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Let’s Start With Nutrition
While many people understand the connection between nutrition and health, only a few are aware of nutrition’s connection to depression. Depression is typically thought of as emotional or biochemical. Nutrition, however, plays a major role in the reas
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Concurrent Workouts
As a fitness enthusiast, you have undoubtedly asked the question, “Should I do my cardio before my weights or vice versa?” If you’re like most people, you may feel there is an exact answer. The most frequently cited answer is, “Do your weight trainin
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Specific Adaptation To Imposed Demands
Even if you always train at the perfect intensity level, it doesn’t guarantee results. “Specific adaptation to imposed demands” explains that various types of training will each result in specific adaptations. A single workout can improve multiple as
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How To Combat Sleep Disorders
For optimal physical and mental health, most people need a routine of six to nine hours of sleep every night. But many people find sleeping difficult. There’s a connection between sleep problems, particularly insomnia, and depression. We frequently f
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Foot Injuries
According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, both professional and amateur athletes are at extremely high risk for injuring their lower limbs during play. Whether athletes perform hairpin turns on artificial turf or take part in a powerfu
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High-intensity Intervaltraining And Your Heart Muscle
High-intensity interval training usually takes a back seat to traditional aerobics in heart health. There is no doubt aerobic exercise is extremely powerful for cardiovascular disease prevention. The impact of high-intensity interval training is less
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The Science, Why Exercise Improves Depression Symptoms Significantly
Millions of dollars are spent each year on antidepressants such as Zoloft, Paxil, and Prozac. But for some people, the remedy to their depression could be as cheap as membership to their local gym without the negative side effects of prescription dru
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The Back Squat
The cornerstone of most strength and conditioning programs is the back squat. The back squat is a multiplejoint exercise that works the majority of your lower body muscles, whether directly through the knee and hip extension and flexion or by stabili
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Weights & Measures
If you can easily perform narrow-width push-ups, which target your triceps, challenge yourself with this one. Place your hands on an eight-pound medicine ball and use that as the push-up platform. If this is too easy, then bump it up a notch by placi
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Smiling Canfight Depression
When you have depression or anxiety, smiling and exercise is often the last thing on your mind. But once you get motivated, exercise will make a huge difference. Exercise helps to prevent and improve several health problems, including high-blood pres
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Cortisol: The Recovery Hormone
With the hormone cortisol’s villain status, gym-goers like to talk about cortisol in relation to stress, and weight loss strategies often revolve around controlling it. How do athletes control cortisol to improve their performance and maintain muscle
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Why The Whole World Is Getting Fat
Sleep is one of the most basic physiological responses in the animal world. Everyone knows that you cannot function for long when you are sleep deprived. Sleep can be regarded as the physiological equivalent to the reset button on your computer. When
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There is no question that enhancing circulating testosterone concentrations over normal physiological concentrations in the bloodstream is effective for increasing muscle size and strength. However, evidence suggests that circulating testosterone is
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Four Foods That Heal
Food does one of two things, it either builds the body up or tears it down. There are differences as to how foods affects your body, depending upon the food you choose to eat. Eat junk food too frequently and your body starts to turn into junk. The k
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Unstable Device Training
In the past few decades the use of unstable device training, defined as the use of wobble boards, stability balls, and the dome apparatus, has become increasingly popular. While training with unstable devices is effective in the development of joint
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The Truth About Fats
Fats may have a bad name, but every one of our cells is surrounded by fat. Our cell membranes are made up of fat-derivatives like phospholipids and glycolipids. An imbalanced fat diet therefore can lead to weak cell membranes, which leads to the cell
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How Much Rest Between Sets?
How long you rest between sets depends on what you’re after. Looking for muscular growth? Try working up in weight with every set for three or four sets. When you increase the weight for every set you’ll need to rest longer to recover enough strength
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Fiber And Weight Loss
Looking for a different approach to weight loss? Something healthy instead of harmful? Consider fiber as a weightloss tool. Fiber can be a powerful ally in the weight loss war, even better than the common prescription drugs that many employ to try to
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Heat Training To Improve Your Performance
Most people are familiar with the positive effects of altitude training or altitude living on endurance performance. However, not commonly discussed is the benefit of using hot environments to gain the same edge. Altitude training uses modifications
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Processed Meat
Are you a gambler? You may not realize it, but you are gambling with your health every time you eat processed meat. And the more processed meat you eat, the more risk you are taking. Eat too much and your luck may run out. A study presented by the Wo
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You don’t want to bog yourself down with a workout scheme that overloads you too much. Putting together just the right routine, however, is tough to do because it isn’t easy to be concise yet also address the multidimensional needs of your body. You
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Elimination Diet
You’re doing all the right things. You exercise regularly and have a relatively clean diet. So why aren’t you losing weight? Hidden food allergies may be the reason. When most people imagine food allergies, they think severe allergic reactions like h
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Guidelinestoan Ultra-fitness Level
Whether you’re a husky person or string bean in decent shape, packing on muscle requires consistency, hard work and smart training. And when you’re not scoring any gains, there are typically numerous reasons to explain this. The following are ten of
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The Health Benefits Of Whole Eggs
Some years ago, whole eggs were maligned in literature to the public and the medical community as being high in cholesterol and thus, harmful. Sadly, even today some hospitals still exclude whole eggs on their menus for cardiac patients. The inaccura
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Wave Loading
Have you encountered a plateau with muscle gains? Are you bored with your regular weightlifting routine, or getting frustrated? Serious about taking your strength to the next level? Wave loading may be for you. Wave loading involves lifting and/or pr
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Recommended Daily Intake Of Protein
With all the hype surrounding nutritional supplements today, it’s difficult to determine the correct products to buy. Protein is a very necessary nutrient that must be added to your diet. Walking into a health food store or gym to buy protein can jus
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Escalating Density Training
Whether you want to increase your fitness gains or add muscle mass, escalating density training is a method that will deliver. Escalating density training is a fourday workout program based on the concept that you can shed fat and build muscle mass v
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