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10 Quick Questions
1. Historically, which of these tasks were dalmatians often used for in firefighting? ❑ Finding trapped people ❑ Pulling water wagons ❑ Guarding horses❑ Retrieving things from fires 2. Who first recorded a song that begins: “The Mississippi Delta was
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Science And Nature Briefs
1 One billion of the world’s population still smoke tobacco. Smoking and vaping increase the risk of a severe case of Covid-19, should a smoker be infected by the new coronavirus, experts say. Smoking and vaping have been linked to lung inflammation
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Short Take
BAIT directed by MARK JENKIN There is much to admire in this unexpectedly wonderful social-commentary drama about life in a Cornish fishing village made lovingly by local director Mark Jenkin. He wrote, directed and shot it on 16mm black and white fi
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Holy Moly
It’s looking like a typically busy weekend in the most important suburb (Silver Spring, Maryland) of the most important city (Washington, DC) in the world, and yes, we Americans do indeed think highly of ourselves. Friday and Saturday night dinners a
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Tea Total
Honeybush is a cousin of rooibos, and therefore not technically a true tea. Like rooibos, it is cultivated in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and Western Cape provinces. Honeybush has a similar flavour, but is slightly sweeter, and is also caffeine-free.
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Puzzle No 1565 5. What is slang or jargon peculiar to a particular class or group of people? (5) 8. What is a noisy and overexcited reaction greater than its cause merits? (8) 9. What are the internal organs of an animal used as food? (5) 10. What is
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Angels Among Us
After years of sapping drought, the big rivers that cut across the edges of the Outback are filled and flowing. The old towns far out on the plains 800km west of Sydney – Bourke, Walgett, Brewarrina – are lifting from the strangling dry. People can n
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Syrah On A Shoe-string
If you like pinot noir, try the $20 syrahs from the 2018 vintage in Hawke’s Bay. Crafted for early enjoyment from the same grape the Aussies call shiraz, these fragrant, supple reds from a warm growing season that suited this traditional, late-ripeni
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The contest this week was to create a malaphor from two well-known sayings. Andrea Levarre-Waters, Auckland: Drastic times call for a silver lining. Daniel Phillips, Invercargill: Don’t count your chickens before they’ve crossed the road. Yvonne Moos
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Together Alone
Well, it began simply enough. The night before Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the descent into lockdown and a life of being in solitary confinement, several friends arrived at our place and we might have had several wines. Many several. Well
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Out In The Wash
Many people have tired, heavy eyes by the end of the day, but they assume there’s nothing they can do about it. According to Dunedin ophthalmologist Dr Logan Mitchell, they may be surprised at the difference basic eyelid hygiene can make. It’s not co
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Lost in Austen
It is a truth universally acknowledged that Andrew Davies likes to sex up the works of Jane Austen, and so it is with Sanditon (UKTV, Sky 007, Monday, 9.30pm), his adaptation of Austen’s final, unfinished work. Davies has plenty of leeway. Austen fam
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Full House
As I write this, the young German backpacker we adopted for the past few days is on his way to Dubai, then, we hope, to Zürich, if immigration authorities there allow him to enter. In the time he stayed with us, his flights to Frankfurt were cancelle
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Games Over
The NZ Herald website invites us to “Watch live: NZME and Sky Sport News bring you the big sports stories of the day.” But there’s really only one big sports story right now and that is that sport is disappearing from our lives. It’s like the Saturda
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Good for a Laugh! BOSSBABES Tuesday, TVNZ OnDemand The Queen’s Green Planet (Prime, 6.00pm). Simpler times; and they were only last year. A repeat of the programme in which HM and Sir David Attenborough toddle around the garden at Buckingham Palace a
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Mastering The New Normal
It’s unexpectedly cheering to find that the Government and Opposition initially squabbled furiously about how to run a reduced but still accountable Parliament. For all that people say this is no time for politics, it’s important to keep its motor in
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Her Line In The Sand
The final pages of Jokha Alharthi’s ground-breaking novel Celestial Bodies were briefly under threat in the English translation. Her editor wanted to lose the dream-like sequence. But whereas the Omani writer agreed to alter the Arabic text by adding
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Michael Portillo is as colourfully dressed as ever in Great Australian Railway Journeys (Living, Saturday, 7.30pm), but it was too hot at times for his usual pink jacket and fancy pocket handkerchief. Portillo travels nearly 15,000km around Australia
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Ride A Black Swan
From virus-ravaged central London, the rebel Tory MP Sir Oliver Letwin, one-time UK Cabinet member and Minister for Brexit, is breathily talking into his smartphone about a bigger threat to humanity than Covid-19. What if the virus wasn’t targeting h
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Jokha Alharthi’s Arabic Literature Recommendations
• Raja’a Alem, The Dove’s Necklace (Saudi Arabia, 2016)• Huda Hamed, Things Are Not Where They Should Be (Oman, 2009)• Bushra Khalfan, Flutter (Oman, 2004)• Mahmoud Darwish• Nizar Qabbani • al-Khansā (575-646 AD, Najd, Arabia), female poet contempora
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On Demand
FASHION FORWARD: Project Runway dream team Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are thinking big in their new show Making the Cut on Amazon Prime Video (from March 27). The designers are from all around the world and already work in the fashion industry on their
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The Power And The Peril Of One
Our national fibre optic and 5G mobile networks as well as undersea cables linking us to Australia and the US are now the lifeblood of digital commerce and society and within a decade will act as the nervous system of critical infrastructure. Denial
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When World Stops Spinning
Here, at what seems like the end of the world, there is solace of sorts to be found in imagined dystopian futures. Andrew Hunter Murray is a joke writer for Private Eye and a researcher for that purveyor of arcane facts, QI. His debut novel is a comp
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▪ Not only do we have to stay inside because of Covid-19, but there may be fewer soaps to watch: ITV has announced that Coronation Street and Emmerdale will suspend production and the BBC has suspended filming on dramas such as EastEnders, Casualty,
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Risky Business
As Sir Peter Gluckman prepared to go into self-isolation, it was with a sense of frustration and growing alarm. “I was out preparing for lockdown. The bars are full, the restaurants are full, people are not taking this seriously,” the 71-year-old who
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Mrs Gulliver’s travails
In an author’s note, Australian novelist Lauren Chater says she was inspired to write Gulliver’s Wife by reading Gulliver’s Travels and finding that the eponymous figure hardly ever mentioned his wife. So she decided to balance things by writing a no
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TV Films
The 5th Wave (TVNZ 2, 7.00pm). Cute teens v the aliens: Chloë Grace Moretz learns deadly survival skills after Earth is attacked: the fifth wave refers to the final phase of the takeover, after electromagnetic attack, earthquakes, disease and possess
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Pandemic? What Pandemic?
On January 22, US President Donald Trump assured the nation that “we have [the coronavirus situation] totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” Last weekend, the Washington Post reported that in late Ja
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Transplanted to Italy
Auckland writer Nicky Pellegrino has, quite rightly, a legion of fans, and they know what to expect from each new book: warmth, insight, a cast of engaging characters and a beautiful, evocatively described setting – usually somewhere nice in Italy. T
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Television In The Time Of Covid-19
It doesn’t seem long ago we were telling our teenagers, “Don’t go out dressed like that” and “Don’t go there, it’s not safe.” In this new world we’ve been inhabiting, they have been the ones getting in touch to check in and say, “Parents, we can get
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