name Spravato. How it works: Boosts the connections in your brain, which has an antidepressant effect. Status: Approved by the TGA for treatment of resistant depression in adults. To be taken in conjunctio
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Madison De Rozario
+ THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MADISON DE ROZARIO IN THE FLESH SHE RADIATES a quiet joy, her default expression an ebullient smile. There is no hint of wariness or cynicism – or killer instinct for that matter. Madison de Rozario does things her way. And t
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Beans, Beans, They’re Good For Your Heart
THE SUPERFOODS aisle at a health shop might seem like your safest bet if you’re hoping to eat your way to a longer life. Yet you’ll find the most effective life extender at your local corner shop. According to epidemiologists working for the World He
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Ask The Girls In The Office
The fuss around consent has me spooked. How should I go about initiating intimacy in the early stages of a relationship? -TM Becky: I don’t love the word “fuss”. I don’t think people who want more clarity around consent are fussing. But the fact you’
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The New Tenets Of Training
Artur Zolkiewicz, a level-3 PT and functional movement specialist with celebrity clients, shares the numbers that he trains by. Use them as your guide “I do four weight sessions per week and two cardio sessions; I take one recovery day. This helps me
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Living The Vida Lucha
ONE IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE. ONE WEEK TO TRAIN. GO ALL I SEE IS a crowd of jeering demon faces. There are horned devils, court jesters, Street Fighter villains and, in the corner of my eye, Bane himself. What’s more, they’re all upside down. I’m suspend
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WHETHER ON THE OLYMPIC PODIUM or indeed in life, bronze tends to get a bad rap, forever overshadowed by its fancier siblings, silver and gold. But in the watch world, bronze is enjoying a growing resurgence as a case material, proving that it’s certa
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5 mins on any cardio equipment, 2 mins slow and 3 mins moderate With DBs at sides, palms forward, lift weight on your right arm, then lower. Repeat on left. With DBs at side, palms in, lift weight on your right arm, then lower. Repeat on left. 5 Sets
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The Six-step Nail Fix
1 Always use a nail clipper to cut your nails, especially on the sides close to the skin. 2 File your nails with a nail file. Move the file in one direction. Going back and forth can cause nails to peel. 3 Apply a cuticle remover around the edges of
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Make Triceps Great Again!
READER ADVISORY Following the advice on these pages may put serious strain on your T-shirt sleeves. MH takes no responsibility for any items of clothing that need upsizing. Your triceps have three “heads”, and working each of them is the key to build
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Life In The Fast Lane
THERE ARE TWO TYPES of people in this world: those who get ridiculously excited about racing cars around a track really fast, and those who would get ridiculously excited about it but just don’t know it yet. Before attending the Audi Driving Experien
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Speed Demon
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A Neuroscientist’s Guide To The Brain
The anxiety and isolation of the pandemic are making people drink more. Two or three glasses of wine a week are probably healthy for the brain, but binge drinking for months or years can cause brain shrinkage and short-term-memory problems. Chronic h
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The Road Map To Your Best Body Ever
FOR SOME PEOPLE, the past 12 months or so have presented an opportune time to focus on their fitness. For others, the exact opposite has proven true. Wherever you land on the spectrum, over the next few months, most of us will be deciding whether or
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6am With Bob Odenkirk
THE BRANCH, if you can call it that, extends about 30 centimetres from the tree in Bob Odenkirk’s backyard in Los Angeles, and a few years ago the 58-year-old actor paid no attention to it. But on a sunny autumn morning, he’s staring it down, a wry s
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18 Ways To Build Mental Strength... ...Without Being Told To "Man Up”
Michael Jordan considers himself a failure: by his count, he missed more than 9000 shots. “Twenty-six times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed,” he says. “I’ve failed over and over and over again.” The mentally strong harness
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Acti0n F1gure5
According to Harvard Medical School professor Dr I-Min Lee, the origins of this prevalent figure can be traced back to a Japanese company, whose pedometer is named Manpo-kei, or “10,000-steps-meter” Can you count on it? It’s the default setting on ma
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Actually Good Rom-coms
HILARIOUS THIS WILL GUT YOU Comedians Randall Park and Ali Wong will make you do that weird thing where you laugh so hard you start weeping. Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae go on the run after witnessing a murder. Strange, yes, but awesomely so. Come fo
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Pump Up Your Biceps With Prunes
DESPITE THEIR UNGLAMOROUS association with kick-starting your daily motion, prunes deserve a regular role in your muscle-building plan. Pre-workout shakes are often hit or miss: either they’ll make you feel ready to run through walls, or the face tin
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The Big Macro Meal
WHAT I WANT to do here is to give you some solid guidelines to follow for your whole diet, explained through one of my favourite, go-to post-workout meals. That means we’ll be talking about your macronutrient intake: fats, carbohydrates and protein.
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All Hands
WHY IT HAPPENS: Frequent use of hand sanitiser and washing with harsh soaps strip away the natural oils that protect the top layer of your skin. But if your hands have always felt dehydrated, chronic dryness can also be a symptom of eczema, says New
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Catch Him If You Can
IN THE MASTERPIECE Chariots of Fire, athletics coach Sam Mussabini tells an ambitious young flyer: “You can’t put in what God left out”. Translation: speed is a gift you’re born with and no amount of tuition can turn a good sprinter into a champion.
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Forces To Be Reckoned With
When push comes to shove, pull movements triumph in this tug of war. Though pushing targets your ego-boosting mirror muscles, the reverse activates the larger muscles of your posterior chain for faster, more impressive gains. Start pulling your weigh
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